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by lindy turner

All is very good - cleans good and it wont hurt sensititve skin.

great stuff
by kirsten

I love this detergent. It is a good value and I can use it on everyones laundry.We have 5 kids with sensitive skin, so instead of spending money on different products I only have to purchase one.

by Jill Graham

I tried this detergent with my cloth diapers and it gave both of my children a terrible rash. It did work alright on the rest of my clothes though, and it seemed to last a long time.

works for my kids
by margo larue

Thanks to my husband's side of the family all 3 of my girls have very sensitive skin. Since I started using all free clear detergent to wash our clothes, I haven't had any problems with their skin breaking out due to the detergent. I have tried other sensitive skin detergents before and even tried detergents especially for baby and children's clothing and none of them were as effective as all free clear.

all detergent
by kim2728

This product works very well and smells wonderful. I am also encouraged because it is eco-friendly as well.

by Amy Royer

When I had my second baby, obviously things became a little tight in the purse strings, so I sought after a detergent that I could use on all of the family clothes, and that would not cost a fortune. I found All Free and Clear. This is a great product that is actually free of dyes and fragrances. It is made for sensitive skin, even for newborns. I began using this in place of specialized baby detergents because it did not irritate my baby's skin, and it saved me money!

Great Detergent!
by happymomto4

I love all Free and Clear! It is one of the few detergents that my children are able to use.

by brookesmom

I use this on daughters sheets. She has allergies and cannot sleep with any kind of perfume smell. They come out with no smell at all.

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