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At home mom
by Jan Richardson

I would give the BG AIO an "okay" rating. I have used several.. some new and some hand me downs. I have had to replace the elastic in the legs on both pair of the hand me downs, as well as the velcro. I have since replaced the velcro on the new ones as well. I have replaced all velcro with snaps. The velcro doesn't seem to stay in place during washes. However, I feel that it holds in wetness pretty good. I have also used the BG organic diapers and they hold superior.. but it does stay wet next to the skin so you still have to change frequently or a rash will occur (which was happening over night).

not great over time
by Miranda

I had a bunch of these when I my son was young and as he has gotten older, the quality of the AIO one-size has really diminished. The elastic in the legs has stretched out and the velcro hardly works anymore. I would not recommend these. We're getting different ones for the next kid. Fuzzi Bunz is much better.

OK, but not great for tall kids.
by Kara

I have one of these diapers and wouldn't mind a few more. They're OK, not my favorite, but not bad. My only problem with them is that my almost 10 mo old son is already on the largest rise setting. Also, they do tend to leak more than my Fuzzi Bunz sized diapers.

Love them for Over Night!
by Shawn Grabulis

I love these diapers, they are my favorite for over night as they have not leaked once. The sized all in ones are great too, and they only thing I can complain about is the tabs, they do not hold as well as some other brands, and my daughter can now undo them if she wants to.

by leslie

These are the best diapers on the market (in my opinion) I have recommended these to many friends who end up loving them too!

Maeve's Momma
by Megan

These diapers are fantastic. I am using them with my newborn and we couldn't be happier. They fit her well, they do not leak, and are easy to wash up. Even my husband is amazed and so pleased we went with cloth diapers, and the Bum Genius. I would recommend them to anybody and just got a friend to switch from disposables to these diapers. We feel really good about what we are doing for the earth, our pocketbook, and our baby.

A bit bulky but the best so far!
by Keagan's Mommy

We are new to the whole cloth diapers and so far these are the best we have found. We have yet to leak, and my son has leaked through just about every diaper we have EVER tried! They are a bit bulky but I will take a bit of bulk as long as I can be assured that he will not be soaking wet within minutes. I have put all the other cloth diapers away and will be ordering more of these!

Good quality solid one-size diaper
by Lauren

One of the big things about this is that it is actually a one-size diaper. Our daughter was large and into the highest settting at 10 months, so I worried. At the age of 2 they still fit her! Most one-size diapers aren't designed well enough to fit all the way through the diapering days.
The suedecloth rather than fleece inside is nice as it doesn't pill like fleece. We haven't had problems with any leaks, the PUL (poly-urethane laminate) is great quality. The cut is very nice, keeps it trim while allowing you to put a reasonable amount of inserts in to vary the absorbency. My one complaint has been the elastic and velcro tabs haven't last well. Hopefully the new Bumgenius 3.0 have finally solved these problems, espeically the tabs used to fray terribly and needed to be replaced long before the diaper wore out. Why this continued on as long as it did is beyond me, the company should have found a solution much sooner as other diapers do not have this problem. The 3.0 ones we have are new enough I can't comment if they've completely solved these issues, but so far it looks like they might have.

Great diapers
by SusannaO

I think these are great quality, trim, absorbent, and fit well. I have only used this since my daughter was 18 months on largest setting, however it seems like it would be very easy to use and comfortable for a small baby. I have other brands where velco caused piling, but I fold the tabs down before washing and have NO piling on this diaper. Mine have been used for 3-4 months and still look new.

by Marni

I absolutely love these diapers. I was initial hesitant about cloth diapers as a working mom, thinking it would be 'too much work'. My conscience led me to realized that even if it was more work, it was better for our son and better for the enviornment. I bought 12 and after 3 days, I bought 12 more! It seemed like a hefty investment at the time, but we have already saved money after 1 year.

After 1 year the diapers still look brand-new! The velcro is amazingly durable - little fingers have difficulty opening the fasteners! We hardly ever have leaks, even when he wears them for 10 hours at night. They wick away the moisture so well - our son has never suffered diaper rash. We rinse all the diapers and toss them in a bucket for up to 3 days until wash day and they come out clean, bright, and even fresh smelling!

I recommend these to everyone I can. They are SO much better than disposables and really don't create that much more work. They have saved us money, and best of all kept a lot of disposables out of the landfill!

