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Snap-EZ AIO Diaper

Snap-EZ AIO Diapers are the product of years of experience, both in diaper my own children, and that of producing top rate Pocket Diapers and Training Pants. I combined the great atributes of our pocket diapers and the wonderful inserts we have used in our trainers and found that they made a wonderful, trim, absorbent, easy-to-clean, quick drying AIO Diaper. It make cloth diapers "EZ" like you never thought possible!
Product: Snap-EZ AIO Diaper
Brand: Snap-EZ (More Products)
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4 Customer Reviews

by cynthiae3

I have tried A LOT of different diapers over the past 20 months-fitteds, pockets and AIOs, and the Snap-Ez AIOs are by far my favorite. Top quality and worth the price! I've never had a leak - even overnight (using the hemp/cotton fleece soaker). Now I don't buy anything else. I wish I had found them sooner but I'm stocking up for my newborn!

by swedishbabies2

I am so glad I bought a couple of these to try. They are so absorbant and so trim it's really amazing. They seem to be a bit more roomy than my pockets; I am assuming this is because the sewn-in soaker is MUCH more trim than the inserts I usually use. My baby will probably be able to wear these a bit longer than the pockets as they will accomodate her size longer due to the trimness. I had to wash these with boiling water a couple times to really get them to a good level of absorbancy, but it is definitely worth the effort! They are beautifully sewn like all Snap-EZ products are. Flawless and so attractive - and the color and fabric selection is wonderful. I can honestly think of nothing negative about these. I even use them overnight (13 hours) with a small soaker wrapped in microfleece laid on top, and nary a leak happens! These are definitely the first diapers I reach for. I wish my entire stash was made out of Snap-EZ AIO's!

by smerkel14

I really love these diapers! The skinny large is a dream fit on my skinny toddler and is my main go to diaper for him. They are so trim and easy to use for dad and grandparents. I will be keeping them for my newest addition.

by my*scorpio

This is an easy to use, cute, trim AIO. They wash and wear wonderfully. Will last through multiple children.