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by Charity

I have the worst adult acne of anybody i know- deep cysts and all over swollen pimples that cause bad scaring. I have tried everything under the sun for years including this product but quite after a month or so as it seemed not to help at all but only make it perhaps worse. after talking to a specialist at my health food store and hearing that it takes 3 months to infiltrate your whole system, i decided to try again. she was right!!!!! it's not a drug, so it's not a quick-fix and it requires patience....but 3 months later and finally my face is completely acne clear for the first time since i first broke out as a teenager! i'm amazed and am blessed to have been able to discover this product!

by sm

Worked for me a week after starting the vitamins. My face is clear, and it looks 100% better.

Didn't Help Me
by Jessie

I guess everyone's bodies work differently, but these pills did nothing for me at all. I took them just as directed and there was no change. My acne isn't even that severe, so I would think that it wouldn;t take much to clear it up if a product works well. This one did nothing.
I now switch back & forth between Proactive & Arbonne. One has Salicilic Acid as the active ingredient, and the other as Benzoyl Peroxide. I've found that alternating between the 2 keeps my face clear.

Only thing that works for me!
by Vanessa

I used both soap and pills DermaKlear for two weeks now; I saw some improvement within one week and massive improvement by the second week. (As long as I'm diligent about it.) I've tried changing my diet, went to the dermatologist, tried different products including ProActive. None would work except for ProActive, but within a month, my immune system would get used to it and ProActive became ineffective to my skin.
For those whom this product doesn't work, it really depends on each person's immune system and how their bodies react to the ingredient. Mine reacts great to DermaKlear, but I'm not raising my hopes up on this until two months down the road. (If I remember, I'll be back and give my second review)

Works for Me!
by BJ Quik

Before trying this product, I changed my diet because of my acne. I found out that eating pork and red meat was a huge cause of my acne. After eliminating these meats, I notice a huge difference in my face, however, I still had some breakouts. I started using Akne Zyme and within a few days, I noticed fewer breakouts and my skin has cleared up!!

I would recommend this product to anyone. I would also recommend for those who did not have any positive results to change your diet to find out what food may be causing your breakouts.

by Caitlin

If I could I would give this product a 0. It made My skin exponentially worse and I had only been using it for a few weeks. DO NOT buy this it is a waste of money

No good!
by taylor

This product is horrible. I took this product as directed for 2 months and noticed no decrease. The redness didn't even go down. If your looking for a good product, go with Pro Active, as it is the best. This is my first time trying the pill for acne, and I had a horrible experience. I do not recommend at all!

Don't buy it!!
by Shah

This stuff is garbage. I used these until I ran out and I didn't notice any difference . This product does not work. Its a waste of money. You are better off buying other products like pro active.

No so great
by Justin

I tried this pill and basically it is crap. I used it for 4 months and my results were not what I had expected. After my trial with this product I ended up using Pro Active, and it cleared up within 3 weeks. I continue to use Pro Active now and have been clear ever since. I would not recommend the Derma pill to anyone because your results will not be what you wanted.

This isn't the pill.
by Henry L.

I was a bit surprised at the idea of using a pill. Can a pill really do what a gel can do? The answer in this is no. I didn't notice any difference after taking this product, and I'd have to say a pill is not the way to go.

Stick to Creams
by M. DeGilio

This pill does not work. Period. Don't even bother. Like I've said in other Acne Medication reviews, stick to creams. I would highly reccommend ProActiv Solution. They have a high success rate.

Acne Solving???
by Eric Forbes

This product does not help clearing away your current acne. I used to use this product but did not help at all. It was a total waste of my money. This product does not do what is says. It almost sounds like a health pill not an acne one. I would not buy this product and would not encourage my friends to try it!

Such a disappointment
by Jane M.

I've had a problem with adult acne for years and thought I would try a natural way to get rid of it. This is not it! Yes, it has great nutrients that are good for you...but they did nothing to reduce my acne. I have had to go to more pricy products to help me out, but they are worth the money.

by Mike

My son had a bad case of acne, and I bought this for him to try. After going through the whole bottle, his skin condition did not improve much. There was some improvement, but not much. I would suggest trying another brand or something. Of course, my son does have really bad skin from his diet so this could work for you.

Medically Useful?
by Kevin Lumpkin

If you're looking for a product that will treat your existing acne, this is probably not the right way to go. Changing the concentration of nutrients and vitamins in your bloodstream might give you a slightly better chance of not having a future breakout, but it won't clear up your current acne problems.

If you want to treat the acne directly, look for a daily face wash that contains benzoyl peroxide - it's one of the strongest non-prescription acne-fighting ingredients available.

New zits came
by Phil Young

After using this product for 3 weeks, old pimples didn't leave and new ones kept coming. It gave my face a red look and gave me more breakouts than before.

by AR

I'm always on the lookout for various alternatives to the usual, extremely expensive, acne treatments that cloud television commercials. I have had on and off acne since I was in high school. It was mostly on my back and chest, and it seemingly broke out at random. While looking around a local drug store, a long funny named bottle stuck out to me. Derma-Klear-Akne-Zyme is a supplement aimed at those looking to maintain healthy skin. It is not really a treatment in the traditional sense, so much as a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement geared towards the nutrients that are important to your skin. It contains nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, and C, as well as zinc used for skin integrity. I used this product for about 2 months while changing my diet and lifestyle to work together with this supplement. I must say that my breakouts seemed much fewer, but this could be for any number of reasons - so I can't say for sure it was Derma-Klear.

If you are currently taking a multi-vitamin, you probably don't need to take Derma-Klear as it just more of the same.

Its junk
by Alex Grossman

It wasn't worth the time I spent trying it out at all. I used this for 90 days and never experienced a single change. I was extremely disappointed and would not recommend this to anyone

Don't Waste Your Money
by ShaZam

I gave this 1 star because the option for no stars does not exist. I saw this on sale in a natural foods store. There was a large bin of bottles in the front of the store. The bottle I purchased contained 90 capsules. This lasts only two weeks. To give the product an honest and fair chance I continued to use the product on a daily basis for 8 weeks. I saw absolutely no difference in the appearance of my skin. My acne was the same as before I began taking the capsules. I wasted A Lot of money in spite of it having been on sale. Save yourself the time and money. This does nothing.

Good concept
by James Zitzmann

I have used this product, and I have had a good experience with it in conjunction with other products. It works well with other acne medications in order to help revitalize your skin while the acnes medicine heals the condition. I would definitely recommend it as a supplement to any acne treatment.

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It's really incredible!
by Neomi

I am 31 and should NOT be dealing with acne. Right!! I've tried soaps and bars and lotions and scrubs and pills and you name it. This product works for me because it keeps nutritional deficiencies away that actually causes acne. For example, a deficieny in zinc is the reason why it takes some people's acne to heal forever. I take this product ALONG with making sure I eat right, not intake dairy and get plenty of water. Seriously, i stop this product for a week and my skin goes back to being an active volcano. I take this product and i look air brushed. So yeah! I'd say it works for me.