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oil control without excessive dryness
by megihal

I really like this product, mainly because it provides great oil and shine control while still leaving my skin soft and fresh looking. Something I very much appreciate being an over 30 acne sufferer. I did get clearing with this product and would highly recommend giving it a try.

So far so good.
by konayuki28

I used this after I used Proactiv. The Murad made my skin definitely smoother (just as Proactiv did). The one thing I love about this brand over Proactiv, is that the product works slowly but effective for the long run. It doesn't break you out after you stop using it. It clears my medium pimples, but those huge acne will take awhile (even with Murad) to heal. I love it, but it's good only for mild acne cases.

love it!
by Krista

I love this product! it works like a charm. I would recommend this for anybody looking to clear up and prevent acne!

by Christy Laws

This was costly and didn't give the results hoped for. No change in breakouts

by christina cyphers

I was not pleased with the efficiency of this acne treatment. It was making my skin oily and I felt that I was not seeing any improvement even after a month of use. I also did not like the scent. I did like the exfoliant and still use that even though I am discontinuing use of the creams.

It was alright..
by Baylea

This did make my skin not oily but not dry, so that's a plus! But, it cleared up hardly any of the blemishes on my forehead or chin. Luckily, it worked for my blackheads! So all in all, it will work for mild acne, but not moderate to severe acne.

Use with Caution
by Anonymous

I used this product 2x per day for 6 months and completely desensitized my skin - mainly in my cheek areas. I never used to have sensitive skin and now I can only use paraben free and fragrance free products. This product can really dry out your skin so use it sparingly.

by jamie

This by far has worked the best for me, I've tried numerous acne treatments that claimed instant results. But this acne complex kit did wonders for my skin, it cleared up the whiteheads and blackheads, plus most of my acne. I still have occasional breakouts but not like before.the exfoliant is the best product in this kit.

Works pretty well
by Natasha

This product works pretty well, but I find that I still need a prescription strength formula to treat my skin.

by zunisun26

This makes your skin very nice, clears up for moderate but not for severe problems.

Adult Acne
by Kristin

Didn't work at all. Didn't dry up oil - didn't stop new areas from breaking out. Customer service folks were easy to work w/ when I wanted to discontinue my auto delivery.

Expensive, But Good
by Melissa

Even though this kit is a little on the pricey side, it was worth it. It almost immediately cleared up my acne and made my skin soft.

Loved product
by Nichole Alderfer

This product actually works better then proactive. Saw some difference in my acne. It is not harsh like some acne products which I also loved.


This product did not perform up to my expectations. My skin was redder and dried out as a result.

murad acne complex kit
by lucille

I had moderate to severe acne, it help skin feel smooth, but did not clear up my acne. I finally went to the dermatologist and the only thing that has worked for me is differin.

Works for mild acne
by no nickname

If you have a few pimples that you're concerned about this may help you out. For anyone who has a serious acne problem, it will only work in combination with some type of oral medication. If you are a guy, good luck shaving and puting that clear stuff on your face, you might as well pour rubbing alcohol and salt into an open wound. The only posative thing I have to say about murad is that this system is better than proactiv

Waste of my money
by Sharon Brown

I bought this product after getting my hopes up because I had read so many positive reviews. I bought the entire kit which was not cheap and I used it until I emptied the containers because some products don't work right away. I saw no improvements on my face. In fact my face became dry and my face felt like it was burning sometimes after the application. I would not recommend this product.

Not incredible but effective
by mallory

I am 21yr female with mild to moderate acne in my forehead, cheeks and chin. i feel like the product worked well however it did not deliver at all during my monthly cycle. I am still using it, b/c the company automatically sends you monthly supplies, but i am waiting to run out cause i want to try something new. it doesn't come with an exfoliant which is crucial to healthy skin.

Not for Severe Acne
by Erica Jane

I had very severe acne and I tried the Acne Complex kit and it didn't work too well for me. I noticed that this product only works well for mild acne.

The kit says you can use it for your whole body. Well I used it on my face and didn't work. I Also have acne on my back that wasn't severe so I tried it on my back and it did work for that.

The kit did help prevent the future breakouts of the mild acne on my back.

I do recommend this product for mild acne only because it does work for the mild acne on my back.

The price of this product is steep.

