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It's all on the outlook..
by Sharon

This product does do what it claims to do - in a way. It claims to get rid of acne, and it does do that, by drying up the acne, as well as any skin near where the medication was applied. Next time I will look for a product that does more than just dry up my face.

so so
by nancy

I'm a really competitive swimmer, so body acne was not only a pain, but really embarrassing. I would always turn so my back wasn't showing anyone, and when I had to dive in...ugh! I knew everyone would be looking. I have to say, I tried Nature's cure and for the first month, it didn't do much except relieve the redness, and I was a little disappointed because I was thinking to myself, "Oh, just another product that's failed." After about 6 weeks I was amazed at how rapidly my back/shoulder/chest acne went away! Every day I was just in shock at how wonderful and glowing my skin looks. I would definitely recommend it, but also don't be upset if it doesn't work at first, it takes time. If it can work for me, it'll work for you. It really is the only product that works for tough acne!

I hated it!
by Elli

I tried this product about 3 months ago. I was looking for an inexpensive way to treat my breakouts. I was not happy with this product. It dried my face out and did not help with my breakouts. I will never use this product again!

Ok product
by Theepa

I used this product for a very brief time. It did reduce the itching, but did not prevent the future acne from coming. Unlike tablets which you see results after a while, this product worked for me on application by reducing redness and itching.

Okay for teens
by S. Grevious

My 15-year-old teen cousin has been using this product for a few weeks now. She really likes it and she says it is improving her skin. She didn't really have bad acne (just minor). I would have to say that it has improved her complexion quite a bit. She says what helps her is that she stays away from Chocolate and tries not to sweat in her face. That helps with your complexion.

Watch Out!
by Zheng

My friend uses this product and let me tell you, it is awful. It was a total waste of money. It didn't cure his acne, but made it worse. So Watch Out!

Stops pimps from coming
by Phil Young

The first week I had to use the product way too much. The price is very affordable. It stopped new pimps from growing, but did not remove old zits.

Acne relief-no
by Kennedee

I bought this product for my niece who has pimples, blackheads, and blotchy skin. After trying this product for a few days her pimples diminished somewhat but left her face dry and itchy. She felt this product was not effective in treating her pimples.

Acne Medication
by William Duong

I'm one of those people who have tried Proactive, and it did not work as well for me. I ran out after a month, and still had acne left. I've actually come up with my own system of acne treatment, and one of the steps involves using acne medication with 10% benzoic acid. Although I don't know the true effect of this, you apply it after you wash your face, usually before you go to sleep. It disappears after you apply it, and is easy to use. I've been acne free for a while now, except under high-stress situations.

by man

My daughter uses this product and she really likes it. It works for her. She likes the liquid versus the tablets - easier to deal with quickly

Acne Relief
by Albert

This was just an OK product for me. I was skeptical seeing this product because this was the first product I saw that actually uses a dropper. It didn't get rid of the acne for me but it did make it bearable. The itchiness and the redness went away. I would suggest you look elsewhere before trying this.

Sorry Guys, This is a No Go
by krissy

Well, the idea of treating acne in one step is certainly favored, this product simply did not deliver. We’ve all heard that if it sounds too good to be true (or in this case, work), then it probably is. I think that for the price of this product, I would recommend that individuals increase their water intake which would likely be more effective than the use of Acne Relief.

Doesn't work
by Rebecca

My friend tried this product but it had no effect on her skin's condition. In fact, it actually made her skin peel and become blotchy.

Don't buy this
by Shawna P

Although this is on the more reasonable side as far as price point, this product simply does not deliver. I tried this about 6 months ago hoping I found an inexpensive solution to acne. Not in this case. It does not contain Beta Hydroxy Acid which I feel is the best exfoliant and treatment I have found. In fact, a lot of the ingredients are harsh to the skin. This is not a worthy product.

Acne treatment doesn't work well.
by v

This "acne relief" didn't relieve me from my acne. The existing pimples didn't budge, and new ones still formed. The product barely reduced redness, and made my face peel. Try another product if you want real "relief" from your acne!

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