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Day Time Diapers
by Shawn Grabulis

These are some of my fav under-clothes diapers. They are super trim, adn I have not had leaks with them during the day. You cannot add a doubler, so I just don't use them for over night, but that is fine since I use my BGs for that.

Pretty Good
by Caroline

We have a few of these, and we like them pretty well. My son is very, very large for his age, and I find that Swaddlebees pockets run much smaller than other brands, especially compared to FuzziBunz.

by brookesmom

I liked these for their trimness. But I did have leaks with them though. I used them with my oldest in a large rotation for about 2 years.

by gottaluv'em

This is my second favorite for my chubby bubby. Love the fit. They are not for long wears, will leak. Despite this I will continue to use them, and simply change diaper frequently to prevent leaks. They wear great under clothes.

by sandgc

i gave the swaddlebees pockets a try. i loved the way they looked and how they snapped. the pocket was just too small to get my hand in, i felt like i would rip a seam trying to get the diaper stuffed. it also leaked alot with my heavy wetter.

by newuanda

Love these b/c they are so trim. I'm a big fan of side snapping because they work awesome for chubby thighs. You can find these almost anywhere and are a great brand.

by Carolyn

I love these pockets! I've had very few leaks on my chunky legged little boy (I do not use their inserts though) These are my husbands favorite diapers!

by mamacita

I love how trim these diapers are, good for under clothes. Low rise also, which I really like for my daughter! Only con is that they are not good for super soakers and you can usually only stuff with SB inserts. But still awesome diapers!

by diapermama

I love the fit and trimness of this diaper! The only problem I had with it was wicking in the leg area but I still used the diaper quite often and mixing up different stuffers (if they fit) helped a bit with leakage.

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