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by Janet

my experience with this proactiv was not what i expected. I really did want to like it but it would only make me break out. althought i did have some good results with the REFiNiNG MASK .. on spOt problem areas.. however after a while it stopped making the same effect :/

Did not work for me unfortunately
by Anonymous

I have heard a lot of good things about this product but unfortunately when I started getting acne and tried it, and even gave it a few months, it did not help me any. I guess it depends on your skin type, I have very oily skin.

Very bad in life
by Dhruba Joshi

I had used Proactive solution to remove my acne on my face. After using 1 month it slightly gave negative effect swelling and red skin. I requested to the costumber service to stop for other dose but they ignore and sent me dose for three month and charged in my credit card. I used few days after then it showed its completely negative effect, I went to Doctor and he drained and sent me to Dr. Joseph Michel in north Bethesda MD, he did surgery but it has still now problem. The main reason was proactive Solution, because my problem was hibernate condition but proactive solution activated as a result I felt in trouble and still now I am in trouble.

Stopped working after 30 days
by Nichole

I've tried this set twice now, with the same results. After using the products as directed, for a month, I start to break out more than I did prior to treatment. I used the products for 30 days longer, but the blemishes kept coming. I did have two good weeks before the month was up.

by Brit

HUGEST CON: PROACTIV automatically 'renews' your subscription to the product and continues to charge your credit card monthly. If you're Canadian (which I am) it's near impossible to get through the customer care line to a representative because it requires you to key in your 5 digit zip code (Canada has 6 digit/letter postal codes) and there's no way around it. No matter what your nationality, those robbing jerks want you to return the second shipment before they'll refund and cancel your account - which takes 4-6 wks. I freaked out, demanded a manager, freaked out more and my refund will be issued in 3 days. BS!

Fail :(
by R1A

Tried proactive hoping it would clear out my mild acne but it only made me break out more! checked the website for info which says it usually takes about 8 weeks max before you see result but almost 8 weeks i've had enough and returned it... on a good note, I loved the mask that came with the kit! too bad it wasnt the right product for me :(

Positive Review!
by Cariann

This product is great and did amazing things for my skin! Its well worth the money :D

by Nasreen

this product made my face very dry and made me breakout more.

by Casey

Unless you want to be charged monthly for a terrible product that does not work, DO NOT USE PROACTIV. Proactiv customer service is horrible. They don’t know what they are doing and they tell lie
after lie. Every customer service respresentative that I have talked to has told me a different story. The people at Proactiv are cruel and are out to steal your money. Don’t believe their money back guarantee - they do not hold up their end of the deal. They promise you your money back if you don’t like their product, but they have so many rules that make it impossible to get your money back when you decide that the monthly fees that they charge are not worth it to you! They continue to charge your account and do not give you a receipt in the hopes that you are not realizing that they are stealing your money!

by Michelle

This product worked for a little while but after a while i just started to break out again.

Worked at first
by Kerry

This works as long as you use it but when you stop your face goes haywire. It was worse then ever!!! You have to keep using once you start using.

by Jill

I love it

by Jeremy Fish

I struggled with acne through high scool. Proactiv was the best acne medication I found. The results were quick and effective. Proactiv gave me confidence that everyone should have.

Does not help
by Jyssica

this product made my face red and i broke out even more.

Works like a charm!
by Kristine

I've had periodical outbreaks of acne since I was a teenager. Acne with inflamed skin in my T - zones doesn't really scream 'working professional', it also takes a toll on my usually high confidence. So a year back a friend of mine recommended the Proactiv Solution to me.

A year in and I am yet to have another outbreak of acne!

As my acne weren't severe, from a dermalogical perspective, I could see positive results the 4th day in to my use of Proactive. This is the only product I've used that actually kept it's promise.
Its easy to use, smells delicious and, most importantly, it fixes the problem and prevents future outbreaks!

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good acne solution. Just remember to be patient if you have severe acne (a co-worker of mine had really severe inflamed acne problems and it took a few weeks before she saw the results properly).

Good luck!

domestic goddess
by Jill

I have adult acne and have tried several different products. Proactive is by far the best product on the market today!!! I really think it has even helped with my wrinkles as well!

