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by Rebecca

I love these baby leg warmers! I think they are so cute. My baby girl just started crawling and these warmers offer some protection. Also, they keep her warm in the winter months when there is several feet of snow outside.

grandson loved them
by terri holmes

These were fantastic. The soft cotton babylegs was great for my grandson from Florida who spent the winter with us in Chicago. He was able to be mobile on the floor without the chill of winter. I would recommend these to all parents when their child is progressing into the crawling stages. I would especially recommend these for anyone living in the northern states.

Great for quick and easy diaper changes
by Erica

These are so cute and functional. The soft cotton is great for sensitive baby legs. These are perfect for keeping the legs warm while leaving the diaper exposed for quick changes. They do run a little narrow, so they could be too tight for a baby with chubby legs.

nice quality
by Lauren

They are very cute and work nicely to keep legs warm. I find them a bit narrow for chunky-legged babies. There is nothing wrong with Babylegs in particular, but I find the Huggalugs to be softer materials and fit the chunky legs a bit better.
One nice thing about Babylegs is that they now make organic cotton ones!

by princesshannon2002

I love this product! They really simplify diaper changes! I got mine at shipping made a big difference and they have a huge selection! Next time, though, I plan on getting the super soft because they are a bit bigger and longer!

by Carolyn

We love the cuteness factor of the baby legs and they make diaper changes go so quick! Plus they are great for protecting little knees that are constantly on the floor! some of them do have the tendancy to unravel we have a pair that have and we've definately heard other mamas complain about the same thing!

by diapermama

My 7 month old baby boy has just started crawling and his knees and elbows have been getting red and sore from all the friction in those tender areas. I felt so bad for him. Then I found BabyLegs! I used them on his legs to keep them extra toasty in below zero weather but they also work great at protecting his legs and arms against nasty rug burn.

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SO Cute!!
by Jessie

I love these!! They are absolutely adorable. I was a kid in the 80's so I love all the throw back fashion that's been coming out!