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Fantastic first shoe
by Erica

These shoes are perfect for a child who is just learning to walk. They slip on easily but once they're on, they don't fall off. The sole is durable, but very soft and flexible so the child can learn to use the foot and toes properly when walking. And they come in so many cute designs!

great shoes
by kirsten

These shoes come in all kinds of great choices! They are so much easier to put on an infant then traditinal shoes! Great for growing feet!

favourite shoes
by Deepali saini

This is my baby's favorite shoes. She always prefer to wear this. She says she feels comfortable in this shoes & they are very soft. I also love their design.

by Tonya Marshall

These shoes are absolutely wonderful. They are soft on my son's feet and easy to put on. They are great to keep in the diaper bag so you always have them with you. They are light enough to wear like a sock, but durable like a shoe.

pooh soft sole shoes
by heather johnosn

These are awesome for babys first shoes they are soft yet stylish perfect for newborns and infants.

My favorites!
by Bethany

I love these shoes for my 12 month old! I feel good knowing that her feet aren't cramped up in some hard-soled shoes. They protect her feet while allowing them to grow and move naturally. They come in a variety of colors and designs so you'll be sure to find one that fits your little ones attitude. The only downfall is that they get dirty fast and are a little hard to clean. The leather wears quite a bit aesthetically, but these are quality shoes made to last.

A great first shoe!
by Lauren

This is a great company, I've bought new and used and they hold up incredibly well. Our daughter is now two and we've had all the sizes. She uses them as slippers now and occasionally they still go outside. Younger children don't need to be in solid shoes, but sometimes you want to keep their feet warm and this is the perfect compromise. The leather gives some traction as they learn to walk as well. Plus they come in tonnes of neat designs and you can find something to go with whatever you're looking for. This is definitely a product where the additional cost for a brand name is worth it. They're designed well to stay on little feet comfortably and don't wear out easily and can even be washed when necessary.

by ittybittybabybunz

I just got a pair of the cutest little firetrucks for my 15 month old - he LOVES them! He's always taking off socks and cries and/or trips in shoes, but he brings his Robeez to me as soon as he wakes up & we've only had them 2 days! I'm hooked!

by Ali

I spent lots of money on knock offs and should have used that just to buy the real thing. They have held up well and they get lots of compliments.

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the best
by Diania

I loved these shoes, and so did my little one. He never tried to pull them off, and his little feet were never irritated by them. I wish they made them in adult sizes. Great product.