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by jessica

The BPA pacifier is a great way to keep germs out. Even though my son did not use one very much. I felt better with this kind than the others. it is easy to clean too.

by Rebecca

This pacifier seems really safe but the shape didn't work for my baby girl. The circle part is so big for her face! It covers part of her nose.

by tonya doyle

I bought 1 of these for my baby she and i both loved the pacifier it fit perfectly into her mouth and it was just the right size for her.

A life saver
by Cynthia

My son would not take any pacifier but when I found the round one, he loved it!!! very easy to clean and even though the pacifier may be big, it is so soft that it causes no discomfort to the nose. The only negative is that there are no retailers around my area and I have to order online.

by katie bolt

I used one of these for both my son and my daughter. they loved them and it wasn't too hard to break them off of it when they were older.

Good Idea, Not So Great in Real Life
by Jessie

I love the idea of a BPA free pacifier that is designed to keep out germs, but in reality the conventional pacifiers really just work better. The shape doesn;t seem to work quite right on a baby's face and my son just rejected it all together. It looks just like the old Cabbage Patch Kid pacifiers, that's probably why I liked it in the first place!

by Tonya Marshall

We got this pacifier as a gift. It is a nice idea, but the round ring is too big. When the baby sucks on this pacifier, the harder he sucks, the tighter it presses against his nose.

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