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by Dria T.

I've tried several products but this is by far the best. Proactiv bleached my bedding and my clothes, but this is all natural! I highly recommend this product for major or minor acne!

Smooth Skin.
by Joseph Thomas

Thank you! For years I've had acne scars, and these reduced them so much. In the past I've tried other acne reducers and all they've done for me is dry out my skin. This left my skin healthy and clean. I would choose this for any of my friends.

Gentle is Better!
by Carol C.

For years I tried stronger and stronger salicylic acid products trying to clear my skin of acne. Then I saw a Dr who explained that often these products are too strong for sensitive skin - which I apparently have. Chamomile is soothing and calming for the skin - and less irritation means less acne. Plus, the calming effects help breakouts heal faster. I like the square quilted cotton pads as the applicator - they seem to hold the solution on better, and leave less 'stuff' on my face. Consider trying this if strong treatments are not working for you!

Great! Less noticeable acne
by Chris Carter

I was frustrated every single day that I had acne. I was never able to bring myself to use other products that were "heavy duty" or "factory strength" because my skin was so sensitive. This is the perfect product because just as advertised, they eliminate spots like a charm. I've been using this product for about 2 months and I wouldn't use anything else. I would buy this product again considering that it works great, I would just recommend additional treatment if you had really bad acne.

The best acne solution!
by Ashley

I'm still in college, so I break out every once in a while - usually when I'm stressed, when I eat chocolate, and when I sweat. I bought this product because I've used other Camomile products in the past, and they've smelled so great. Once again they live up to their name. This product does exactly what it advertises. It removes the redness that surrounds breakouts in just 8 hours or less. I put it on before I go to bed and wake up with clear skin. Don't over do it though, because it can irritate your skin and cause it to dry up.

by John

I'm 18 and I've had acne for a long time. I've tried all different products and finally settled on this one. Most of my acne was cleared up within a few weeks and it also seems to prevent acne from coming back. It also smells great, unlike some other acne treatments I've tried. Great product!!

by Kevin

This stuff is very good. It is my favorite acne product and I have been using it for months. It vanishes blemishes, clears up the appearance of troubled spots, while having an intensive soothing effect on problem areas of the skin.

by nancy

My chest and back break out badly when I exercise. I started using this spray and started noticing results with in a week. The acne I had was resolving. Within two weeks it was almost totally clear. I just sprayed it on my skin after a morning shower and before bed. It seems to prevent new acne from popping up as well. Once the acne is clear, I just did a light spray in the morning to keep the acne from returning. I'm glad I found it online.

works for me
by Kelly Morris

I was embarrassed to be in my thirties and still have acne. Isn't that supposed to be for teenagers? Well, the clerk at the health food store suggested I try this. I wasn't expecting great results, because I'd tried so many different things without much luck. I was amazed how much this helped! I'm so glad the clerk recommended it for me. I highly recommend it to others.

Cleared up my face
by James

My wife bought this for me. I was always getting into her acne treatments and facial lotions. I started using it and with in a few weeks, my face was clearer and smoother. It smells great, not strong at all. Now we both use it everyday.

Works like a charm
by Sarah

I have been using this product for two weeks now and I'm loving it. I have acne and the redness doesn't go away. After one application overnight, it works like a charm. People with sensitive skin should not use it. I personally think it's too strong for them, but I have oily skin so I don't break out that easily. I will definitely buy this product again.

Works Really Good!
by Angela

I am always trying new products to help fight my pimples. I saw this in my local healthfood/supplements store and was already familiar with the brand. I liked the fact that it reduces rednesss so I thought I would give it a shot. I frequently have redness around my pimples, especially if I use a harsh chemical on it like the ones found in many over the counter products. I tried this product until it was gone and I must say, it worked really well. Most of my pimples cleared up and my skin overall looked better. I had to use less makeup to cover the pimples too. It was gentle on my skin and it did not overdry my face. I thought it was well priced for the job it did. I would definately recommend this to anyone who may suffer from acne break-outs and who may have more sensitive skin.