Dry Skin
by Joseph Thomas

Like most acne medications the Acne Complex Kit did nothing but dry my skin out. It made it so painful for me that I stopped using it and everything just came back. It also took a really long time to apply to my face. Next time I'll go with a product that will hydrate my skin as well as heal my acne.

Best for Young, Oily Skin
by Carol C.

I initially used this thinking it'd clear up some re-emerging adult acne. Unfortunately my skin got very red in paces from this kit. I used it per the instructions - cleansing twice a day, etc... My doctor said mine was sensitive skin - and the acids and were way too irritating for me. So I gave the set to my niece - seemed a shame to was because it was quite pricey.

She liked it, and said it was similar to other programs she had tried. So, better for young oily skin than mature sensitive skin.

A so-so product
by rave25

The first time I tried Murad's acne product was sometime six months back. I got this product as a free sample from one of the shopping mall's, I think it was Macy's or Walmart ( cannot recall correctly which one was it ) but anyway, I tried it for a week but I found it harsh for my skin type ( dry ).
PS. Not sure if they really mention the skin type suitable in their product.

Competent but Pricey
by Steven Kilpatrick

When I had longer hair I had lots of problems with acne. More than I'd had since my teens. So, I started looking for products to fix this for the first time in nearly ten years. My stylist apparently had the same issues with his hair and pointed me to Murad, who I'd never heard of until then. The product itself is very competent. My face always felt cleaner and it did help clear up the acne and made my face feel a lot less oily, but despite the claims in the press release, the lotion did make my skin feel oily again and I rarely used it. For that matter, some of the items included can be bought at cheaper prices in higher quantities. The product does exactly what it says it's going to, but you can probably find alternatives at half the price that will suit your needs.

Control Finally!
by Delnetria Marks

My acne has been out of control. I have tried everything but even if it clears up it comes right back. Then I tried this product and was amazed by the results. Clear skin that stays clear! I also like the way my skin feels (smooth).

dont like it
by liy

I've had back acne for the past 10 years, and finally realized I need to do something about it. Bought this product because it was so highly rated and it seemed to work for everybody. I've been using it for about a month, and there is not a difference in sight. I spray all over my back after every shower, which is once a day or sometimes twice a day, and let it completely dry before putting any clothes on. I will continue to use until the bottle is gone but doubt I'll buy another bottle, unless things look different soon. :(

Great in the summer
by Stella

I thought that the Murad Acne complex was a useful prodcuct but very drying. It worked wonderfully in the summer but found it to be too intense and stripping in the winter.

It works, but can be a little to harsh for some skin types.

Just O.K.
by Christine Martens

I love Murad products so when I saw the acne kit I just had to try it. Adult acne isn't the easiest thing to control it just keeps coming back. My face felt awesome, it was clean, refreshed, and soft feeling. No dry outs. The only problem I had is that the acne just keeps coming back. So I was disappointed because it didn't prevent future breakouts.

by Donna

I have had acne for 32 (yes, 32) years. I had some success with topical antibiotics in my 20's, but I started breaking out with a vengence when I hit my 40's. All of the products I got from my dermatologist either irritated my skin or gave me an allergic reaction. I also started to get red, scaly patches on my cheeks-- two dermatologists said, "I don't know what that is." In desperation, I bought the Murad acne kit. My skin felt noticeably softer after one application. By day FIVE my skin was perfectly clear AND the red scaly patches were GONE. That sounds like it is made up, but it really happened. I've been using the products for two years and I have never broken out again!! They have been a miracle for me. I look in the mirror and I can't believe it is my skin!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Everyone's acne is different. If it was all the same, we'd all use the same product and it would work for everyone. Obviously that is not the case. So, try to keep an open mind. If salicylic acid (these products) doesn't work for you, maybe you need benzoyl peroxide, or something else.

2. Use the moisturizer! The products are designed to work together. If you skip the moisturizer, your skin will most likely get unbearably dry.

3. I have what I believe is hormonal acne, and tended to get huge, cystic breakouts--really, the kind that would distort your face--primarily in the T-zone. I've notice a lot of teens with acne that is more like a million little (relatively flat) spots all over their face, but especially cheeks. Two different kinds of acne? I don't really know, but maybe the people who have success with Murad have the kind like I have (or HAD!).

I urge anyone who is suffering from acne like I was to give Murad a try!

