All Customer Reviews for Burt's Bees Baby Bee, Diaper Ointment with Vitamin A and Vitamin E

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10 Customer Reviews

Great product!
by Bridget

It cleared my sons diaper rash after 2 months of nothing else working.

Good for grown-ups too.
by Tina G

Okay, so technically this is for babies, but I have found that it works great for adults with heat rash or chafe, or topical dermatitis. It works well and quickly to clear of skin irritations like this.

is there anything Burt can't do?
by barb

Got some of this for my grandson, and the whole family agrees it is the best we've come across. works great and i know it's good for the baby too.

by dana

If you are going to use ointment for your baby you might as well use an ointment that has Vitamin A and E.

Mom / esl teacher
by nlmom

Hands down the best diaper ointment out there! I used this with my first son and will be using this again very soon on our second lil man. In addition to working great, I always get lovely comments on the smell! It is a lesser known product so I always include a tube with shower gifts etc.

Great for Grown Ups Too
by Jessie

I bought this product because my hubby gets a rash similar to diaper rash in the summer time, from working in the high temps. I try to find remedies that don't appear to be just for babies, mostly because he feels silly. This stuff has a great scent, and it doesn't ever get dry & flakey like some others tend to.

Works Great!
by Holly sanchez

I like using this on my baby. It works great.

by diapermama

I love this diaper cream. It isn't to messy or sticky and it works very well.

by Heidiliz

I love this diaper ointment! It has a nice, fresh smell, works very well on rashes, and doesn't leave stains or cause repelling issues with cloth diapers.

by Carolyn

I really like this ointment it works really well on diaper rash. I have noticed that it leaves stains on my suedecloth.

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by rita

Burt's Bees has everything but I don't mind since it works so well.