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Stash in diaper bag
by Lobeemom

I love this sling! I got this as a gift and I didn't like it at first until my daughter was a little older. At about a year old,she fit in it great and I wore her on my hip. She will be 2 next week, and since she is getting heavier, it has been a life saver having it stashed in my bag.

I am very petite and carrying almost 25 extra pounds gets pretty heavy fast. I just pop out the sling and put her in the hip position, and she is happy! It reduces the strain on my back and keeps my hands free. I love that it is 100% cotton for my daughter's sensitive skin.

It comes in some really cute patterns and is easy to wash in the machine. I recommend these to all moms.

by April Arceneaux

My baby loved this sling. With this being my third child, I knew I would have to hold this baby while doing other things. Having the sling made my life so much easier. My baby loved being so close to me! I had plenty comments on how such a wonderful thing it was. Most people thought it was a purse instead of a baby.

Not Comfortable
by Marie

I bought this because I needed a quick and easy way to carry my newborn around the house so i could have my hands free to do other things. It failed miserably on so many levels.

I bought 2 different sizes- neither of which fit well. It was either so tight i had to keep my arm cranked up at a weird angle or so loose i felt like if i leaned forward even the littlest bit that my baby was going to tumble out. Plus- it held her at such a bad angle that baby's head was cranked forward and touching her chest. It looked really hard to breathe. We were both super uncomfortable and she screamed the entire time she was in the sling. We have 2 other brands of slings which she LOVES (infantino and over the shoulder baby holder)- so it was just this particular product, not the style of carrier that we both hated.

I'm giving it 1 star only because the only pro's, as far as i can see, are style (it comes in great colors and patterns) and portability (folds down very compact and is lightweight).

by kim2728

Great product. works and is compact to carry and use anywhere. Very stylish and not dated looking like others I've seen.

Painfully hip
by Bethany

Very hip and trendy sling. Visually this is one of the cutest slings I have worn. I would almost call it an accessory. There are so many patterns to choose from. I continually received compliments on how cute it looked.
As for the functionality, I would not recommend this sling. The cotton has no elasticity so that makes it very hard to move around in. The shoulder strap continually slid down into an uncomfortable position while I was walking. Once my baby was bigger this sling became very hard on my back/shoulder to wear, due to the uneven load distribution. My baby continually slid down in the sling to what seemed to be a very uncomfortable position. Unless you plan on standing in the same place for a long time without moving I would not recommend this sling.

by Priscilla

I really enjoyed this sling when my baby was small.It transform to different positions to change with your baby.It's easy to use and small enough to fit into your diaper bag . Oh yeah and really fashionable!

sizing is tough
by Anonymous

I got a hot sling because I wanted something quick and easy for quick trips here and there. I was dissappointed though because I never could find just the right size for my ever changing postpartum mommy body.

by Carolyn

This is a great carrier when you just want to run in somewhere quick!! We use it a lot for the post office or the grocery store. It can be tricky to find the right size and it's essential that it fits right.

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by Jessie

What a great, stylish alternative to traditional baby carriers!

Cute but didn't fit.
by Meghan

Really liked the pattern choices. Tried size 3,4,& 5. Couldn't find a comfortable fit. Size 3 was to short. Size 4 & 5 were to long. Had a hard time keeping the strap on my shoulder. Returned all 3 to purchase another brand.