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by kim

These are great for wiping rags and for spit ups... but thats about it...

So Simple
by Dylan's Momma

I've been cloth diapering for 2 months and I luv it! I thought about using a diaper service but decided to wash on my own. Instead of throwing them in the trash they get tossed in the washer. I do recommend buying good quality prefolds. I hope more people start cloth diapering if not for the environement for the child. After using cloth diapers I noticed the disposables feel rough to me now and can't imagine exposing that to my son's skin ever again! I've also found cloth diapering mom's to be super helpful.

love them
by Martha

I really love prefolds. They are easier than most people think. I love how the fit is easier to customize than any diaper with aplix or snaps. I think the only drawback (that can be prevented by changing the diapers often), is that there is no wetness barrier between the baby's skin and the diaper...but I still grab these often!

by sandgc

these diapers are so soft! i had no idea my other prefolds were so rough! toddler size is kind of hard to come by. they hold dye well and are very absorbant!

by kittykorat

I have some unbleached and bleached. They work great, but I don't like plain white, so I dyed them! These are the only premium PFs I have, so I don't know how the others compare, but I am very satisfied with them. I hardly use my fitteds now!

by Heidiliz

These are my absolute favorite prefolds. I've tried tons, and in my opinion, thirsties are the best. They wash up nice and fluffy, are sturdy yet soft, and absorb an incredible amount. I use the toddler size and the fit is terrific for my 32 lb and 44 lb boys.

by Carolyn

These prefolds work great. They fluff up well and are a good size.

by euridisea

These make up the bulk of my PF stash. I love them.

by mamacita

These are GREAT prefolds! Very abosrbant, great prices and VERY soft!

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