Visible Improvement
by TP

I've been using this product for about a month and a half. I first noticed it being sold and Bath & Body Words and wanted to give it a try. The price was decent for the results it provided.
I have oily skin and breakout of often. This product was able to control my oily skin and prevent pimples.
I did not like the fact that this product left my skin very dry. I had to use a lot of lotion to replenish moisture in my skin.
Another downside was that my blemishes from past acne breakouts did not improve.
I would highly recommend this product if you have little blemishes to be taken care of. It will do wonders for those with oily skin, like mine.

by Lynne Parker

I have the occasional breakout like most women my age and this product works fairly well for them. My biggest problem with this product is that it tends to dry my skin too much and it began flaking in the area I applied it to on my face. It cleared up after applying a little additional moisturizer to the affected area.

Did not work for me
by Alexandra

Well I have suffered from Acne all my life. Starting the age of 13 my perfect skin whent out of whack and never returned. I have used prescription drugs, creams, a lazer, acid, everything you could find on the internet, drug stores, tv, home remedies and herbal pills and nothing works. So when I saw the commercial for this product of course I had to try it. It promissed that 90% of the blemishes would go away or improve. I did not even get 1% of reduction. It was a waste of money and I was heart broken once again. I have been suffering with this disease for 23 years. This product was a disappointment. If you have Severe acne this product is not for you.

Works OK
by C

First, I must admit that my skin isn't totally acne prone. I have the occasional breakout when stressed, but it's usually nothing overly dramatic. I used Murad's Acne Complex and noticed that the cleanser made my skin clean, but it may have stripped me of some of the moisture. I did notice a reduction in the redness of my skin since retinol is in the products. I liked the products, but the kit was a little harsh for me. I'm still using a Murad facial wash but not from the acne line.

Overall decent product
by Amy

I ordered this acne skin care system from Sephora a few months ago and found it to be just like all the other acne products out in the market. It cleanses your skin, works for a few weeks, but then as soon as your skin becomes use to it and dependant on it, it goes back to the way it was. Decent product for a decent price.

Clear up your acne!
by cecilia

This skin care kit is so wonderful. This is the only kit you will ever need to clear up your acne! About a year ago, I had terrible hormonal acne that did not seem to go away. After trying out this regimen for a few weeks, I saw results that were amazing. My redness went away, and my clogged pores and whiteheads cleared up. This set even helped with clearing up a little bit of the acne scars I had. This kit is simple, and to-the-point. You need not look any further because this is the best acne skin care kit. I recommend you trying this kit and also Murad's other famous products! It is non-drying, and best of all--- it WORKS!


Murad Acne Complex Kit deserves a five star rating. My son faithfully uses this product. We have given up on others that are on the market, because they just didn't seem to work. When we found out about Murad's product for acne, and it helped him so much; we were so excited that we had found the one! EXCELLENT PRODUCT.

Acne Product ok
by Steven

I have only used this product for about a month, and it was ok. Cleared up a little of the acne but not all of it. Above average over most other products.

Wonderful on acne
by Kathy

A friend of mine uses this product. She has had better results with this as opposed to ProActive. She claims that it doesn't dry her skin and I can tell a difference since she started using it. All around great product!

Acne Complex gone!
by Sean

This acne kit can remove even the harshest or acne breakouts very quickly. I use this whenever I have any bit of acne pop-ups, and it clears it right away. I would recommend this to anyone that has bad breakouts on any part of their body.

by sindy

THE BEST PRODUCT EVER. Before I work out, I wash and use an exfoliating scrub (St. Ives for Oily Skin). Then I spray this all over the problem areas. Every other day, I'll spray myself with this. The result is no breakouts. :)

Seems to be working
by S. Grevious

My friend is 23 and has mild and sometimes moderate acne. She has always had an oily t-zone. She tried Proactiv, but it didn't work as it made her skin worse. She decided to give this product a try because of the cheap price. After reading some of the reviews, she became a bit nervous that her skin would break out really bad. Especially with the whole "purging process" they describe. She has been using this product for about 2 months now and it has improved her skin. Like most products you see results in a week or so, but it took her a whole month before she started seeing improvement. Her skin does feel a little tighter than usual but she just feels her sensitive skin needs to adjust more to this product. Her skin doesn't get oily during the day either.

Cleared Right Up!
by Jennifer

My son has used this and it cleared his horrible acne right up. He liked this better than Proactive because it did not seem to dry his face out as much. His face has stayed clear.

