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by Tammy Harrison

Excellent for those "smelly" load of laundry! Gets rid of odors, leaving clothes smelling fresh!

Overweight Mom
by aje

I use this all the time. It cleans just as good as the number one product out there and there is no unnessary additives

by Mary

This stuff is great especially since I suffer from allergies. Works like a charm!

by lindy turner

This stuff costs alot less than most detergents but cleans just as well!

consumer reviewer
by Lynn Solberg

I do love this detergent even though it's my 2nd choice to a leading brand.. With the economy as it is, I often find myself buying different brands to save money.. Arm amd Hammer costs less, but it still removes and sour smell to the laundry, even in cold water.

One of the better values
by Erica

This is one of the better values for fragrance-free, dye-free laundry detergent. It seems to be cheaper than the other brands and is often on sale.

Dye free
by Cristy Carnes

Sensitivity to dyes is a big issue in my family so this item has been great. It gets the clothes clean with no dye to irritate my skin.

Smells great
by Lyn

I loved the smell of this. It also didn't cost as much as some of the other detergents. It got my clothes just as clean, and smelled great.

Great detergent and not super expensive
by Lauren

We really liked this detergent. It cleaned all the clothing very well. It is great that it is dye and perfume free as we have sensitivies in the family. It is not as expensive as a lot of equivalent detergents, which is always a perk. You don't need to use a tonne either to get things clean, you can get by with less than the recommended and still easily clean the clothing.

good brand and decent price

I use this brand often as I can usually find it on sale at one of the stores that I frequent. It does a really good job at getting our clothes really clean and fresh. I have never been disappointed with its performance and I do not have to spend alot of money to get good results.

by kim

This is a very good laundry detergent. Gets rid of stains, and leaves a very mild scent. Is now my favorite!

by denise paulus

I love your product. It is great for those of us who have very sever allergies. I want my clothes clean but with out all the added extras that so often agervate my sensative skin and allergies. This product has been a great benfit to me... Thank you.

by Jessie

This was not the best detergent I've tried, though I suppose it wasn't the worst either. I tried it because it was on sale, but it didn't work very well to remove stains. With kids in the house we have lots of stains on clothes, so I need a laundry detergent that really works well, so I probably would not buy this again.

by Karen Starr

I prefer using detergents free of dye or fragrance - we have to deal enough with chemicals in our environment. Both the price and the ingredients of Arm & Hammer Free have appealed to us and have accomplished the job intended. When all four of our kids were home this was a huge deal to us and our income!

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