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I need a clear answer
by nina

How about some one tell me the pros and cons. Why you think it worked for you and why you think it didn't because then, it might be a tad easier for people to relate to you, yourself, who is taking it. To figure out if it might work for me, possibly. That's what reviews are for.

Best acne pill!
by Antonio

This product really works I have tried so many kits, cleansers, and every thing out there for acne, but I went to vitamin cottage and ran across these and the clearac cleanser ... I've taken them for a month and wow this is some great stuff almost all of my acne is completely gone..... for all the people who say their stomachs got upset, it may be that you are allergic to the type of sulfur in the product ... when I use proactive, I noticed my skin would get worse because of the sulfur type in their products.
Try this stuff soon!

it actually works!!!
by Vera

Amazing! I've tried everything, been going to Dermatologist for 17 year, till friend of mine told me about ClearAc. For the 1st time in my life I am acne free!!! I have to special order it from Whole Foods because the store is only caring cleanser. I take about 2-7 pills a day, 3 of them at night.

Not Good
by Matt H

Makes me feel sick and didn't work in my opinion. Look elsewhere.

Not Fot Me
by Jessie

I don't think that this product helped me. It made my stomach upset, not too badly, but enough that I noticed. My skin didn't improve. I would recommend trying Arbonne's acne pills instead of these. The vitamins from Arbonne cost more, but they're well worth it. I use them in conjunction with Orovo. Both products cost more than these do, but as with many products, you get what you pay for.

by Christa
by Pretty good.

I used this for my acne, it cleared up wonderfully. The only downside is that I have a semi-sensitive stomach. My stomach was upset for about 2 weeks until it got used to the tablets.

by Kim

I have been on all kinds of acne meds from my dermatologist, seriously I had so many sideaffects from them all, I ran across this at whole foods and I am sooooo suprised, I absoultely LOVE it! I have very oily skin, prone to acne,and almost alll my blemishes have healed!

In love
by Ashley

This is the best product i have ever used i love it! It makes my skin perfect and i really see results.

HMMM..Can i say it?
by Destiny

Can you really say these products worked for you? Honestly, I think it's pretty clear that these things just don't work. But this one takes the cake. YES PEOPLE, MY FACE ACTUALLY BROKE OUT WORSE THEN BEFORE I USED THIS PRODUCT! I'd imagine that's why it's so cheap! But don't waste your time or money for that matter.

by Kevin

You can never be sure about homeopathic medicines, and you can never be sure about oral acne medicines. It's not very effective at all really. You won't be able to see results immediately or even after a couple days. It DOES say on the back though, to use it with their ClearAc astringent to achieve the full effects. However, both bottles are equally teeny and they're hardly worth the money.

I don't really recommend these unless you're a firm natural/organics type of person who's against unknown/man-made chemicals. That's the only reason I can think of for paying such a high price for 'em. Other than that, there are many other oral medications to take for acne that work much better

Impossible to say...
by Marisa

It's impossible to say whether this product really worked for me. I began taking it when my skin broke out not long after my son was born. I liked that it was natural and safe for me to take while nursing; however, I didn't see a lot of improvement in my skin, and what I did see, it's impossible to say that it was caused by taking this product.

Don't expect astonishing results
by Amanda

I bought this product because I'm a big supporter of homeopathic remedies, but it really didn't produce noticeable results for me. I thinks it's always a good idea to start with the natural medicines though before putting chemicals in your body. For the price it's worth a try!

by liy

This stuff is amazing...I am able to use this upside down, sideways, angled to cover my whole back on my own. I didn't have terrible bad acne, just some red spots from working out. I used this for five days, and every single spot was gone. It seemed to improve the texture of my skin as well. I'm now using it just to prevent flare ups, and love this product!

Not worth the time or money
by Angel

I bought this for my 16 year old daughter, because she has acne problems.
This product not only did not work on her, it dried her face out really bad and caused her to have alot of redness on her face.
So I do not recommend this product at all!

Waste- Stick to Pro Activ
by M. DeGilio

I used this for almost 2 months and it did nothing. It's one of many acne treatments that have failed for me, so maybe my opinion isn't the best. I would suggest ProActiv. Seems as though they have a huge success rate.

Absolute waste of money
by Michael Yamakawa

I had used this product for approx. 3 months and did not notice any results. The only thing I did get out of this cream was a waste of 5 minutes every morning that could have been better spent sleeping or relaxing in the shower. I would seriously recommend against this acne medication

Do it
by Mike

I say completely worth it. I used it to clear up a sizable amount of acne on my temples and around my chin area. For the money you can't go wrong, give it a shot. It worked for me, maybe it'll work for you too.

Helped Me
by TK

I have been using this homeopathic acne treatment on and off for about 3 years now. It works for me, when I break out I start taking these and usually within a few days I start to notice improvements. I am very satisfied with all of Hyland's products, all great quality and affordable.

Does not work
by toddm

I tried this product for 2 months with no improvement. I would not waste my money on this product. My acne is the same as before taking.

by Roxanne Ranelli

I must say that the price is right, but the product, itself had no effect on my acne. I do not have severe acne, but needed a cure for the minor bumps on my cheeks. This product provided no results, even during a long term use. I also did not enjoy having to take pills several times during the days. It may work for others, but for me it did no justice.

Wasn't worth it for me..
by ambreen

I tried this product a couple of years ago and had no positive results from it. The condition of my skin when I had started and when I finished the entire box of tablets was exactly the same.
I would much rather use a topical creme because this was actually quite a hassle. I had to take 2 tablets every 2 hours, which was at times hard to remember or inconvenient. And after all that, there really was no difference in my skin.