Murad cleanser is the best
by Tonya

I have used the Murad complex kit for about 3 months and I can already see a difference in my skin. Now I only have to use the cleanser. It really deep cleanses the skin to help prevent future breakouts. Give it a try and see the difference.

Goodbye Acne!
by ambreen

I feel like this acne kit is really similar to Proactiv, only that the main concentration with this product is scalycilic acid. I feel for my own skin, benzonyl peroxide is much more efficient. But if you have any allergies or sensitivity to benzonyl peroxide, this kit is a much better option for you. It is priced similarly to Proactiv and works pretty much the same way. You use it twice a day and it has the three same steps. And the results are the same - goodbye acne!

The best Acne System out there
by Lisa

This system was the only thing that helped my horrible acne. I use the complete system and it has made my skin clear. The lotion makes my skin soft and helps get rid of that ugly redness I had. The cleanser made my skin feel squeaky clean, got rid of all the oil and black heads. My skin is very sensitive and most products make me red and splotchy, but not this one. It leaves me with clean and clear skin.

Acne problems at any age
by rosie

I always thought that acne problems could affect only teenagers, but I was wrong. I'm 40 years old today and I have acne. I tried everything on the market with no success. My dermatologist told me about the Murad kit because the formula is for every type of skin, any age, and any hormonal changes. Finally works for me and 30 days later, my skin is clear and beautiful!

Clear skin is good
by D

I have sensitive skin that is irritated by many acne products. This product didn't leave my face red or peeling after using. It actually cleared up my skin within the first 2 weeks and I thought I had found a great product. I continued to use it and my face started breaking out badly again after a stressful time in my life. So I can't say that it keeps my breakouts from happening, but it surely helps to clear them up better than other treatments I've tried.

Clear as a Bell!
by krissy

Wow, what a name for a product that is so much UNcomplex! I have a grown daughter (21 years) that has a mild case of acne which she had been treating with Proactive. Please know that Proactive is certainly (at least for my daughter) an effective treatment option, however for those people that have even a bit of skin sensitivity, the Proactive regimen usually ended with a disturbing red splotchy face or chest (she uses the acne products in 2 areas). I also want to mention that while the product advertises clearer skin in approximately four weeks, in my daughter’s experienced a clear and glowing skin in only 2 ½ weeks

If you have time it works
by Christi

I like this product okay. I was using Pro Activ and when my skin cleared up with that I thought I would switch to this one for maintenance because it was cheaper. Eventually my skin started to break out again at and while this one would get the acne back under control it seemed to take a lot longer to be effective than the ProActiv. If my breakout was severe Acne Complex could seem to clear it up. I still use both products to help cut on cost but as soon as I see a break out starting I go back to Pro Activ.

Didn't Work for Me
by Kyle

While I did enjoy using the products, and they didn't dry my face out like most products do, they just didn't work for me. Also, I found this product to be a cheaper alternative to Proactiv.

A little redness but gets the job done
by Marlon

After using this product for a week, I noticed my skin clearing up and disappearance of acne. However, after use the parts of my body which I just washed (especially the face) felt very sensitive and had a slight redness. These after effects faded within a reasonable amount of time.

Amazing Acne Relief
by Emily K.

Murad's Acne Skin Care line is amazing! The Cleanser is refreshing and tingly. The Exfoliating Gel is soothing and has helped reduce the oiliness of my skin. I love the Acne Spot Treatment; it promises to immediately reduce redness and it does exactly that. My favorite is the Skin Perfecting Lotion. It's very light and has improved my skin tone tremendously. It has completely rid me of blotchiness. I highly recommend it!

Pricey but worth it
by Angela

This is a very nice product. I was really excited to try this because Murad is a good quality brand so I had high expectations going into this. The fantastic thing about this product is that it is a complete system (not just soap, toner and moisutrizer) It works fantastic especially for people who tend to have sensitive skin. I do and this did not irritate my skin whatsoever. My skin felt cleaner, breakouts were greatly reduced, my skin looked healthier and even had a glow to it that I had not seen in years. Another bonus was that there was no unpleasant odor. The only reason why I am not giving this a perfect score is the price.