Easy, but Velcro is iffy.
by Molly's Mom

My DH loves these diapers ... like a disposable he says. But, I'm not big on the velcro, though ... it's small and it snags/pills. I just ordered three more BunGenius ... this time with fleece pockets, yeah!!! I'm hoping that the company with offer snaps with all of their diapers and not just with the $25 organics.

by Catherine

I love those diaper! They clean perfectly, don't leak and are really fast to put on. They also look cute!

bum genius 3.0
by Reba

Why didn't I cloth diaper my first two kids? The word is out: cloth diapering isn't just for hippies anymore. My only regret about cloth diapers is that I didn't do it before. I read A LOT of reviews and went wtih the bum genius after trying them out...we also used fitteds and prefolds but they seemed SO WET so quick...we don't have that problem at all with these, as they really wick moisture away, AND my guy never has blowouts. We've had maybe 3 nights where he's woken up wet in the four months we've been using them. Last week I used disposables and my guy had a blowout EVERY time he pooped. Yikes. I only wish they'd come out with even more colors....I probably have other things I should worry about though!

dream dipe
by nickie

I love these diapers, they are seriously the dream dipe. At first I shyed away from them because of the initial cost, but when you sit down and do the math it really is a good investment. They are beautiful diapers and best of all my little guy's bum no longer suffers rashes or those awful red marks that so many other cover/dipe combos leave. The diaper does an amazing job keepng moisture away from the skin. I couldn't believe how dry my baby felt after the first use. Daddy never complains using this cloth diaper!
Only problem is...once you have one or two, you want more!

BumGenius One Size Pocket
by Anonymous

We use our BumGenius as a night time diaper and so far no wet PJ's though sometimes when it gets really full it can wick out through the tag. Still much better than other diapers I have tried at night and way better than disposables!

Love these dipes!
by BigSea

I absolutely love these so far. My daughter is almost 12 lbs and fits in them perfectly - and I wish I had more. I have four and use them first before any of my prefolds, then I use the outer as covers (I don't put the insert in the pocket). I am slowly stocking up on as many as I can get my hands on, but they are expensive so it's a slow process.

by Ginny

I love the BumGenius one size diaper. It has worked from the time my son was newborn! I have heavy wetting babies and he doesn't leak through this diaper even through the night! Love it!

BG 3.0
by Anonymous

luv these

These are awesome... I mean, genius
by Yadi

I've only had them for about a month, but love them already. Easy to use, cute and very soft. They are very absorbent, not a single leak so far. They keep everything in. Bum genius also has a sprayer that attaches to the toilet valve so you can clean them very easy. The true testament will be how long they last. But for now I'm really enjoying them and my daughter is too.

So easy to use!
by mama24_7

We have been cloth diapering for about four months now and have tried a lot of diferent kinds of diapers. Knowing we were going to have a new baby soon and that we need to accomodate our toddler's needs now, we were really drawn to the idea of a one size fits all diaper. We really like BumGenius. My husband likes how easy they are to assemble and put on the baby. I like that they come apart just as esily and that the cover comes clean (no yucky leftover stains). The colors are great and this diaper is so trim. This is the results we have for our toddler. We look forward to trying them out on our new baby in a couple months. If it works as well for a little heiny as it has for a medium sized one, we will definitely be buying more BumGenius!

Bum genius one size pockets
by meghand

Bum genius one-size diapers are a strong choice for parents just getting use to cloth diapering and for those of us well into our cloth diapering "career". The pockets are great, large and can hold small to very thick inserts or prefolds as your baby grows. I used these diapers exclusively for my DD first 15 months. When she was small, they were bulky...and then by 15 m of constant washing and wear the leg elastics gave out and I had to get a new stash. Still, the durability seemed good to me, elastic eventually gives out no matter what. I would highly recommend these diapers, just get some sized pockets or fitteds with covers too as your baby grows.

by gottaluv'em

I absolutely love the fit for my 5-month old and my almost 3 year old toddler, and the stay dry microfleece barrier. The grasshopper green is my favorite color.

by safeswim

I've had our Bum Genius for about a year, and I'm liking them more and more. Initially I was skeptical about the "one size fits all" thing and couldn't be bothered with the snaps -- even when my daughter was 15 pounds, I just put it on the largest size and they worked fine. Now that she's 23 pounds they STILL fit. I can't believe it. I can't wait to see how long she can wear these. Also, these tabs are awesome! For some reason they don't get crudded up over time (if you have any diapers with velcro tabs then you know what I mean....). I've never had to scrub at them to get them clean.

by amanda308

The diaper is great because I can use it on my two year old or my four month old. The stretchy taps are a great thing for cloth diapers, they are one of the aspects I missed from disposables. The outside could be a little softer maybe but overall a great diaper. Sometimes I wonder though if all the snaps on the outside of the diaper hurts when you lay on them.

by KaiyaSue

I purchased this new and have enjoyed using it once my baby was about 10-11lbs. It was too bulky on him at first. I also like the stretchy tabs to get a good fit around the legs. However, the tabs seemed to pill a bit after limited use. I enjoy the bright colors and the pocket design. It is nice that they come with an insert, but are too costly IMO.

by Ali

After a few months of use the aplix tab on one side fell apart. It was also not very trim.

by kittykorat

This diaper gets the job done, no leaks. I just don't like the look of it. I have a white one, It has been in rotation for 5 months now. For some reason the white outter fabric gets dingy in the wash.. It's not my favorite, but it's one of daddy's favorite's because it is so easy to use.

by diapermama

Beautiful diaper! It is incredibly well made and the grasshopper green is gorgeous. It is bulky for smaller babies but once they get out of that small newborn phase they are wonderful and the microfiber insert does its job very well. Purchased at

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