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by Emma

Spent anout £200 and it didnt work! Herborium never delivered so bought elsewhere. Took months to get a refund from Herborium but after threatening legal action and some very legal emails I had a refund - including postage costs.

Rip off - avoid Herborium at all costs
by Disgruntled in Scotland

To anyone thinking of buying this product, please think again. I have been ripped off £56 after ordering this product online and never receiving my order. The telephone numbers provided on the websites either ring out or are no longer in use; nil response from several emails sent to their 'customer service' address. This company is a con - give them a wide berth.

Never Again!
by Destiny

I honestly couldn't tell you if this product worked or not..after about a month of using AcnEase, I couldn't tell a I suppose not..and for $30.00 I really wish it did..guess I'll try Pro-Active next time..

Works great!
by Cody Havaich

I have used several acne treatments over the past 5 or 6 years and this has proven to be the most effective. AcnEase keeps my skin clear almost all of the time. If I do have a small acne outbreak, AcnEase takes care of it within a couple of days! It is more expensive than most other acne treatment products, but it is definitely worth it. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to treat or prevent acne outbreaks.

by Louis Mason

I have a really bad acne problem, so I was willing to try anything to help get rid of it. A lot of the products I have tried did not recommend getting a lot of sun, but AcnEase claims that is not an issue, so the product was temping. Sadly though, the product barely made an improvement to my face. There are many other products out there, do not bother with this one.

Won't Work
by lindsay

These are one of the many herbal pills on the market. Herbal pills have to include a blended high quality herbs.
AcnEase includes only a few ingredients and most of them don't have any effects on your skin conditions. AcnEase is one of the products which will not help your skin to get rid of acne. It might do something else for your body but it doesn't cure acne.

Expensive and Effective
by Phil Young

This product is expensive and effective. It removed all my zits, and stopped most new ones from appearing, but it costs $30 per bottle. It is not the best way to go for acne.

Easy to use!
by Kristina Richardson

I tried this product because I find that when I buy creams I always end up forgetting or don't want to take the time for them. This product worked much better for me for the ease of use. I liked it and will continue to use it.

OK Acne Product
by Kate

I was pretty skeptical about this product because it is a pill instead of something that you apply to the skin. I was surprised when it did end up clearing my acne somewhat, but I prefer topical treatments. My skin is oily but not extremely sensitive, so I could see this being a great product for sensitive skin.

It's ok
by Zheng

This product is ok for its price, but it doesn't work that well for me. It does clear my skin up a little bit, but it also make my face itchy and uncomfortable.

Good For The Sensitive
by Jessica

I got this product for my younger brother after buying him a couple of products that you apply directly to the face, that seemed to irritate his skin. Using this product seemed to clear his face up quite nicely, considering the condition of his face. Definitely a product to consider for the sensitive-skinned folks out there!

I loved this~
by Caitlin

This product is a great thing to say the least! I have tried other acne pills many times before and these are by far the greatest! If you are looking for a product like this choose this one! It really seemed to help my face!!

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