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Snappi Diaper Fastener
by Karenv

I bought these for my second daughter, first to wear cloth diapers. They are easy to use and a cinch to clean. No worries about being poked by a pin. They sometimes seem to stretch with wear.

Work well!
by Lauren

I've never got the hang of pins, but Snappis are easy for anyone to pick-up and use. They are also quicker to put on than the pins making less change of baby leaving before you're done or the diaper coming unfolded. One draw back is that you need the right material for it to grab onto, we had a pre-fitted hemp diaper and it couldn't get the teeth into the material. For standard prefolds they work great.

by SusannaO

I think it's easier to use prefolds and covers without snappis. They work well, but covers have a pocket in front to hold the prefold in place. I think snappis are totally unnecessary unless you are using the old fashioned cheap pull on diaper covers.

diaper fastener
by dmj

So easy and safe! Dad prefers these to pins at our house!

so easy
by Anonymous

Snappis make prefolds a cinch! they're fast to use and nobody gets hurt - lol

Snappi diaper fasteners
by eco warrior

I just love these handy little things! I got mine at along with organic cotton prefolds & the softest wool covers! They had great service & my shipment got to me very quickly!

by Martha

I LOVE our snappi's....Wouldn't know what to do without them! They make using a prefold or contour a cinch!!!!

by kittykorat

I like my snappis with my prefolds, but my son pulls on them and undoes them sometimes. They have to be under a good cover

by sandgc

I really love the Snappi! I'm too afraid to use pins so this is the next greatest thing. i can get a good fit with this. the only thing is when DD is without a cover sometimes the bottom snap can come loose and get caught on the furniture and carpet or clothing, BUT the manufacturer says to use a cover with this so they are not at fault! They also come in lots of pretty colors too!

by Heidiliz

I love snappis and use them everyday. They hold prefolds together very effectively, and are very easy to use. I have had several of them tear, however (the newer design). My older-syle snappis I've had for over 4 years are still in perfect condition.

by KaiyaSue

I use these w/ prefolds. These are easier to use than pins. Sometimes you have to reposition them a couple times to get a good grip, but they still give us a better fit than with pins. They are also inexpensive.

by brookesmom

I really like them. I use ours on our contours. They are super easy to use.

by Carolyn

We couldn't live without our snappis!! They make our prefolds and contours fit like a glove!

by euridisea

Since I mainly use these with the snappi diapers, I find that they work great. I have also used them with kissaluvs. I have even left a cover off and Michael hasnt figured out how to undo them. They dont work well with my regular PFs, but that is alright as I use those mainly for stuffers and doublers.

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