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by Haley Hohnhorst

This product is really great for kids' skin. I loved it and it made my kids' hair soft and less frizzy.

Better for body than hair
by Tina G

I have tried this on not only my nephew's hair but on my own. I wasn't as pleased with this as with other Burt's Bees products as it left both of our heads of hair in need of conditioner. It ended up getting used instead as a bath bar, for which it worked pretty good. Consider your options before getting this for its intended use.

by Yvonne McNeill

This is another wonderful product from Burt's Bees. My daughter and I both use it. It is very important that my family uses the most natural products out there. Burt's Bees is not only an organic product, but the soap smells and feels so good.

by renee

I love this product. I use use it for my hair too.

by Ali

I used this for awhile, but had a hard time getting it to lather when my sons hair got real long

by Heidiliz

I like the idea of a shampoo bar. It's less messy and easier to use than regular shampoo, especially on very wiggly toddlers. But, it is harder to keep in the tub than regular shampoo. It takes more care to keep it in good condition. It does smell very nice, and cleans my children's hair very well.

by Carolyn

I love this idea! Shampoo in a bar soap form! It makes it much easier to soap up hair at bath time. I also like that it doesn't add the "no tears" chemicals which are really just numbing agents that go into you baby's eyes!!

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by rita

I have been hearing about this & will give it a try with my daughter expecting twins next week.

by Becky

I love this I use it on myself as well as my kids.