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lets me eat whatever I want
by Lorne

I've been taking Refluxamine and found it works great to relieve the burning in my chest after I eat. Also the back up gas I had is almost gone. Now I can eat whatever I like with no discomfort. Works fast when I chew them.

This Product has Helped my Husband a Lot
by Janine

My husband uses Refluxamine daily. It has improved his reflux dramatically. He no longer suffers from the symptoms.

Happy use for 3 years!
by Phillipa

I commend the effectiveness of Refluxamine. I felt better taking Refluxamine than I did with chemical options. I have been taking it for about three years and feel so much relief.

Worked great for me!
by Sentz

I was noticing my heartburn was getting worse, as I felt the burning sensation more often and I felt an acidic fluid coming back up to my throat, affecting my breathing. But then I came across the web site for the product called Refluxamine.

I noticed a difference within two to three days. After taking the product for about a month I no longer have the heartburn or the weird breathing I was experiencing.

This product truly works and I am thankful for this company who took time to do research on heartburn.

I'm Hapy with this Product
by Loren

A couple of years ago I discovered an issue with acid indigestion. I was not happy about taking anything unsafe so I began taking Refluxamine shortly thereafter. I have been very happy with this product. I no longer experience any of the typical uncomfortable symptoms. I highly recommend Refluxamine!

Refluxamine is great for heartburn
by Lynn M

I started to experience heartburn in my 50's. No matter what I did, nothing seemed to help. My husband always took antacids. We decided to try Refluxamine and it was a relief. My husband was able to cut back to almost no antacids and I completely stopped taking them. I even think Refluxamine tastes good too, beats taking chalky antacids any day.

Great Product!!
by Linda D

For two years now I have been taking Refluxamine. The first time I tried it I saw immediate relief. Over time the frequency of my heartburn lessened. I hardly need the product anymore but I always keep it around just in case.

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