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Static Eliminator Dryer Sheets

The world's longest lasting dryer sheets. Each sheet lasts an incredible 500 loads! Chemical and fragrance free, these anti-static powerhouses really get the job done! No more chemical based dryer sheets

Just throw both Static Eliminator sheets in your dryer and leave them there for hundreds and hundreds of loads! It's easy, and it will save you money!

This innovative, re-usable product has all the advantages of a traditional dryer sheet, without all the chemicals. The Beane Bag Static Eliminator dryer sheet eliminates static, softens fabric, and reduces wrinkles and lint in your dryer load without leaving a chemical residue on your family's clothing.

Because Static Eliminator offers all these benefits without the use of chemicals, it will also never reduce your clothing's flame resistance. Static Eliminator is perfect for infants and allergy sufferers - our patented dryer sheet is 100% hypoallergenic, gentle on infant's skin and clothes, and guaranteed never to spot or stain even the most delicate of fabrics. All this in a dryer sheet that will last for hundreds of loads!

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Safe for infants
Eliminates static
Softens fabric
Reduces wrinkles
Reduces lint
Money Saving
Will not void dryer warranties
Product: Static Eliminator Dryer Sheets
Brand: Static Eliminator (More Products)
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2 Customer Reviews

by jalanea briggs

Found this product while cruising through the product list and thought "how cool". I will look for this product the next time that I buy dryer sheets and if my store does not carry them, I will ask for them to carry them. This is definitely a product that I will search out to try. The idea of removing the static while not scenting your clothes is ideal for families like mine with alot of allergies!

by ittybittybabybunz

I was skeptical at first about the claims made by this product, but I was so wrong! Not only did my clothes feel softer, but the sttic in my microfiber inserts was greatly reduced! Any product that can do that with microfiber is a winner in my book! Awesome!!