Works.... barely.
by Tom

This product produced almost immediate results after the first couple applications. However, after a few weeks my acne returned to its normal levels. Initially, the effects were great, but this is not a long term acne solution. Don't waste your money.

Not Much of a Difference
by Melissa Martinez

This is one of the few Hyland's products that I simply can't give a good recommendation for. It works in conjunction with a full skin care regimen, but there is no way to really tell if it is due to the pills or not. A bit of a dissapointment, but other Hyland's products are really great.

Probably only benefits those with very mild acne
by Kyle

Because I have moderate acne, these pills did little for me. Not only that, but my skin began to get very dry after beginning to take the pill. This product might be OK for you if you have mild acne, but if you would like to take a pill, I'd suggest going to a dermatologist and getting a good prescription that probably won't cost anymore than this product.

Oral tablets
by Andrew

I wanted to try an oral acne medication and this was one of the cheaper ones. I did not recognize much of a difference in my complexion after a couple weeks and discontinued use.

ClearAc No Good
by Andy Moua

This is probably one of the first solutions I've tried for my acne. I had been taking ClearAc tablets for 2 months and no signs of improvement are visible. At least there were no bad side effects.

by Michael G.

This product worked for me, but my skin started to get too dry and had burning pains. This product is something that definitely works.

What a waste
by D

I tried this product and noticed no difference in my skin. I continued using this until the bottle was empty, not just one day was used to come to this conclusion. I feel that taking pills doesn't work as well as applying a product to your face. I know I wouldn't recommend this product to a friend, even though it was inexpensive.

Acne Trial

I have to give this product 3 stars. I would give it 2.5 but I did like the smell and the texture. It seemed to help my acne very temporarily, but I broke a lot after a couple of days.

No help
by Melissa

This product cannot be used alone it must be used with another product. It only helps a little when applying after washing your face. It is basically the same as toothpaste.

No good
by Corey

I have lots of blackheads with moderate acne. This product did very little to improve my condition. I would recommend a product that actually works and is at least partially effective.

by Michael Jiang

I was hesitant at first to take an over the counter drug to combat acne. I didn't see how a pill could be even near as effective as a cream or spray could have been. I was drawn to this product after a friend recommended it to me. It did not work for him, but he told me it had worked for several of his friends. I tried it, and saw a small improvement in my skin. However, the improvement could have been the result of many other things. Overall, did not see the effectiveness of this product.

A pill? Didn't work!!
by Nikolas M

A pill was a new approach for me and my acne. I figured it a about $6 it wasn't a bad deal considering that I could "clear my acne" while eating lunch or driving to work. Except that when I finished the bottle(it less than a week taking the recommended doses) I saw no difference. Not worth it.

Clearac works
by kvantol

I am of adult age and since I have been taking this stuff, I have seen some noticeable difference in my symptoms. I am not cured, but there have been no major flare ups, even after eating foods that have often caused me flare ups.

by Bethany

I have tried clearac before in the past. I didn't feel like it was doing any thing for me. I have normal skin, but I get blackheads pretty badly. This product did nothing for them. I wasn't too keen on taking pills either. Pimples are on the outside of my face, not in my stomach.

Tablets and Natural Approach
by Lana

ClearAc tablets come in a bottle with 50 tablets. I took 3 tablets every four hours with high expectations that it will clear my facial acne. My acne was classified as moderate to severe at the time and my naturally oily skin was a dry mess from the variety of products I was trying. I used this product until the bottle was empty and the only effect I noticed was that my skin was no longer dry. The natural state of my skin returned, but the acne stubbornly remained on my face. Since this product was a "natural" and homeopathic approach to my acne condition, I was really hoping it would be the answer to my prayers. I was disappointed. To effectively evaluate the product, I stopped using everything else at the time, which is my guess to why the dry skin was no longer an issue for me. My experience with this product was not detrimental to my acne, but since I experienced no improvement, I would not recommend the use of this product for moderate to severe acne on one's face.

Inexpensive, but it didn't work for me
by S. Grevious

Clear Ac is a cheap product and very affordable. It's most likely cheap because it doesn't really work or help with acne. It is always recommended not to consume a lot of caffeine when you are taking or using these medications. Normally, I consume a lot of caffeine and sweets, but I stopped to see if it would make a difference. It didn't. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I had tried a lot of over the counter cream medicine, so I decided to give this one a try since it was a pill. This product is a waste of time and money.

Natural Solution
by Lana

I know there has been some negative feedback on this item, but I have had good results from it. I am of adult age and since I have been taking this stuff, I have seen some noticeable difference in my symptoms. I am not cured, but there have been no major flare ups, even after eating foods that have often caused me flare ups.

by carolyn

This product wasn't the best. I have used lots of acne treatments before. However, this did nothing for me. I used it daily like the directions said and I saw no change. Not only were no blimishes gone, but my skin became really dry.

by lala5

A very inexpensive way to treat your acne needs. I would recommend trying it since it didn't work for me but it has worked for my brother. I think that a lot of times it really depends on the type of skin and the severity of the acne. Again, it's worth it to try it out for the price.

by Alyson Porter

This product wasn't the best. I have had a history with acne, and really wanted something to clear my skin. This one I took daily and couldn't tell a difference at all. I don't know if it really worked at all for me. But I have oily skin and it wasn't a wash it was a pill so I could never really feel my face being cleaned. I have tried a lot of things, and this one I wouldn't really recommend.

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