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personal review
by Anonymous

When I had my second and third child I used Lansinoh nursing pads. I like the layers of protection that they offer. I was a heavy milk producer and not once did the milk seep through to my bra. They were comfortable and I would recommend them to anyone who wants the leakage protection.

Washable Nursing Pads
by Erika

If you are expecting you will need these. It's a wonderful thing when you are out & about you do not need to worry if your blouse will stain................

I used the disposable, but i'd wish i knew of the washables.

Very good investment for before and after baby.

They are great!
by Emily

Lansinoh is probably the most trusted name in breastfeeding, in my opinion, so I always try their products first. I worked in a baby retail store and was able to try many different nursing pads, but the Lansinoh ones were my favorite. They are soft and comfortable and very discreet. And most importantly, they are super absorbant, so I wasn't worried about leaking. One package of the washable pads lasts about 3 months for me before I buy a new set. They definitely beat disposable pads by a mile!

stock up
by Ashley

If you are going to breast feed, these are a necessity. They are especially effective if you double up when engorged

Easy to use
by Jennifer

I used these an I was very satisfied. They can not be seen under your shirt, are comfortable to use and absorb nicely. They wash out easily and keep there form after drying.

by Jeanette florio

The product itself didn't seem to hold so much but I used a johnsons ultrathin nursing pad between my bra and the pad and it help catch leaks (johnsons ultathins are very scratchy to sore nipples) the problems I had was I live in a aprartment complex and only do landry ever 2 weeks so I was better off buying siaposables. Would have been great otherwise and I do still recommend it.

by rita

My daughter already uses the disposable pads but I am going to get her some of the washable to help the economy.

Not my first choice
by Erica

Although I like the idea of a washable pad (to save money and the environment), these had an uncomfortable seam in them and also bunched up when washed and never layed quite flat (so you could see them under my shirt.) They did provide leak protection, though.

by Colleen Nygaard

I was not impressed with these, they absorbed a lot but did not always stay in place. I wanted to use them because they were reusable but ended up ditching them and switching throw away ones.

by Lyn

These pads worked ok. They held moisture good, but they kept moving around on me. So, I had to keep checking to see if they were in place.

by Vicki L. Vertrees

These hold more PLUS save you alot of money in the long run. I bought these for my daughter and she can't imagine not having them.

by dana

These pads hold better then the ones you throw away.

Great for Nursing or Post Partum Leaks
by Bridgette O

These worked great for me for the postpartum leaking. I did not breastfeed but every women needs them regardless. Great money saver.

by April Arceneaux

For those of you who leak, these pads are great and save you money from having to buy more disposable ones. I didn't get much use out of them because I nursed pretty often and didn't leak much.

Money saver!
by Amy Royer

I didnt get to really breastfeed the first baby because of issues, but I really wanted to try for the second. When it came around, things were going great, until I saw the cost of breastpads, those things are expensive. I then discovered these washables, and I loved them. They not only saved me money, but they were never irritating, and no one ever knew that I had a pad on because you wouldn't hear the normal "crunching" of plastic that you got with the disposables.

by Carolyn

I really liked these nursiing pads! They were cheap and effective, howevr they certaintly weren't trim or unnoticable!

by kittykorat

I heard raves about these, and I love other Lansinoh products, but these have a dart sewn in with "extra layers where you need them" I found the seam really irritated my nipple, so I didn't like to wear them. They didn't work for me.

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Just OK
by c

My daughter found these to deteriorate much too quickly for the price. While they lasted, they were fine.