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Birdseye Flats

These single layered diapers are made of 100% birdseye cotton and are thick, soft and absorbant. You can use these with pins, Snappis, or just folded and placed in a wrap. You can also use these as stuffers for pocket diapers. They dry quickly on your cloths line or in your dryer because they are only one layer thick!
Product: Birdseye Flats
Brand: Unspecified (More Products)
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3 Customer Reviews

by Jennifer

I have used birdseye diapers on all three of my children. They were very absorbent and easy to clean. We also used them for burp clothes. I would use these again with any more children

by kittykorat

I don't know how to fold to use them as a regular diaper, but if you fold into a rectangle they work great as a pocket stuffer, dry very quickly. I have used the gerber ones, but they aren't absorbent enough, and need a doubler. I got some real ones from clothdiaper.com and they work great.

by Carolyn

I used birds eye flats almost exclusively when my son was a newborn. They were very trim and I was able to put all the absorbancy right where he needed it! Now I use them to stuff my pocket diapers. You can't beat them for dry time, a load of them is done in 20 minutes!