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Decent diaper, but you need a doubler
by Lauren

They don't have enough absorbency on their own, but it is easy to put a doubler under the sewn in doubler and because their sewn in one is sewn both front and back, whatever you put under it stays in place. The patterns are very cut and the velcro is very strong. One problem is the outers are nylon which means they shouldn't be washed on hot or put in the dryer, which can cause havoc to washing habits if you have other diapers you want to wash on hot. I did wash them on hot a few times and didn't notice any adverse affects straight away, but you wouldn't want to ruin them.

Charlotte and Madaline's Mommy
by Kaitlin

I have not had a single leak with these diapers and the patterns are just adorable! They were stiff when I purchased them but after a few washes they loosened up.

Cute, but bulky
by Yadi

I must admit that what drove me to buy these diapers where the cute patterns. However, the velcro tabs tend to scratch my baby's skin, as they are really big. They are also very bulky and "stiff." Not good when baby is crawling/walking. My daughter is close to outgrowing the current size (M) that I own, which works out because she is moving too much and they slow her down. I like the Bum Genius Better.

No good
by Sara Dunn

This is the only diaper that my cloth loving husband has banned from our house. He actually said he would rather learn to fold and pin than deal wtih these. They look simple to use and they do go on easily, but what is the point of ease of application if they do nto do the job they are designed for? There is no gussetting to protect from leaks. Even when our toddler is jus up and walking around this diaper leaks as soon as liquid touches it. This diaper really did not live up to expectations. The only positives are ease of use and cute patterns. If you love the patterns, snap a picture quick, you will have to change this diaper within minutes!

by brookesmom

They leak as soon as the baby pees.

by Carolyn

These are a good diaper. They do tend to leak faster than some of the other diapers I own, but on the whole they are decent.

by Ali

I love the prints but they don't fit my skinny guy too well. They are good for my husband to use in the rare chance he changes a diaper since they go on just like a disposable.

by diapermama

These are not my favorite AIOs. I had leak problems because the inner material is pretty scarce and the outer material is very stiff and noisy.

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