The worst company I have ever dealt with- hands down!
by Jill

I can not say enough bad things about this company. When I had an account there, they were constantly not sending me product. When I would call to ask about it, they would claim to fix it, and then double and sometimes even triple charge it. Subsequent calls to have my bank account credited back resulted in more problems like Proactiv taking zero responsibility for their errors. When they did credit me, they repeatedly recharged me thinking the credit was the mistake. I finally cancelled my account 7 months ago only to find a new charge for Proactiv to my bank today. When I called them, they informed me that I had not actually canceled my account, but "agreed to suspend it for 6 months." Wow. This could not be further from the truth. They certainly assured me months ago that the account was closed. Now I get to wait for the unwanted product to show up, wait for their return label to be mailed to me as well, send it all back, and wait an additional 4-6 weeks to be credited. STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY!!! Besides, you can buy AcneFree at Wal-Mart for cheaper and not deal with any of this BS. And I can assure you, it works even better.

So promising....
by Brittani

But it did not work for me... Instead it made my face breakout more than before. I am really disappointed, but at least I can check this product off my list and move on to the next one.

It's okay, not the greatest.
by konayuki28

I love proactiv just because their result is fast (could be as fast as overnight). But the problem with Proactiv is that, once you start using it- you're dependent upon it. Without it, your skin will start breaking out like crazy. I guess in a way, it's good if you use it once a week or whenever you have a huge event, because then you'll be amazed. But using it too much would harm your face. So just take care!

Good for short term results
by Sue

Okay, we've all been in that place where our skin is completely broken out and it seems that nothing will work. proactive seems to bde a good go-to product that does immediately clear up blemished skin, and is drying, but does the job. I wouldn't use it long-term as it's too drying (the nature of benzoyl peroxide)anyway but is great for short-term use and quick results.

susan coleman, cpn

Works for Teenager
by Ali

My daughter used this product and it worked great when she was consistent with it. Then after two years she stopped seeing the same results and had to switch to the extra strength version.

by T.Reed

I tried this stupid ass product thinking I can have clean, clear skin like they advertised. I fucking hate this product my face is even worse.

Not my favorite.
by Keisha

I tried this product and it didn't really work for me, even using it as specifically directed. It dried out my face more than anything. I'd recommend it for mild acne, but definitely not for people with dry skin.

Mother to teenage son
by Elaine

He loves it!

by Christy

Used religiously until the bottles were gone--never made the slightest difference with my skin.

Didnt like it
by Taylor

I didnt really like it it dried out your skin really bad and the green tea moisterizer made my skin oily so no where good in between!

Grown Woman with Acne
by Amy

For whatever reason, this product does not work for me. I have tried everything from over-the-counter to prescriptions. Nothing worked. The bad part about ProActive is when I called to cancel my account, they tried to talk me into a new shipping schedule. When I refused that they didn't argue any more. But they continued to debit my account and auto ship another 90 day supply

Proactive works, but pricey
by m heren

These are very good products, and make your skin feel wonderful. However, the price is a little expensive and they put you on a club membership type program-charging your card every month-two months for a new shipment.

it works
by yolanda zweiback

I ordered this for my daughter. She has wanted this for a while. when I got it for her it works good but her face is tricky. Her skin gets used to the product and it would work but after a week or to it will start to work against her. I don't have anything against proactive. It does work

by Jacque

I've struggled with acne from age 12 to 19 and after exhausting all other options including prescription pills, I decided to try Proactiv. Aside from acne scars of my prior skin problems, my skin has been clear ever since. I've been a happy customer for 3 years now.

personal review
by Anonymous

I started seeing bumps on my face when I was in my late teen years, not many but some here and there. My skin never looked as if I was glowing and beautiful. I heard about proactive from the T.V. and have known people that have tried it, but was skeptical. One day I just went for it, best decision I made for my skin. Within a week my skin cleared up and started to have that glow to it. People told me how beautiful my skin looked. It became so soft and smooth, I cant imagine living without my proactive.

