All Customer Reviews for Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion for Sensitive Skin of all Ages

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21 Customer Reviews

by Carrie

My son has the most sensitive skin and Burt's bees is the only thing that does not irritate his sensitive skin. THANKS!

I love it
by SG

I love all of Burt's Bee products. The lotion works great. I use it for myself and my son.


This is a good baby lotion. It has a mild scent and is very moisturizing. My baby finds it soothing before bed.
i love the way it smells so clean.. thank you burts bees.

love this lotion

I acutally bought it for myself and I love it. I tend to have sensitive skin at certain times of the year, and this is a really nice soothing lotion. I love the smell too.

Good basic lotion
by Tina G

I purchased this as part of a baby gift basket because I wanted to try this part of the Burt's Bees line. This a great everyday lotion. It's not as heavy as many of the other lotions from Burt's and has a very nice light scent that doesn't interfere with perfumes. This lotion is pretty good as well for kids with skin problems like mild eczema as there is little in it that would further irritate skin.

Love it!
by Kayla

This lotion smells great. I was very pleased with how good it really did smell. Works great too. My baby has very dry skin and this product definitely helps make his skin soft and smooth.

Another great product from BB
by Amy

My youngest has eczema and this lotion makes the dry spots disappear like magic. It is very lightly scented and has a really nice feel.

Burt's Bees
by Burt's Bees

I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin so I went out on a whim and bought some of this stuff and I love it. It makes my skin smooth without the breakout!

Holistic Health Pracitioner
by Amanda Costello, CPhT

Excellent company. Excellent products!

If you are looking for quality skin care at reasonable prices this is definitely for you. Most people with sensitive skin can use Burt's Bees because they use quality products and little chemical preservatives.

Their products are not 100% organic or all natural. I

Amanda Costello, CPhT.
Holistic Health Practitioner

Love BB
by C

I really do love all of the BB products. I like a very strong scent in lotions, and this one is not as strong as I like. The texture of the lotion is silky and smooth. It really helps my crusty cuticles!

by Vicki L. Vertrees

My daughter and grandson have very sensitive skin. This is a great product that doesn't irritate.

My Daughter Loves It
by flipper2478

My 10 year daughter has extremelly sensitive skin. This is the only loion she uses now.

great product
by Jessica B

Tthis is my favorite burts bees lotion. I love that it can be used on any age so that I don't have to worry about touching my baby after I have it on and that I can also use it on him.

by Brenda Smith

My daughter is sensitive to products containg Lanolin. this pleasant scented lotion provides the relief from dry skin she needs without containg the lanolin found in many lotions.

Love this lotion
by patcheepoo

I love the way this lotion makes my skin feel. My little one loves the great smell. I give it 5 stars.

Great lotion
by Missy

As everyone else has said, we love this lotion because it smells wonderful. It is also very gentle on our (my daughter and I) super dry, sensitive skin. I am only giving it 4 out of 5 because I can't use it after I shave my legs (the ultimate test for me) and I believe it's due to the synthetic scent. Other wise, great stuff.

burts bees
by kim2728

I love this product. The smell is great and is great for your skin. There products are number one.

Burt's Bees Lotion
by Lonie

What can I say? Burt's Bees products are just wonderful. This lotion is wonderful for all skin types. within a week of using it, our dry skin disappeared! As an added bonus, the scent is very nice! My baby loves it, I love it, and my husband even loves it!

Burts Bees
by Martha

After trying SEVERAL things to cure my daughters dry skin when she was a baby we tried burts bees baby bee lotion. It was MUCH better within a week. The scent is nice, but I just really love how well it works!

by Heidiliz

I absolutely love the smell of this lotion! And, the scent lasts all day. The lotion is a little too thin, though. If it were thicker, I'd rate it a 10.

by Carolyn

I love, love, love the smell of this lotion. Unfortunately, it a synthetic fragrance. However, it is free of parabens and works great on sensitve little skin!

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put your money on this one
by Ashley

I have heard fabulous things from my girlfriends about all Burt's products. It has become a trusted and desirable trademark. Go for it......

Keeps Babies Skin Soft
by Christine

This is a good baby lotion. It has a mild scent and is very moisturizing. My baby finds it soothing before bed.