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Pretty Good
by Occultus Matris

These were the first diapers we used. They are as easy to use as a disposable and we love the snaps. The only thing that irks me is the elastic in the legs. We air dry 75% of the time, but a good chunk of our diapers have stretched out elastic that is super difficult to replace. Overall it's a pretty good diaper.

planningto try
by Jess

I'm expecting a daughter in a couple of months & I'm planning to use cloth diapers. The Fuzzi Bunz are one of a few different brands that I plan to try. I read nothing but great reviews & heard nothing but great things about them. They are also easier to find than the gDiapers that I was orignially planning to use exclusively.
I'm not sure about all the snaps, but I'm sure we'll figure it all out!

LOVE these diapers!
by Kara

I love my FB diapers. I have smalls and mediums that I received from Freecycle and have gone through at least 3-4 other kids before my son. Getting these diapers stopped us switching back to disposables. Everything else we tried leaked pee or he had poop explosions. He has had dry nights since we've had these and we now love cloth diapering.

Would not settle for any other brand
by davsat

I have been a Fuzzi Bunz user since my 2nd child was born. Now, I am currently using them with my 4th child. And, 7 years later, they still do not leak! My children can wear the one all night without their delicate skin becoming wet and irritated. FB's are easy to clean, well-made, and worth every penny. They also have a high used resale value, which is an added bonus.

Awsome Diaper
by Shawn Grabulis

I love my Fuzzi bunz, they are slim fitting, work well with my DD's short and chunky shape, and are wearing so well. I love the new one size with the hip snap, they seem to fit better around the legs, and are just as adjustable as advertised. They are the one OS diaper that I think would not apear super bulky on a new baby.

so pleased-- first time mom
by mama arwen

I love these diapers! They are the first cloth diapers I have ever tried, and I don't think I will ever change. They are a little pricey as an initial investment, but in comparison to buying disposables, it's sooooo worth it!

Every couple of weeks, I use 1/4-1/2 cup of baking soda with the hot WASH and put 1/4-1/2 cup vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. This helps to keep them clean and odor free!

As far as detergents go, I use Tide (original) and haven't had ANY trouble-- leaking, repelling, or rashes on my precious fat baby's bottom!!

The NEW one-size
by Molly's Mom

I love the idea of this diaper ... adjustable and REPLACEABLE elastic at the legs and the back. Unfortunately, this diaper can have wicking issues at the legs and waist.

by Anonymous

I've been using fb's for 4 months now, and am thoroughly diasappointed. In spite of following wash and care instructions to the tee, I've been dealing with at least 3 leaks a day. My little one is soaked by the middle of the night, so I know have to use disposable over night. They were great with catching her poop, but I'm not a fan of having to change my baby's outfit 3-4 times a day. We're in the process of looking for a new brand. I wouldn't recommend these.

best I have tried!!
by Care

I have tried many kinds of cloth diapers (BumGenius, BumWare, Thirsties.....just to name a few) and settled on Fuzzi Bunz. I got rid of everything else! I have never had a leak and the fit is great! I use the microfiber insert during the day, the microfiber with a bamboo insert if I can't change my son within 2-3 hours, and the microfiber with a loopy-do insert for nighttime. They don't stain and are so easy to clean.
I love these diapers and would never switch to anything else! Definitely worth the money!

by semisatisfied

I have only been using these diapers for a week. They are very expensive but if they last as long as they are supposed to then it will save money in the long run. The white fleecy insides would be better off being any colour except white. Since you arent supposed to use any stain removers on fuzzibunz I can imagine how gross the insides will look after my baby takes a few more poops in them.

When you stuff them for overnight use, I feel bad. My baby looks like shes wearing a telephone book in her jammies. Getting the right size is a bit tricky. I've had few leaks with pee. They are great at catching all the poop tho.

one thing I don't like about these diapers is that my baby has a smelly bum now. Her diaper rash is clearing up well but i miss that 'disposable diaper' smell. you know, disposables smell like babypowder. Fuzzibunz babies stink like urine and sweat. :-S

a little disappointed
by jj

We used small FBs from 2weeks (8 lbs) on. We bought these as they came highly recommended by friends. We've had quite a few minor leaks, but oddly they seem to work better for our baby's poops than pees (sorry for the crudeness). We can't get the best fit with our baby, and probably won't be getting the mediums, instead we may try out the bumgenius as they are one size and a little cheaper.

Also, despite following all washing instructions including the manufacturer's recommended detergent, we often get odours and need to strip them. Stripping sounds easy, but it doesn't seem to be very effective.

fuzzi bunz
by dmj

Great all around diapers. Price is a little high and they can be difficult to "stuff" enough for over night without a leg gap. I also have been disappointed with the leg elastics giving out.

great diapers
by brookesmom

I have never had a leak with these diapers. THey have always fit my 2 skinny long kids with no leaks. Do not like the price though.

by Martha

I really like these diapers. I've never had leak problems. I've only used the diaper part of it not the insert. I've always used a different insert but the diaper seems well made and I like the adjustable fit....

I dont like the price of them though. Otherwise, I really like them!

by Driverdog

I've only bought used FB's so far, but they are always reliable for us and they are nice and roomy. Our DD used her mediums till she was a little over 2 yrs old and about 28 lbs. Also, I love the snaps! One of the worst things is finding a long aplix diaper snake in the wash and I never have to worry about that with FB's.

by sandgc

We started out in these diapers. They are excellent, trim and reliable. My DH loves them and always grabs them first. They come in a huge rainbow of colors, they are east to find new and used. I don't like that the sizing isn't always right on, i have a medium that is the same size as my large FB and some large that are the size of mediums and so on. (they are all first quality) They are a little expensive new but they last a long long time (we were in the same size for a year before i sold them for a larger size, we hadn't quite outgrown them yet either)

by amanda308

I love my FBs. The fit options are great. THe insert options are great. The colors are great. The customer service when buying them is great. My kids love wearing them because they are so soft and they can move in them. I haven't mastered the art of washing them yet, I get some stains and smells but I'm getting new detergent which will fix that. I highly recommend FBs , their ease of use is just impecible

by ittybittybabybunz

I have really enjoyed my FBs! They were recommended to me by 2 mamas that LOVED them and I have no complaints! It may seem that I'm biased because right now they are the only diapers I am carrying in my store, but I'm speaking as a consumer instead of a merchant here :) I've truly enjoyed my FBs experience!

by Jenlexnick

No matter how I wash this dipe or how many times, one of them always has a nasty smell. I recommend them because they are good diapers but I won't be buying anymore myself.

by KaiyaSue

These work well for my skinny-legged baby. They are easy to use and no leaks so far. Too pricey considering you have to size up so I won't be buying more. (Especially now that they upped the prices.)

by Ali

I started out with these, very simple to use and not imtimidating when I was starting with cloth diapers. I can always rely on these when we go out of the house.

by kittykorat

When we switched to CD's we started with a lot of used FBs. They did fit well, no leaks, but they are expensive, and now you need to buy it with their insert bringing the price to $18 each! Yikes! There are other pockets just as good or better for less money.

by Martha

I bought mine from the seconds store. I would recommend them, they work great. Great for starting out because of ease of use.

by euridisea

When stuffed enough to handle my sons heavy wets, it is too bulky, even when stuffing with microfiber. Really expensive to buy new. Not a great fit around his legs, have had two blowouts in the 4 times worn.

by mamacita

I know alot of ppl swear by these diapers, I have tried a few different sizes and cant get a good fit. I always had leaks because of that. They are very pricey.

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