Works for Me
by Terri

I have suffered from acne from my early teens until now. I started using Proactiv this past summer and I am a believer. I am 32 now and I have not had a break-out since I started. I used to get the deep cysts in addition to surface whiteheads and I was never completely free of some sort of blemish. Now, I get a pimple or two usually right before my period but nothing even close to what I used to get. I also use the Proactiv concealer and foundation in a compact. It works well and keeps my acne at bay.

by carol haug

Worked fair to dry skin areas. It took too long of a process for my son to continue with though.

Carol Haug RN BS

Really Good
by Diana

I have hit the age where acne appears again in life, so you might say I have had the chance to try many acne products over the years. This is the first product that I have used and was truly satisfied with the results. It even got where I don't have to use it regularly every day. It started to see results after the first night I used it. It was unbelieveable. Truly worth it's weight in gold in my opinion!

by Kim Esler

This product works as long as you don't stop using it. My son used this for a while, but if he missed a couple of days those pimples were back out. He played sports and we did find something that worked better.

Worked great - at first
by Molly

Easy to use. Inexpensive if you only purchase the 3 part cleansing regimen. Worked really well for about 6 months before blemishes started to appear again.

by Kristy

I have used this product for many years now! They also have an extra strength formula which works great!

by Christy Laws

I also had such high hopes for this to work, but didn't have great results. I did like the cleanser more than the other two products of the three part system

by Heather

When they say on TV this is the best product out there, they are not lying. It is the first product that actually had noticable results. Maybe not the first day, but within a week a saw a difference. I will never use anything else on my face.

Works great
by Antoinette

I have been having issues with breakouts for years on and off. This is the only product that has kept my skin clear for longer than 6 months. I love and recommend it to anyone who needs help with breakouts.

This Really Works.
by Jessica

You HAVE to try this product. I've been using this everyday/night for the past 4 years and it has helped SO much! I know it's a bit pricey, but it's worth every cent! Definitely recommend it.

My daughter tried it...
by Diane

I bought Proactive for my daughter after seeing a celebrity advertise about it on TV. I believed that if a celebrity would put herself "out there" for a product, then surely it must be great...right?? WRONG... It didn't help my daughter, and actually made her skin DRY. My daughter didn't like the way it made her face feel. She threw it out. An expensive lesson learned.

by cindy sparks

I ordered the 30 day product. I have acne around my mouth and chin area. This product did not work at all. Called proactiv and they sent me a super strength supply. This also didn't work for me. I take medications that contribute to the acne. And am very stressed out. I am 47 years old and believe I should have no more acne

by Rebecca

I decided to try this product because it was a popular brand. I only had occasional breakouts to start with, but when I started using Proactiv, I broke out a more often. It didn't work for me, but everyone's skin reacts differently.

ProActive After Three Months
by Jamie Johnston

Loved this product! My skin felt smooth and soft with less redness. However, I felt that there wasn't enough of step three to get me through a month.

Not all its cracked up to be...
by Melissa

I bought this for my step son who is 14. He used it for about a month and his acne did start to disappear. He used the moisturizer everyday as supposed to, yet his face still had a substantial amount of dry patches. You have to use it without stopping otherwise the acne comes right back.

by laryssa

The product is very time consuming, and if you stop using it, the acne comes right back - nothing is healed - just maintained.

Not Worth It
by Emily

I suffered from breakouts since the age of 13. I tried Proactiv at the age of 22, and I wasn't thrilled with the results. It did make my skin really soft, but after a month of using it, there was very little visible evidence that it was working. I used it for about 6 months and finally stopped because it just wasn't worth the money. Store bought products work better in my opinion.

by Ashley

It works at first, and then my skin started flaking and getting dry, it can also bleach skin and interfere with sunless and indoor tanning. It starts to lose effect after a while

Pro Activ
by ShannonB

I purchased this kit and have mixed feelings. I do feel like it would be fine for minor acne. I have issues with cystic acne and it is only so so. I do love the masque that is typically sent as a free gift. It has sulfur in it and that works amazingly well as a drying agent. When I informed the manufacturer of my issues with the repairing lotion they offered to sell me a stronger cream. I did try it, but the cost was ridiculous for the tiny tube.

