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by melissa

These are awsome they fit great and dont leak I have 8 size large and would buy more if I could afford too
P.S. My husband loves them

Love the Minis!
by Shawn Grabulis

The HH Mini OS is so great. They fit from 4-16lbs and are perfect for those of us who tend to have smaller babies. Too many OS diapers start at 8 lbs, and even then are super bulky till 15lbs. So the minis make up the difference. It costs a little more, but prevents me having to use sposies until other OS fit properly.

HH Pockets
by Caroline

I really like Happy Heinys pockets for my big little guy. The velcro holds up much better than some other brands (Bumgenius especially), and I like the contoured inserts. My son is a heavy wetter, so we have to use 2 inserts, even during the day, but we have to do that with all his pockets. I really like that they go up to size XL.

Love the pockets, prints aren't as good as solids
by Lauren

They fit our chunky baby great all the way through when many others wouldn't fit. The cotton prints aren't as waterproof as the solids which are a polyester, however, for daytime use both work well. The roll out leg means you can customize the inserts well and have plenty of room to add more if your child needs them. Aplix (velcro) is easy for those not familiar with cloth diapering as they go on just like a disposable. We've used our a tonnes and have bought lots second hand that are still going strong without signs of wearing out.

So cute!
by SusannaO

I love these prints! The diapers are very soft, trim and absorbent and wash well. I've never had a problem with leaking, not even overnight. Mine has snaps which are pretty easy to use, although velcro is probably a little quicker.

Happy Heiny's
by ginny

I love the convenience of the happy heiny's diapers. They are easy enough for anyone to use. I have heavy wetting babies though, and they can leak on the overnight. I assume that if you used the hemp inserts you would have better success though!

by brookesmom

I always had leaks around the legs with these. I know others like them but they never worked for us.

by Martha

I love pockets and HH's are no different. I really like the quality of HH's pocket diapers. So far I have no problems with them. The fit is great and they work awesomely!

Happy Heiny's Pocket diapers
by Karen Hatfield

I bought 10, every time my son wore them they leaked! They fit great and are super cute on, I liked the velcro but they leak. I gave them to someone who hasn't had any trouble so maybe they just didn't fit my son right. I went back to Fuzzi Bunz and love them.

Great choice for pocket diaper
by Meghan Delaney

Happy Heiny's Pockets are a simple way to embark on cloth diapering. They are trim, durable, they wash and dry well. I would recommend having a washer/dryer, although not necessary if you live in a sunny place. I have mostly pockets in my stash and like the versatility they offer by being able to choose the insert you need (day or night). They are also easy for dads, nannys and daycares. The prints are certainly the cutest out there! Highly recommended.
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by gottaluv'em

The prints are nice, and the quality of material is durable. I do not like fit very much, and there is just a lot of the diaper-too much unnecessary coverage.

by sandgc

I love these diapers. They fit so well, never leave red marks and they come is super cute prints and colors!!! My dad uses these when he babysits. They are also easy to purchase new and used.

by Heidiliz

I love these pocket diapers! They work great, the XL size fit both my 32 lb and 44 lb boys, and we never have any leaks. The aplix is so easy to use, especially for toddlers on the go, but I do have to put pants on my 2 year old or he'll open the aplix, take the diaper off, and run away. LOL! These diapers are great for outings, long car trips, etc. I highly recommend them!

by Ali

I'd recommend the solid colored ones, the prints leak. My son couldn't wear one without pants on because the velcro was too easy for him to take off.

by kittykorat

Lots of people have great luck with these. They come in cute prints, and are daddy friendly, but we always had leaks around the legs.

by diapermama

This is a wonderful product. I was very impressed with the craftsmanship and the dependability of this diaper. It is a great value for the money and I will be looking to buy more.

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