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Swaddle Me
by Pes

I used this wrap for my daughter, the velcor tabs didnt work well after a few washers.I got both sizes small and large, by 3 months my daughter could not fit into the size small (0-6 months) the size large was too big for her. I would not buy this wrap again.

life saver in a blanket.
by Lauren Lisak

These things are wonderful, there have been times that my son would be crying and wouldnt stop, all I'd have to do is swaddle him up and hed go to sleep. fantastic!

Oh my goodness!
by Jeanette florio

I got two of these- a thick fleese one and a this cotton one in size large. Worked for almost a full year. When Rebel was a newborn he loves the cozy soft feel and warmth and confort this brought him. In a pitch these always calmed him down. At first they looked like 'baby straight jackets' but if it works who cares about astetics!

So easy to use!
by Erica

This product is genius -- you can swaddle a baby in a second without all the folding and wrapping. There is a detachable piece of fleece that wraps around the baby and fastens with velcro. My husband loved this because he couldn't get the hang of swaddling. The fleece is soft and warm. We washed this many times and it held up very well.

No more burritos for me!
by Deanna

I LOVED this blanket. I ended up investing in 6 or more of them and I buy them for all my friends expecting babies. It is so easy to use. Keeps baby snuggly and wrapped in.

by Rachel

This item was amazing! It really helped with my son! He loved it. I think it made him feel safe.

SO easy to use! Definitely fool proof!
by Lisa

I love this product! This keeps the baby snuggled and swaddled perfectly and is very easy to use so parents need not be intimidated. Often using just a receiving blanket, it can get hard to keep the swaddle and the baby likes to kick or wiggle out of it, but with the SwaddleMe that doesn't happen. I would recommended this to anyone.

Excellent for the swaddling challenged!
by Anonymous

I got one of these for my last baby b/c the price was right - boy do I wish they'd had this product 3 kids ago! my babe stayed snuggled and cozy and I didn't have to completely unwrap him to change his diaper or put him in his car seat! A must for any mom!

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by Rita

We recenly checked these out at the store. They look easy to use & SIDS is scary so anything that will help is good.

Couldn't sleep without it!
by Manuela

I used these for both of my children and it was the only way I could ever get the babies to sleep. I was all thumbs trying to swaddle with a receiving blanket and I could never get it right. The Swaddleme is AMAZING.

Swaddle ME
by pbundy

This item is a must have for new mommies and new babies. My son loved to be swaddled.

Pauline Collins, MTE.

Love it!
by Meghan

Absolutely love the Swaddle Me. Purchased one for our daughter after using one in the hospital. Now we give them as shower gifts!! Highly recommend!

A Must Have for Parents!
by Christine

The swaddle me is an amazing baby product. It swaddles a baby with velcro instead of the traditional way, which makes it safer for babies against SIDS. I highly recommend every parent buy at least one of these.