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by Kim Esler

I love Burts Bees Wax! I use the colored lip glass/balm all of the time. It's great that our local Hallmark stores sells Burts products. Back to the soap! Great! no film left behind on the body. Feels very soft.

wonderful product
by kristin

i recieved this in a gift pack from a friend and i loved them smell and feel of it. Its smooth and gentle.

Gentle but wonderful soap
by Tina G

My most favorite soap! It cleans without stripping my skin, rinses well, and doesn't leave behind any smell, so I can wear a scented lotion or perfume without conflict. I wish they made this in a liquid form as it would make a stellar hand soap, especially in the kitchen when you have to wash your hands frequently.

by Natalie Vin

This soap smells nice and good for my baby's skin

by Heidiliz

This is a nice soap that lathers well. I prefer more scent in my soaps than this soap has, though. But, it does smell nice.

by Carolyn

Nice soap works well!! Contains synthetic fragrance.

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