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nursing pads
by shawna

i used these with my first son and they hardly worked for me, sometimes my shirt would be wet.

nursing pads
by Jennifer

I have used these pads with my two boys, and I love them. You can't tell you are evening wearing them. They keep your skin dry too.

by stacie willuhn

I love these nursing pads. They are extremely discreet and absorbant. The material does not bother my sensitive skin. Every Lansinoh product I have tried has been wonderful! This is my second child, second round of nursing and I would recommend this be put on every expectant mother's need list!

by Sharla

These were the best, I used them with both my preganancies. They are discrete and comfortable plus they absorb wonderfully.

The best choice!
by Erica

I tried several different brands of disposables and these were by far the best. They were comfortable and did not irritate my skin. They were also the only brand that never leaked!

good choice
by dawn

These were great in the first couple of months. Because let's be honest, who has time to do laundry! They were comfortable also.

Worked Well
by Colleen Nygaard

These work pretty well. They absorbed quickly but sometimes would cling to the body.


I tried others as I had samples of them and I leaked through every other pad. I have not had any problems with these even when my daughter sleeps through the night.

Life Saver!
by Jena

I went back to work after my first little one was 6 months and was having a difficult time with consistant pumping so leaking was a HUGE issue. I bought these as a last resort and they worked great! No more embarrassing leaks at work an they were quite comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Good Product - Trusted brand
by Anonymous

If you have a lightly lined nursing bra, these pads do not show. They worked for any leaks I had.

by mellisa

I used these through all 4 of my kids...they were great. I didn't have to worry about leaking through my shirt except for at night.

Not for everyone
by LuckyOne

These pads were great because they soak up a lot of fluid and they are very thin so they aren't too visible through your shirt.

One design flaw: they're way too big. If your chest isn't gigantic, the pads are so large that they are very uncomfortable to wear. They also bunched up and caused itching.

by kittykorat

These work great for heavy leaks. They also don't show as much as cloth nursing pads. I would prefer to use cloth, but these worked better for me than most cloth I tried. Definetely the best disposable I tried.

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by sarah

When I breastfed I used this product and I had no trouble at all with it I would tell a friend about it any day.

by rita

I love these - they are leak proof and comfortable.