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by chris

used it for 4 and a bit weeks now great results, only downside is it makes my skin look a bit shiny, but hey, ill take that for clear skin!!

by Kamilla

I've started to use this product a couple of weeks ago (switched from ProActiv btw) and now I can actually see that it works! My skin condition have started to improve gradualy, so finaly I feel relieved from acne. I hope it's just a start and this product will make me more happy in the future.

by Jill

Very effective

It's pretty cool
by Johnny

I never even used it in my life and I LOVE IT! :)

Day 3 So Far...
by Bridgette

Well, so far I am on the third day of the plan, I know it's way too soon to notice a difference. I wanted to point out that I hadn't been drinking as much water and my acne came back so that is why I ordered this. For the people on here who say it doesn't work, I can't help but wonder if they/you are drinking plenty of H2o!! IT works in conjunction and also the candida pills that come with it are good! =)

It works :)
by Claudia

After trying many products I thought Exposed would be a waste of money, i was wrong. since i started using it I hardly get acne. It reduces redness too. I had acne scarring and it helped improve the appearance of the scar. Now they aré less visible. I recommend exposed, I saw positive results in about a month.

So So
by Natasha

This works just as well as the rest. Not good enough to take care of all my skin problems.

Not great
by Het

I had used proactive for years and it just stopped working. Proactive had helped a quite a bit but I still had regular breakouts and always had pimples. Bummer! So, I decided to try exposed against my better online buying judgement. No wonder I never buy online. It did absolutely nothing. I wasted a whole month of using it, it was like rinsing my face with water. My acne worsened, my blackheads became much more prominent. I didn't expect any of this. I mailed it back and three weeks later I still have not been refunded. So frustrating. So, I hope it works for you, but it didn't work for me.
Also, I started using my left over proactive again and it started to help the situation. Hooray. Now I have to decide whether or not to jump back in the proactive boat or try products. Oh boy am I tired of acne.

Not sure
by Kriss

I have been using this kit for three weeks along with the moisturizer. Upon using the first day, I noticed a softer face. As I continued using, it made my skin break out more than ever. I think my face needs to get used to using so many products at once. I'll continue to use another two weeks but if my face doesn't clear up within a month, I will discontinue use and move onto something else.

by Michael P.

After suffering from acne for years and trying most everything i could get my hands on i was pretty skeptical to try exposed but i am glad i did. Exposed cleared most all of my visible acne in weeks and i am still pretty clear after using it for about six months (i still get the occasional small pimple). I have tried other pills and creams like proactive but they all were junk. Exposed really is a worthwhile acne medicine.

Worth the money
by Margi L

When your teenage daughter is struggling with acne you will try anything. At first I thought this was going to be too expensive and might not work well, but I was pleasantly surprised. We tried several other products that did not work near as well as the Exposed product. We will definitely be back for more.

A Great Choice.
by Sharon

There are so many different product lines out for curing and preventing acne. This product line is definitely worth a try. Instead of drying my skin out the way Proactive did when I tried it, this product got rid of my acne without being overly harsh to my skin.

Alright in my book
by Jeremy P

My oldest sister bought this for me back in late 2004, I use it on and off these days and I like it. Since I don't really have money to buy any of those super acne medications, I have to take what I can either afford or borrow and this stuff works pretty good for me. The odor is not too strong and it doesn't irritate my skin like other's I've tried in the past. It's not the most popular brand but it may very well be on it's way to that soon if other people have experienced the results I did. I like how it worked on my sister's acne as well as mine. This stuff is up there on my list of best buys. The price is a little expensive but I guess you get what you pay for and I'm willing to buy it again one day.

by Kevin

Let me tell you that I love the Exposed Skin care system. I have had skin problems since I was 10 years old. Now I am 42 and I am having the clearest skin I’ve ever had. Exposed is working well for me. The first couple of weeks were rough. The product was too strong and it caused some red blotchiness, but I learned to adjust my skin care needs to the Exposed system and it is working wonderfully for me. I am a happy customer!

Iffy experience
by Curtis

I got this product at a discount from work and tried it out for a few weeks. I found that it made my skin really dry. Unfortunately, that lead to more oil being released on my face and more zits, ugh. I would only recommend this product if you're really desperate or have an especially moisturized face.

Generally good, but not so tough on blackheads
by Ross

I've been using this solution on and off for about 3 months now. It has definitely helped with acne on my back and shoulders, but hasn't helped with trouble spots on my nose that seem to have a lot of exposed pores. I've recently used this in tandem with a salicyclic acid/alcohol rinse and that has seemed to improve the overall treatment.

by nick

Great product! I've always had chest/back acne since I was in high school (25 yrs. old now). It was never severe but definitely a problem. This stuff works!! I spray it on when I get out of the shower and sometimes an hour or so before bed, and the results are incredible. At any given time I'd have between 3-7 bumps on my chest or back, and this has brought it down to maybe 1 on a bad day -- and they clear quickly. I HIGHLY suggest this! The base is salicylic acid so it doesn't stain/bleach anything like benzoyl peroxide does.