Stopped Working
by Staci

I used this product for years, but I would have to stop using it for two months and then return to it for it to work again. It would take about 3 months and I would have to stop using for two months and back on for 3 months. And it is very expensive and I could not use it while I was pregnant, so I just stopped once I was pregnant with my first child. I have since found something that works from the INSIDE out, so I no longer need this product and am happy to no longer have to pay for such a pricey product.

I was really surprised of how good it is.
by Kristen

It works so great. It is way better than anything I have ever used before. As long as you use it each night, it really keeps the acne away. The only downside, is that it gets expensive.

It really works
by Brooke

I had acne really bad all over my face, and when I started using this product I could see a CLEAR difference. My face was becoming smooth and the pimples and blemishes were going away. I strongly suggest it to anyone who is having constant outbreaks and blemishes.

Wasn't as great as we hoped it would be...
by Tonya

I liked it all right...but my daughter who has a real problem with out-breaks didn't think it helped her at all.

Not as good
by Stephanie Rowe

This product did not work for me. However, I did start using a (Clean & Clear Product) toner on my face, and I put it on in the morning and before I go to bed. It clears up my face and twice as fast as Proactive ever attempted to do.

I love this product
by Denise Boeck

I have used Proactive for 5 years now and have had fabulous results! It has helped control the balance of my skin and acne. In all the years of using acne products, none have ever worked as well at this!

by Katie

My sister bought this years ago for her massive acne problem and it worked very well for the first 3 months. However after five months of using the product her acne was right back to where she started. Seemed like the product dried the skin out for the first months which cleared her acne but then wasn't able to control the outbreaks later on. I think I would only recommend this product to people who do not have severe acne problems.

by Liz Theobald

I am a huge fan of Proactive products. As a member of a family of 5, we keep "community" bottles of many of the Proactive Solution products in our shower. Everyone uses them and swears by their effectivness. I LOVE PROACTIVE! It has helped build my personal self esteem and self image.

Who hasn't tried this
by Mary

I think almost every person with tempermental skin has tried this system. Unfortuanetly, it did not work for me.

consumer reviewer
by Lynn Solberg

I have heard so many good things about Proactive. My son still has acne even though he is in his mid twenties.He said that he wanted to try it but it was expensive. It has gone down in price so I bought him a kit to try. After a month, he was so happy about the results that he told me he bought some more! Last time I saw him, he was looking really good.

by jamie

I've tried this trio on several different occasions, hoping I would have better results. But it actually made my skin break out even more. I think if you only have occasional acne flare ups it would work better for you.

by Yvonne McNeill

I was given Proactiv Solution for a Christmas present one year. I never had severe acne,but from time to time a pimple would pop up. I liked this product, because it did not have a heavy smell to it and I can use it in a shower. It worked quite nicely.

Proactiv Solution
by Proactiv Solution

At first this product seemed to be really working then I noticed my skin getting extremely dried out and then I kept getting huge breakouts and ended up discontinuing my usage of the product.

by wendy gregory

I tried this product a few years back. I didn't see any results.

by mena

Proactiv works well! I was suprised because nothing really worked like this one! its worth your money.. and now, I LOVE my skin.

It's worth it.

by heidi

Ive been using proactive for 2 years and i absolutly love it. I never started having acne until i tuned 21 and i tried many other acne products and none seemed to work. After about 2 weeks of using my face was all cleared up. The only downside to this product is when you discontinue using your acne comes right back. But i contine using daily and im 2 years acne free.

Ew this sucks
by Gen

This was the worst acne product I ever tried. Waste of money.

Wonderful Product but Very Pricy!
by Angela Hood

This product works, no questions asked. This product is also expensive though. I had issues with the speed of how often the company was sending the "automatic refills" I wouldn't even be 1/4 of the way through the prodcut I already had on hand and here would come another box and with it a subsequent charge to my credit card. I adjusted the shipments to every six weeks from their suggested four weeks. Then I adjusted the shipment so instead of sending me three different items I was receiving a box of the repair lotion only b/c I still had so much of the other product on hand. This is a wodnerful product but there might be others out there that are less expensive and just as effective. Do not let the auto-shipments take over your bathroom, call them and adjust the shipping time frame if needed.

