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Baby Shades

INTRODUCING the Soft Protective Eyewear from Frubi(TM)Shades. Be part of a national campaign in STOPPING DAMAGE TO KIDS' EYES! It is as important as sunscreen! Ever notice with all the kids running around the beach or pool, how many are wearing sunglasses for children? Almost none. Why is it that while we carefully protect our own eyes behind Oakleys or Maui Jims, we watch our children or grandchildren, who?s delicate eyes allow 70% more UV to penetrate to the sensitive retina, play in the unprotected sunlight? DID YOU KNOW: young eyes are 10 times more sensitive to sun than skin sun damage to the eye is cumulative baby's retinas are 70% more exposed to UV than adults sunshine can sunburn the cornea
Product: Baby Shades
Brand: Frubi (More Products)
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4 Customer Reviews

baby shower
by Kristin

I got these as a gift from my baby shower. They are really cute but they fit very snug and sometimes leave lines.

Didn't work for me
by Jessie

These were not different from any other baby sunglasses that I had tried, in that my son just pulled them right off his face. I thought because they're made of soft material and velcro in the back that they would stay on better, or annoy him, less. Didn't happen.

by Priscilla

I really like these glasses I purchased them in different colors to match my sons clothes. They adjust to different sizes and they DON'T dig into my sons nose or leave marks. I wouldn't change anything about them.

by diapermama

I like these sunglasses much more then Baby Banz becuase they are flexible and the fit is more adjustable. All 3 of my kids from 7 months to 6 years can wear the same pair.

1 Customer Opinions

the best
by Diania

These are the best for staying on. Babies are always pulling and knocking at their sunglasses and they need them to protect their eyes. These stay in place and never left marks on my babies skin. He still wears his and he is 2 now.