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Colic Tablets

100% Natural; Symptomatic relief for colic in children; no side effects; soft tablets dissolve instantly.
Product: Colic Tablets
Brand: Hyland (More Products)
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4 Customer Reviews

by Kathy Robbs

My firstborn son was one of those babies that woke up every two hours and would cry until I would start crying! He had projectile vomiting and seemed to always be colicky. My pediatrician told me that homeopathic pills just do not word, but I was desperate! I gave him Hyland's Colic Tablets and had great success. It usually took two applications, sometimes three. They worked consistently and I have given them to many new mothers as a gift. They were lifesavers for our family!

by Melissa

These were a life saver when my daughter was teething. She would scream and cry. We would give her some, and she would calm down enough to go to sleep. I would recommend these tablets to any parent with a teething baby.

These were decent
by Reilly

These worked okay on my sister. She was super colicy so they helped, but she still would cry for hours. They definately quieted her, but obviously they couldn't completely make her silent. Also, they don't taste at all so you don't have to worry about that.

has its uses
by ravenm

This worked very well on kid #1 when she was fussy. It sometimes worked and sometimes didn't -- and sometimes worked partially but not completely -- on kid #2 when she was fussy. It didn't have the slightest effect on kid #3 when she had full-blown colic (as opposed to her sisters, on whom we used this for fussiness but who weren't actually colicky). As a calming supplement on a baby (kid #1) who has a mellow personality, it was lovely. As a calming supplement on a baby (kid #2) who periodically hates you, her sister, the cat, life, the universe, and anything else she can think of, this product was hit-or-miss. As a supplement for a sweet-natured baby with actual colic, it did absolutely nothing. So, hope for the best, but don't count on success with this product.

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4 Customer Opinions

couldn't tell
by Diania

I couldn't tell that this product helped my son. He still had the same colicky symptoms. It didn't hurt him either.

by Rita

Since my babies seem to always have colic I want to get some of these to keep on hand for the twins.

these tablets will help you.
by pbundy

When my son had colic these helped him to calm down. Yes, yes, and yes it works. I still give them to him as a toddler.

Pauline Collins, MTE.

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