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What is SOD? Superoxide dismutase is a naturally occurring enzyme that protects the body against active oxygen free radicals by scavenging excess superoxide. Low or undetectable levels of superoxide dismutase and catalase allow oxygen radicals to form in anaerobic bacteria and to inactivate other bacterial enzyme systems.The SOD enzyme itself has a very unusual electrostatic field which contributes to its properties.

GliSODin promotes the production of the body's own primary and most powerful antioxidants at the cellular level. Human research has proven GliSODin effective in maintaining cellular health and protecting against damage caused by oxidative stress.

As an enzyme, SOD has particular value as an antioxidant that can help to protect against cell destruction. It has the distinct ability to neutralize superoxide, one of the most damaging free radical substances in nature. Like so many other protective compounds which naturally occur in the body, it decreases with age, making cells much more vulnerable to the oxidants which cause aging and disease. Research in the areas of inflammatory, hepatic, allergic, tumorigenic, metabolic, cardiovascular, vision, and neurological disorders indicate the supportive function of SOD in the prevention and alleviations of such symptoms.

SOD is also important in many other aspects of health and longevity. SOD has fantastic benefits!
SOD plays an important role in the body's antioxidant system, intervening in the first transformation by dismuting the most reactive forms of oxygen (and therefore the most dangerous for the cells) - the superoxide free radicals - into ions that are less reactive. This transformation is called dismutation, thus its name dismutase (an enzyme that stops mutation).

If these defense mechanisms do not immediately eliminate the free radicals, the body's cells suffer from an "oxidative stress" that can lead to or promote health problems.
Product: Super Glisodin
Brand: Novus Research (More Products)
Size: 60 capsules
Dosage: Take 1 to 2 capsules morning and evening with water.
Retail: $44.95
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