Pro Active
by Rhoda

It only works for a couple of weeks then stops I hate that.

by Krista

This product worked alright except it severely dried out my skin. Try going for a product that has less chemicals and is easier on the skin.

I like the mask
by Natalie

Overall this is not a good product in my opinion. After using the cleanser and the lotion my skin felt a little irritated. The mask on the other hand is great!!! I always used it as an overnight spot treatment. I'd wake up and the pimple was gone...NO TRACES!!!

Didn't Work For Me
by Natasha

I used this product, because many of my friends use it. However, it didn't work for me. My skin just ended up getting more irritated. But, my friends that do use Proactiv, love it.

by Jackie

I have used this product for many years and love it.

by zonra

My niece use this product it is great but if you stop using it the acne comes back even worse.

Great for Summertime!
by Jennie

I have very oily skin and cystic acne. I’ve used this Proactive for about 2 years now. I understand when people say ‘It just stopped working after a while’. What people don’t understand is that your skin can change from season to season. Proactive is great in the summertime cause it really helps cut down that extra oil.

by Laury

I tried a few less expensive products before trying this and they only worked for a time. This product, however, has worked for years. While it doesn't have the super dramatic results you see in the commercials, it really does work.

really nice
by maggie

awesome! it really works

Proactiv fan
by Jennifer Harris

I am in my 40's yet still had horrible acne (had it since I was 14.) One night I was in tears over it and my husband suggested I try Proactiv. I thought what have I got to lose. After only about three weeks my acne was completely gone. I have been using Proactiv for 1 1/2 years and have had a total of three pimples in that time. Before I used it I probably had only 3 days a year with out pimples! No joke! It really has changed my life and given me new confidence. I had to build up to using it twice a day at first, because it dried out my skin,but now i have no problems with dry skin.

Same as any other acne product
by Jennifer

The hype on this product is unreal. I normally would not give them such a low rating but the fact that they advertise like it is a miracle breakthrough product annoys me. I used Proactive for several months and it did not work any better than less expensive products you can find in your local grocery/drug store. The ingredients in Proactive products is no different, it's just a combination. I now use store brand products (the active ingredients are the same as expensive name brands).

3 piece cleaning kit
by Anonymous

This product works pretty good but as others have said other drug store products can do the same job and they are eaiser to buy.

3 pc Cleaning Solution
by ProActiv

Took awhile, but this product kept my skin not only clear, but glowing. It worked for a long time, then just seemed not to work as well after the first year.

by Tiffany

I love this product. I am 28 years old and just now having problems with acne and it has been a real battle. After the first day of using this product, my face just looked cleaner. Then, after a short time my pimples started to fade away, and have never returned since. I love it!!

Its alright
by tracy wilkins

There's really nothing in this stuff that you cant get from your basic drug store acne aisle. I guess it works ok. Not any better or worse than anything else I've tried.

Not so good.
by Stacie

You can see by the mixed reviews that this product clearly doesn't work for everyone, myself included. I have suffered with adult acne for a years, and was hoping this was the 'magic bullet' like they advertise. I used this product for 3 months with few (if any) noticable results. This product is extremely time-consuming and quite expensive. I have had better luck with basic over-the-counter acne products (see my review for Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque), herbal remedies (tea tree oil), and proper diet.

If you order from the company, the customer service is terrible, not to mention that you must sign up for the 'standing order' - good luck canceling it, as the customer service team gave me quite the runaround. All in all, this was a bad experience from start to finish.

ok product
by Lyn

This product doesn't work for everyone. I have seen it work on my niece, but I also have a relative who did not have any results from this product.

by zunisun26

This is okay for mild acne, but doesn't do much for severe acne.

Good Product
by Kat

A friend of mine uses this and is very pleased with the results. Her face is remarkably acne free after only a couple weeks of use. And she says that her skin is soft and not too dryed out from the product unlike others she has tried in the past.

Good Results
by Kathy Gee

This product works well but can take alot of time to use.

by heather

I absolutely love this product it really cleared my acne up and did not dry my skin out!

by Robin Baker

I bought this product for my daughter. She felt it worked fairly well. I was not as impressed with it. I felt the cost was to high for a product that really did not help her any more than the products she had been using in the past that cost less. To me the when you are paying this much for a product the claims they make such as clearing up the acne especially the large cyst like ones it should really do this better then any other cheaper product. I did not find that it did.

