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OK workhorse as long as they fit
by Kara

I got these from freecycle and was happy I now had so many diapers. When I first tried them, they leaked BFP EVERY TIME. My son was within the weight range, but they just didn't fit well. Once he hit about 16 lbs, I tried again and they now worked great. Yes, they are less soft than my pockets, but they let me not wash as often and were easy for my mom/babysitters to use. As soon as my son hit about 20 lbs, the rise was getting too short (he's tall) and they were starting to leave chafe marks on his legs, so they were retired. They have survived through at least 3-4 kids, so I think they're OK, as long as you can get a good fit.

Skip this All-in-One!
by Lauren

They leak straight out the legs! They aren't particularly absorbent either and the outer material is not a PUL (poly-urethane laminate) which most other diapers are. PUL is fairly flexible and soft, these diapers are not and consequently can dig in aroudn the legs. Their sizing is also strange, the small 10-22lb size fits up to almost the arm pits on a 10-13 lb baby and if you don't pull them high enough, they leak even more. There is also no easy way to add absorbency due to the shape around the legs. Another diaper that discourages people from using cloth diapers!

lots of leaks
by Lynn

I was given a set of these by a friend who used them for her two kids. They seem to have held up well -- velcro is still good and the elastic around the legs is still stretchy. But they are pretty bulky and tend to wick wetness out along the edges especially at the waist. It works better to double them with separate covers.

I like them
by badkitty

I'm kinda new to cloth diapering, but decided to give it a shot with my second and it took me a while to warm up to it. I like the Kushies because: no leaks (for me anyway) even with runny breastfed poo. They are easy. When I change him, I just throw it in the wash and run the load at the end of the day. They aren't near as expensive as many of the other systems (which is what turned me off to cloth diapering with the first. I know it's cheaper in the long run, but coming up with it at once can hurt). My son loves them. The first time I used them on him, then put him in a disposable for bed time, he screamed. SO, apparently, he gives them 5 stars too!

Ok for an emergency only
by Dana

I bought these since they are alot cheaper AIO than others. They leak easy. Alot of gaps around the legs and the velcro does not stay on. Within 4 days of wearing these, my 6 month old has figured out how to unvelcro them and wiggles out of it!!! They are not soft either and take a LONG time to dry compared to other AIO diapers. (Fave Thirsties & Bumgenius!!!)

by amanda308

I bought a couple of Kushies on Ebay to try out. They don't leak at all but the outside isn't very soft and not very flexible so I don't use them that much because they don't seem comfortable. I much prefer my Fuzzi Bunz.

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