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Smells oh so good...
by Tiffany Elaine

Lets start with the actual effectiveness of this product, my clothes not only smell amazing but looked great as well. Whoever came up with this deserves the laundry detergent award of all time. My personal favorite will always be Gain/ Joyful Expressions

Love it!
by Antoinette

I love to use Gain on sheets and comforters. The smell is amazing and it last a long time.

by Cindy Lynne Sparks

I've used Gain Laundry detergent and was not to impressed with the way it did'nt get all the odors and the stains out of my clothing

by lindy turner

I love gain! There's not really anything more to say! I think we all know how great it smells! - and it works good too!

Love the scent
by Lisa

I love the smell of clean clothes washed with Original Fresh Gain. It gets your clothes clean, even really dirty clothes. Gain is especially great at cleaning dirty socks.

Mom of 4
by Amy T

I love the scent of Gain! I also think Gain works very well for laundry. My clothes always come out very clean (neve dingy) and smelling great! The price is always very reasonable too.

great soap
by carmanmm

This is my favorite laundry soap, gets clothes fresh and clean, and this brand has so many good smells I love the apple one and the smell does stay on clothes for awhile.

by Jaimi Richter

This is my favorite detergent and I love the smell.

by cynthia

I recently used this product. It cleaned very well. My husband is a mechanic so getting clothes clean can be a challenge! Sometimes with detergents with a heavy scent is just too strong so I really liked this product.

Not as Good as Tide
by Jessie

I buy Gain when I'm running low on cash, but usually I buy Tide. It works pretty well and it smells great, but it's not quite as good at getting out the tough stains as Tide.

works good
by Hiral

I have used this product and It works well. Cost reduction will be more helpful to attract more people towards buying this product.

make my clothes new
by Deepali saini

After using this my clothes look new & they smell so good. I love this detergent.

Gain Detergent
by Tammy Karns

I love this detergent. Will continue to buy because it just works.

Not what expected
by Ilona

The scent of this detergent is way too strong even when used mildly.

Gain Detergent
by happymomto4

Great value and great detergent. The smell is nice also.

2 Customer Opinions

by Diania

I love the smell of this detergent, and it does a wonderful job cleaning my clothes. Great product.

by sarah

I love gain it smells so good and I am impressed on how the smell and freshness lasts so long with my laundry.