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Kyani Sunrise

A delicious composition of potent health producing, all-natural superfoods.

The unmatched antioxidant superpower of the Alaska Wild Blueberry and the amazing health properties of pure, unpolluted Wild Alaska Salmon Oil and Tocotrienols give you the best one two health punch on the market!

Don't waste any more time and don't just take our word for it. Do your own research, check out what the national media and health experts are saying about the extraordinary health producing benefits of the line of Kyäni products!

Product Benefits:

Help protect cells from free radical damage
Lower the risk of a myriad of diseases
Regenerate your vitamin E supplies
Improve iron absorption

Product: Kyani Sunrise
Brand: Kyani Inc. (More Products)
Size: 32 oz.
Dosage: Take once or two teaspoons every morning.
Retail: $44.95
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3 Customer Reviews

mom and wife
by Sandy Gates

This product together with the Sunset and the NitroFX are awesome products for the control of cholesterol and inflammation. I took a base level blood test and then took these products for three months. The numbers were amazing afterwards. One example is that my triglycerides went from 736 to 267. The inflammation in my shoulders is completely gone and I am out of pain.

Does what they claim...
by J.D.

I have experienced pain in my body, especially with my back for years due to an injury with a bad truck accident in 1988. The truck I was riding in was broadsided and I have had an increase in pain over the years to the point that I did not sleep well. Every morning was a process of experiencing the pain and trying to get loosened up to face the day. I was introduced to Kyani Sunrise in October of this year (2008) when a friend of mine asked me to try it. I decided to give it a try. I did not notice any difference for about two weeks, then I began to notice that I did not have as much pain in the morning as I usually did. But that did not convince me yet. I kept taking it every day morning and night. After another week, I felt even better with regard to lessening of pain, to the point that I pulled weeds from a 20 ft. row of beets. I told my husband about it and he was amazed, too! He knows what I have been through. This is a great feeling! To not be in pain just feels so good! I have been taking Kyani for a few months and won't stop.

Very Pleased...
by PHC

I have been troubled with arthritis problems for years. I became increasingly frustrated with the pain and decided to try supplements to counteract the effects. A friend of mine said for me to try Kyani Sunrise. Not expecting anything different because of the other seems like 100's of products I have already tried I said what the heck why not and gave it a go and committed to drinking the juice non-stop for a whole month. Yes, I still have arthritis, but my symptoms are diminished. I can function better through the day without as much pain.