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Best Covers Ever!!!
by Anonymous

I had tried the G diapers before I tried Thirsties diaper covers, and I hated them. It seemed like I was washing them every day. And then I decided to try the Thirsties Diaper Covers and oh my gosh love them so much! I go days without needing to wash the cover. I also love all the colors they come in. I recently purchased more, and now I have 6 covers to complete my collection. Can't say enough good things about them. They are the best things that could have ever been created. I most definitely love cloth diapering now better than before.

2 boys
by Weeone

I had a hard time using these with my older son as he was so thin! I didn't use diaper clasps and the prefold kept bunching up and then sagging. My younger son is much "fuller" and they have been great.

Great covers!
by Dani Marie

I would recommend these because of the double gussets. They really work well at preventing leaks.

I have version 1 and they do seem to wear out pretty fast in the wings which is an improvement they made in version 2. They don't fit very well over dream-eze fitteds in my experience. I found the bummies super-brights to fit those better but otherwise they work great.


Very versatile diaper cover with gussets that prevent leakage. Works with many different types of inserts and tabs allow the cover to size to fit for a wide range of sizes. Gussets help with fit for smaller babies.

Great fit, but can bother the thighs
by Lauren

I loved the fit, they have gussets which many covers don't, which makes them a lot more flexible in terms of what diapers they'll fit over and what babies they'll fit. They work great from little thighs to chunky thighs. The material is nice and thin and flexible, so you don't have to worry about the cover making more bulk under the clothing.
My problem with them was my daughter's legs started to react to the fold-over-elastic around the thighs. It really irritated her to the point of creating blisters, a couple took a week or two to heal. If you're going to use them, watch out for irritation!

My favourite cover
by Anonymous

We have tried this cover with the fab fitteds, kushies classics, pre-folds and more, and the cover has made them all work. This cover has never leaked, and the flexible materials and leg gussets look really comfortable on my daughter. She has never has any red marks on her skin (other covers and disposable diapers would leave marks), and they are really easy to use and easy to adjust to get the right fit. I am planning on buying more for myself, and giving them as baby shower gifts!

Thirsites Diaper Cover
by Lee

I love the Thirsties Diaper covers!! They work with any type of diaper....fitteds, prefolds etc... The colors are beautiful and never seem to fade. This is a workhorse, well made, great fitting cover!

We've tried them all...
by Anonymous

...And Thirsties is the best! We have been using Thirsties Diaper Covers for over 18 months now & LOVE them. We have tried several other brands, but always come back to Thirsties for one reason or another. These covers are so pliable...they definitely are the most comfortable for our baby and allow him to move about. Other wraps are stiff and bulky and don't seem very giving on our active baby. The gussets are a must- have and really work well to contain messes. I use Thirsties Covers in combination with their fitted diapers and we very rarely spring a leak. LOVE all the colors, too!

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