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One Size Diapers

Wonderoos Cloth Nappies: The original one-size pocket nappy! Cloth diapers have become more modern and convenient than ever before. Cloth nappies can save you & your family a lot of money over disposables. One-size diapers save you even more by eliminating the need to purchase multiple sizes as your baby grows. Pocket diapers are an innovative concept that not only make for an easy to clean, quick to dry product, but also keep your baby dry & rash free. Wonderoos(TM) one-size pocket diapers combine all of these wonderful features! Wonderoos(TM) Diapers fit most babies from 8-35 lbs.
Product: One Size Diapers
Brand: Wonderoos (More Products)
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6 Customer Reviews

by melissa

I purchased these along time ago and they have lasted through two children, But the elastic has broken on all of them after only using them for 8 months in a large rotation and we have experience leaks with my son but not with my daughter if I had to do it all over again I would not have purchased so many. This is a good product but not a great one.

Not a fan...
by Shawn Grabulis

I had some leaks with these, they are far bulkier than any other OS I have used, do not hold up for over-nights, and I am just not happy with them. They are my "all the other diapers are in the wash or drying" diapers.

Not really 'one-size'
by Lauren

This is one of the diapers I've classified as a non-one-size one-size diaper. they won't do through to 30 or 35 lbs. We used them when she was around 22 lbs and they fit okay. The front tends to bunch and the tabs don't sit particularly flat. You can often get them for great prices though, so they'd be worth it for a smaller baby to get started.

by Driverdog

I haven't had ours leak once - they have been very reliable for us. These have been great overall fit-wise and reliability-wise. However, I don't like the elasticized pocket opening, because the insert will not agitate out in the wash, like some of the other pocket dipes allow. Also, I worry that the rumour about the elastic giving out on these dipes is going to catch up to us sooner or later. So far, so good, though.

by sandgc

i like the concept of one diaper for multiple sizes. they fit my DD ok, had leaks all the time with them. they seemed to wick at the ruffles around the legs.

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