Not worth the money
by Cindy B

I used this product for 3 months. I signed up for the automatic shipping. I thought that it would help my acne and be gentle on my skin. It was gentle on my skin, but my breakouts did not stop. The directions stated to use it for over 30 days to get results and your skin may get worse before getting better. I kept using it for that reason. My skin did not get any better, in fact my acne was worse. I finally gave up on it and went back to Pro Activ. I have great results with the Pro Activ. I would only suggest the Murad if you have very mild acne.

Best Acne System Out There
by Kelli

I honestly believe this is the best acne system out there! It worked wonders for me, and did much better than other "systems." It also did not leave my skin feeling overly dry, and if I forgot to use it for a day all my acne did not come back like it did with some other products! I think it's the combination of acne medicines in this system that does the trick!

Good Product
by Kate

I have only bought this product twice because I prefer Proactiv, but I thought this was still a product that worked. I have slightly oily skin and tend to break out in the winter time. While my skin did clear up, it took a bit more time than it did with other products. It also did protect against future break outs. This product might be worth it to you if you prefer something a bit cheaper than Proactiv.

My Acne is Gone
by Phil Young

This Acne product is insane at removing acne on sensitive skin. I had acne that made me look ugly and now my face is clean as can be and I only have to wash my face once a day compared to proactive which you have to wash your face up to three times a day

Really works
by shilpi tandon

This product from Murad really works on sensitive skin. I have been having acne since teen and nothing seemed to ever work. Though I still have acne but I prefer the Murad kit to others. My acne marks are reducing day by day but it has no effects on new erupting breakouts. My skin feels good as if it has started breathing after using it but it is quite costly. I feel that if their prices are reduced then it will be the best product in the market.

acne complex
by devla

I have found that this product works just as great as the proactive, but at a slightly lower price. I would recommend this product to anyone with acne, since it does really work. You do have to apply it frequently in order to see results.

Good for sensitive skin
by SierraK

Murad is a good alternative for sensitive skin that can't tolerate benzoyl peroxide. If you tried Proactive or another benzoyl peroxide formula and your skin became irritated, then try the Murad system instead. Instead of benzoyl peroxide this one uses an antibacterial (triclosan) and exfoliants (salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and retinol)) to clear up acne. The only peroxide it has is hydrogen peroxide, not the same as benzoyl peroxide, and far less irritating.
Murad clears more slowly than the BP formulas, but it still works. Once clearing is obtained, continued use will prevent future acne. Another alternative is to use a benzoyl peroxide based system (like Proactive) for faster clearing, then switch to Murad for maintenance.

by Michael Jiang

I tried the Acne Complex Kit when I first developed acne as a teenager, and had very mixed results. It would be extremely effective for a couple of weeks and then when the acne came back, it would be completely useless. It's a bit pricey for something as hit or miss as it is, so use at your own risk.

Great product
by Henley

My friend has a lot of acne and I recommended her to use these products because of reviews I've heard. She took my advice and bought it! Her acne is slowly going away, but this product does work! It isn't harsh on your skin and it clears up pretty quick.

This kit really clears acne!
by Angel C.

I've had acne since I was a teen and I tried everything to clear it totally, but with this kit I was able to do it and it keeps the pimples from returning. It's not harsh at all on the skin but it is tough enough to fight my moderate to severe acne. This kit is a little pricey, but in my opinion it's worth it as it has worked beautifully for me.

murad acne
by lala5

Murad is a reputable company that I have bought from for years. Their products are pricey but they are worth every penny since they do deliver the results that you are expecting. One little drop of this medication is all it takes for your acne to clear up.

by Syb

My brother-in-law, used this. Throughout his teens, he had terrible acne, he tried a lot of different things, and then got a recommendation to try this. It's worked wonders, we could hardly recognize him after not seeing him for a while. He's more confident now, feels great. Awesome product.

Excellent product!
by R. Molitor

I give this one 5 stars for really working great! When you're looking for an acne product, you want one that totally clears your face--well, this product basically does that. It doesn't feel overly harsh on the skin, but cleanses extremely well. I would recommend it to anyone for its effectiveness.

Three Teens
by Carol

Thank you for a wonderful product. With three teenagers, you can imagine the blemish crises around here. With the acne kit, we've had fewer blemish crises and my life is less stressful! I wish I had the product when I was a teen.

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by jalanea briggs

Although I have not personally used any of the acne complex line I have used other products from the murad line including the acne body wash and I love Murads products. They cleanse your skin without drying it out and your skin feels so clean and smooth with no acne!