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by Mena Sekander

I took this for about 2 months, to stop those irritating breakouts that i get way too often! It quickly, well for a pill anyways, got rid of my moderate acne... WORTH IT.

Works well
by Violet

I used this product when my system was going through some hormonal changes. I did not want the external harshness of topical acne medication, so I researched this product and found it to be highly regarded as an alternative. Through vitamin supplementation, I was providing my system with the effective and supportive nutrients to heal my skin. My skin (on the face specifically) responded well to this. It healed the bumps, reduced redness, and prevented further inflammation. Another plus was that my skin felt protected and soft-- and never dry or painful to touch. It was healthy and clear and I would definitely recommend this as a natural alternative to harsh products that dry the skin. This works from the inside out.

Very Nice
by Taylor

I have bad acne on my cheeks and chin area, and have tried lots of products and nothing compares to Derma Beauty HA Acne. It kept the redness down to a minimum, which was a big plus. The only problem is, you have to slowly lower the dosage because your body will get used to the product, and if you ever stop using it, the acne will come back very quickly. So, if you slowly lower the dosage, you will notice the the acne goes away or is minimal and there aren't any breakouts. If you have tried lots of acne medications and all have proved unsuccessful, then don't hesitate to purchase this one! Recommended!

Great treatment for acne!
by Frank

I have been taking this product for a little over a month and have seen a tremendous decrease in my acne. This product really does work. It was recommended to me by my cousin, and I have seen great results. I highly recommend this product for teenagers and anyone who has acne!

Not bad
by Kalvin

I tried this some time ago to help fight off some breakouts, and I found it to work relatively well. The acne was only minor, but the pills helped to get rid of them quickly and painlessly. I recommended this to a friend, however, and he reported negative results. It doesn't work for everyone, I guess.

Good Riddance
by Timon Tran

I have been taking Derma Beauty HA Acne for about 3 months now, after many people have told me that this is the most efficient form of acne treatments. Before using this product I had many pimples all over my back, and after just 2 1/2 weeks of using Derma Beauty they faded away. The best part is, there wasn't even any signs of scarring! I would continue to buy Derma Beauty because it is a well worth it investment.

Derma Beauty HA Acne is the best
by Tonya

I have used this product for one month and I have seen a significant decrease in my acne breakouts. I decided to try this product because my sister told me how wonderful it is. I would buy this product again.

by Tiff

Derma Beauty HA Acne is the best Acne product that I have ever used. My mother recommended it to me and I didn't believe her that it worked. I tried this product out and it did wonders. I'll never use another product again. I will recommend this product to everyone, teenagers that have zits should surely use this - it's great!!

Helped my sister's minor acne!
by momof2

My sister suffered from acne, primarily on her chin. She has used astringents and medicated pads in the past, but none of it helped long term. After taking Derma Beauty HA Acne for a month (twice a day), the acne is gone. She plans on coming off of it, to see if the acne returns, but so far her skin is clear. This is a product worth trying.

Zits beware!
by Kami Griffin

WHAT'S THAT THING ON MY BACK?! It can't be...but it is!! A ZIT!! Holy cow, I'm 33 years old! I don't get zits anymore!!!

Well, apparently I still do, but gosh darn it, I'm not gonna take it lying down! The only saving grace here is that the breakouts are on my back (Backne?) and not my pretty face, tee hee.

Well, let's see what's on the shelves at the local store. Passing by the ranks of the Oxy Set (teenagers)I look at several brands of cleansers and pills before I decide on Derma Beauty. I usually avoid harsh cleansears as my skin is sensitive; I need something that won't irritate my half-oily, half dry skin.

Hmmm. Most everything here seems to be face washes, not body washes or medicine for the back. Does no one else get zits on their shoulders and backs? Am I a freak of nature? I Don't like Oxy products; I gave them a whirl as a teenager. Noxzema? Too greasy. The Derma Beauty name has a nice ring to the name; what the heck, I'll try it, even though it is a pill and not the wash I had been looking for.

No excessive drying of my skin occurs, but the zits don't seem to be going any where, although no new ones have appeared. Maybe I should try some Retin-A? Then finally, at long last, the zits start to slowly vanish. YIPPIE!!

I am loving this stuff!! I vow that if I ever get breakouts on my face, this will be the first product reach for. It's slow to work, but it's effective, and in the long run, that's what counts. Plus, it's relativley inexpensive and won't break your bank...just your zits

by devla

My daughter has suffered from acne for a few years now and this is the only product that has worked for her. After only a week of taking these pills, she was able to see dramatic results in the appearance of her skin.

Hyaluronic Acid for Acne and Scars
by Lana

As a long-time sufferer of acne on both my face and back, I was thrilled to learn about a product that claims to promote healthy skin as it enhances its healing ability. My goals from using this product were simple:
1. I hoped it would increase my skin's healing capacity.
2. I hoped I would notice that my red marks are fading faster than in the past.
I must tell you that I was pretty amazed! I took two capsules daily and within two weeks I noticed that my red marks were diminishing. It wasn't instant and it wasn't overnight, but there was a change and I was very well aware of it. Furthermore, whenever I would get a new pimple, it seemed to heal faster than in the past. My two simple, but significant steps were reached with this product. I was satisfied and I became a believer in its ability to promote healthy skin. I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to give the healing of their skin an extra boost. You will not be disappointed!

Bringing Life Back to Your Skin
by Joanne Benham

As I got older, I noticed my skin was starting to dry out and look flaky. When I put on my make-up, if flaked off of me. So I tried Derma Beauty capsules. Taking two a day has brought new life back to my skin. It no longer feels dry and my makeup looks fresh even hours after I've applied it.

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by Sarah R.

Does anyone know where I can purchase this product??