Not a big fan
by DomZ

I have used many different solutions for acne relief and I must say this is a bit confusing and there are just too many bottles. I have used and would recommend Proactive over this any day of the week

Tried and denied
by Cecilia

This kit does clean my skin to clear up my acne, but it tends to be a little bit drying. Sometimes just using the cleanser and the moisturizer is enough. The rest of the products are way too drying. I used this for a few weeks and gave up because even though it was clearing up my acne, it was drying my skin. I do not recommend this to people with dry or sensitive skin. I gave up on this product, and probably you would also.

To many bottles
by Phil Young

This product is too complicated to use. Early in the morning when I apply it, it is hard to know which bottles to use, and if I am even using the right bottle. I would not recommend it. It does not remove all acne.

Made a difference for my sister in law!
by Jen W.

My sister in law is 16 years old and has always struggled with her skin. Last time we visited her, I noticed that her skin was much clearer. I asked her about it and she showed me this system. While it did not clear up all of her blemishes, it has made a significant difference. Based on what I have seen, this is a really good product.

Do not purchase!
by Corri

I purchased this item for my 15 year old daughter, who has a severe acne problems, among other issues with her skin. This product did nothing but irritate her skin and make matters worse! It was actually recommended to us by her dermatologist. This regime just did not work for her skin type. It dried out her skin and made it even more red. The acne did not get any better after a week of using the system, and due to the redness and dryness, she stopped using it altogether. I would not recommend this product to anyone with moderate to severe acne.

Exposed works
by Mark Cooper

I used to have acne breakouts every day. I am 44. I thought they would lessen as I got older but this was not the case. I have tried many over the counter items. After about 2 weeks, I noticed I had minimal redness and even less pimples. Within another two weeks, I was acne free. I love this product. For the price, you can't beat it.

Good Maintenance System
by Shannon

The first thing to know about this system is that it is much more economical then other acne treatments, which is nice. My husband uses it and it is great. It maintains healthy skin on his face, and keeps it moisturized. The thing it does not do is fight breakouts. There is no burning when it is applied, and the smell is not overwhelming, which is really nice. Just realize that this is more of a maintenance system than a preventative one.

Too many products..
by Marlon

I used this product for several weeks and found that it was only marginally effective in treating my acne. Some pimples did not go away even after treating with this product. Also, I found it very inconvenient, as with all multi-part treatments, to have to fumble around with all the different bottles.

Ok product
by Shawna P

I bought this kit for less than the retail price is saying here, thank goodness. I feel it is high priced and did not deliver like some other kits I have tried, and I have tried them all. It was OK but I still had breakthrough acne. For $ 50 I expect it to not only clear the acne but also prevent future breakouts. The ingredients are on the gentle side but I will not buy this again and I recommend customers to try less expensive kits that deliver better results.

Exposed Acne Solution
by Patrick

After trying several different acne medications in an attempt to clear up my acne-ridden skin, my doctor recommended this set of acne medication. Skeptical at first, I began using the treatment. I have to say this has been the best acne medication I have seen. Most acne products use harsh cleaners that scrub and irritate the skin, however, this acne treatment uses soft solutions which finely bluff away the oil without causing irritation. My face cleared up, and in about two weeks my face was looking great! I honestly couldn't believe it. If you've had trouble finding acne medication that actually works, give this a try!

did it work?
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Before using exposed acne solution, I had mild acne problems. It was possibly the result of bad skin care, so I changed my habits. Then I tried this product as a means to maintain healthy skin, which would prevent further breakouts. It for one helped keep my skin smooth, healthy and shiny looking. I had to use face cleansing strips on a less frequent basis. Pores were cleared, so I'm concluding that this product truly works although it has only been 3 weeks of use along with the change in hygiene. Not bad skin reactions, and not too costly so I recommend it.

Acne be gone!
by Albert

This product not only got rid of my acne but it gave me my confidence back. I can walk around knowing I dont have to worry about my face. This product really does what it says and the pack is in a conveneint size for anyone of any age. I recommend this to everyone. You won't regret it.

Mixed results.
by Dan

With this product I got mixed results. It worked, but after a much longer period than was promised in the directions. You also need to have quite a bit of time on your hands as it is as it says, a 'kit.' It's not something that you just wash your face with, you have lotions and cleansers. It's a good product, but if you want something that works fast, this isn't the product for you.

bottom of my list.
by Amanda

I would not recommend Exposed Acne Solution for anyone. I used the kit according to the directions and ended up having a worse acne problem than before I did when I started using it. It made my face way more oily and the acne worse. Definitely not happ with this product.

by Caitlin

This product is an AWESOME kit! I have tried other acne removers and this one is great! If you are looking for a product like this choose this one! It really seemed to help my face! It is in a convenient pack too so you get all in one!

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