Try it!
by Steve

I started taking a testosterone supplement and subsequently broke out. My face was red in certain spots so to counteract that I ordered CCS. I'll tell you right now, it works. It definitely helped combat my problem.

by Terra

I am always sporting these blotchy spots on my face. On my fair skin it's quite unattractive. This product has really helped my redness. If you're considering purchasing for full blown acne, I'm not sure I can recommend. But this has genuinely helped with my redness. Chamomile is one of my favorite herbs, and I do enjoy this product as well.

clears redness
by Ricardo Gutierez

It has not been effective in preventing or diminishing the size of the acne on my face. It has reduced redness greatly, which is the only reason I use it. Camomile Clear Solution can also dry my skin, particularly near the outer portions of my nose. I'm not sure if its killing the acne by drying it, but the results can be painful.

Not very effective
by Marlon

After using this product for a week I did not notice any changes in my complexion at all. The solution is soft and soothing but does little or nothing to alleviate acne problems. I assume that due to the lack of any harsh chemical ingredients, the solution is unable to effectively eliminate pimples.

Doesn't work
by wendy c

Camomile Clear solution may do a little bit to reduce the redness of a zit or pimple, but it doesn't do anything to clear up the spot and stop others from forming. I did not feel like this did anything for me at all. It did not feel bad or harsh (like some acne treatments), but it was not effective at the same time. I think acne requires a stiffer regimen than using this as the cure.

Camomile and Me!
by Lana

After taking Accutane, my skin was doing pretty good, so I was looking for a product that would help with my occasional trouble spots. I would break out a few times a month and I was hoping for something that will calm my skin without any additional irritation. After Accutane, my skin had a tendency to get red quickly and the majority of products proved to be very irritating. Camomile Clear Solution was not one of them! I would apply a few drops with a Q-tip a couple times a day when the breakouts were present. The solution seemed so gentle on my skin and I noticed an immediate calming effect. It did a great job alleviating redness. I was very pleased with this product and I continued to use it for a very long time. I would highly recommend it to those acne sufferers with sensitive skin and occasional breakouts.

Great Product
by mamma_nee

I just love camomile tea and when I saw this product, I just had to have it! I am so happy that I bought it. I just love the smell and it is great at lessening the red on my face when I have a blemish. I actually use it even when I don`t need it just for the way it smells and makes my skin feel so good.

Smells Great, Calms Redness
by SierraK

This product doesn't actually clear acne. To do that stronger products are needed, like those containing benzoyl peroxide or exfoliants like salicylic acid.
However, this product works great for clearing up skin irritation and the redness that comes with it. Great to use in conjunction with an acne clearing product since those can sometimes cause redness and irritation. Very soothing and smells great!

by Jeff

This is a great product and it really works. It helps clear up the redness and irratation of the skin. It is safe to use and works rather quickly. Has a good smell.

Not the Best
by Caitlin

I LOVE the smell of this product. I was so excited to try it but then when I went to use it it was not what I had expected. It did not burn but was not made to help acne the way I wanted it to. It just kinda made your face smell good!

Love this product!
by Renea Champion

I keep a bottle of Camo-Care Clear Solution on my dressing table and one in my purse. It has a wonderful smell, doesn't burn or cause my delicate and extremely sensitive skin to become over dry.
It doesn't perform miracles, but has definitely helped clear up a blemish faster and with less irritation than anything else I've tried. I use it both as a spot treatment, and to put on a general area of my face, such as my hairline in the summer, to keep new breakouts from forming.

Another great product from Camo-Care
by Francesca Muir

I've been using various Camo-Care products ever since my health food store started carrying them over ten years ago. I like them, and this one is also a winner. It's not for people with severe acne, but very effective for small breakouts.

"Naturally" Good
by R. Molitor

I appreciated the natural quality of this product, which beats most products on the market. The effects were reasonable, with a decrease in blemishes. My face was definitely dried out in spots, but it felt like the product was working...although it didn't clear up my skin completely! I'm still looking for the perfect "cure-all."

Nice product for the price
by MP

I tried the Camomile Clear Solution Acne Treatment for a week. The natural camomile ingredient attracted me to this product, as the other acne creams are to harsh for my sensitive skin. After applying at night, smaller blemishes disappeared. However a little drying did occur in those blemished areas. The large red blemishes, decreased in size and did not disappear altogether. Again a little drying was noted on the skin. Overall, the product was good for small blemishes and for the natural ingredient.

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