Definite Investment
by Nancy G

I was hoping to get results within the first couple of days, but I didn't notice a change until about the second week in using the product. My skin is usually sensitive to acne products, but Proactive was the one for me. I would definitely reccommend this product to any and all of my friends that were battling with acne.

by julia sears

This is a wonderful product not only does it clean blemishes on your face but it goes way down below skin and lifts all the deep down stuff you cant see.

Exec. Asst.
by Tonja H

I cannot say enough good about this product. My entire family uses it.
We first purchased out of a machine at our local mall for my teenaged son who is also a red know that type of complexion...Within 2 weeks, there was barely any acne left.
I use it because it make my face feel fresh without feeling like I just used harsh chemicals on my face.
My daughters use it to keep their problem areas under control.
The only problem I see with this product is that when you stop using the product acne pops back up. Not really a product problem, just a testiment to how well ProActive works...We will never run out at our house !!! Try it, their claims are true, and the products does exactly what it promises to do. Great product for red dry patches too.

customer review
by Ashley

Proactiv works very well on blackheads if used correctly. I also liked the fact that it was gentle on my skin, and did not cause irritation or dryness & peeling like all other acne medications have for me. I found, however, that during my "monthly hormonal changes" it wasn't quite as effective - although it probably has nothing to do with the product. The main drawback to Proactiv is the price - it's quite expensive for continued use, and you can't just run to your nearest drugstore to pick up more if you run out.

by april st.aoor

We have a teenager with pretty bad acne, and his results with proactve were minimal. it got better, but not as good as the comercial show, and it is very expensive.

consumer reveiw
by lynette kinner

My 16 year old son has very bad acne - we tried different products, the proactive has been best for him-he uses it the way he is suppose to and you would never know that his acne is so bad-thumbs up for this product.

by Vicki L. Vertrees

I didn't see any results with this product. My daughters used it for 6 months and just a small difference.

Adult Acne
by Kristin

Didn't work at all. Made face very dry.

by Bridgette O

This product really works and is worth the cost.

14 Customer Opinions

by gabby

Yo estoy muy contenta por estar usando hasta el dia de hoy los productos de Proactive Solution, porque ya estaba cansada de usar otros que nunca me funcionaban, y al final decidi usar este y en una semana habia un cambio en cara increible, que las personas quedaron impresionada. Estoy FELIZ, gracias Proactive

by wayne hull

It works ok as long as you keep on using it.

by kayla

I like this product very much, it has worked the best for me out of all the products I have tried, and trust me that was alot.

OK product
by Carrie Wallace

Proactiv is a very popular brand, that I was not that impressed with. The products work OK for people with light to moderate acne, but not for severe acne. Not good if you have severe acne.

by Baylea

When I first started using proactive, it was fabulous, but after about a year of using it, it stopped working. If you REALLY want your acne to heal up for good, I wouldn't recommend it.

it works for teens
by britt

I really recomend this product for teens three steps can be hard to keep up but work well.

Proactive Solutions Skin Care
by Vanessa Howard

I understand that it can clear up in a few days. Basically just use it every day and it will clear up your face.

by sarah

I love this product it works really good the only thing I hate is the price.

by sasha

This proactive solution works about as well as any other product on the market. my older sister and i used it. it seemed to work pretty well for me but her face broke out even worse. it works pretty well depending on what type of skin you have. its not as gentle as the commercial as well, but the lotion makes your skin glow after you wash it.

by harley

from what they say on the commercial it works wonders..but people who used it say that after a certain amount of time it just doesnt work any more..
by edith combs

I love this product. It has to be used daily to get the results, and it does bring acne to the surface before clearing it up. But all in all it works wonders.

no so good
by carmanmm

There have been so many people that say this product does not work at all and it puts a little damper on my willingness to try it.

by heather

I found that it worked ok at first but I found if I stopped using it my conditioned returned. Its great if you plan on using it forever.

by Princess

This product is amazing! Its been around for sooo long. And the dermatologists have definitely made sure their product works.