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very good
by meme

It worked better than any other acne treatment for me.

by Natasha

Great because it reaches the hard to reach spots, like on your back! Pure Genius.

really nice product!
by maggie

I've heard someone say that it works quite good, it looks like a good product, and when I tried it it was effective.

by Karla

The spray is definately great for areas like your back. Took a while for it to work for me. I have been using this product for a little over 2 weeks and I choose this producted because I had been intrigued by their ads. I have tried nearly every acne product out on the shelves and this ranks in the top 5.

by sindy

Very good product -- I had a horrible breakout on my back, and it is disappearing after using this product after a week and half. I highly recommend it! I really like the bottle it comes in, because if you turn it upside down to get to the stubborn areas, it won't leak. Some of the other brands are a bit pricey, but I found this affordable and highly effective. It has also improved the tone of my skin. I also use a body acne wash in the shower to cleanse my back, which might also be helping.

Yeah, it actually works a little bit.
by Max

Fighting acne is definitely pretty difficult, and there are a lot of products out there that don't do anything except dry your skin out a lot. I used some of this stuff on my mild back acne, and it cleared it up pretty well. I mean, it didn't leave my skin flawless or anything, but it was definitely an improvement over just soap and water.

Clearing up!
by Stella

This product works! The only problem is it may be a little hard to apply yourself. It's a lot easier if someone sprays it on your back for you.

I think that it's effective and works well. The results take a good week or so to show. But it does work.

Guy magnet
by whitney

I had used this product for only a short amount of time when I started to see clearer skin. I had always had trouble talking to men and rarely went on dates or in public places because I was so embarrassed of my acne. Besides the occasional break out, my skin is always clear now, and I'm constantly being flirted with. It's easy to use and not a hassle and does not over dry! This product has boosted my self esteem so much I can't wait to get up in the morning, use the product and FACE the day!

Worked great
by Jordan

My brother is a wrestler, and because of the conditions he has a little acne on his body. He used this and it cleared right up. Overall it was a great value and worked very well.

Great for Teens
by Ashley Helander

This product worked great for my sister. She had moderate to severe acne and it started to work after about a week. Her main thing was being nervous about wearing tank tops and swim suits because she would get back acne and around the front of her shoulder blades, but this took care of it. For the price you really can't go wrong! If it worked for her, it could definitely work for others. Very reasonably priced and easy to apply, not like sticky lotions or having to wash affected area with four steps. Love how simple to use it is!

Good for moderate acne
by TP

This product is only effective on moderate acne. The product was easy to use and I saw results within 2 weeks.
However the acne my back were very minimal. Because the result wasn't quick, I don't think it would be as effective with an extreme acne situation.
My skin is sensitive and had to reactions to it.
I would recommend this product to be used as a preventive product in conjunction with an acne body wash.

A good product for the price and convenience.
by Jo

A member of my family suffers from moderate body acne, and since I do the household shopping, I am usually the one trying to pick out products for him to use. At first I was a little skeptical about purchasing this product, I have to admit. I know it might be a little snobby to think that a topical medication so cheap AND found in a grocery store aisle might be sub-par in quality, but I couldn't help it. I was in a hurry, so I purchased it. He has been using the same bottle for about a month (3.5 fl. oz. is a very decent amount for a skin treatment product) and he says that he sees a considerable improvement. The product seems to definitely live up to its claims, and the price break is welcome too.

Not bad
by pat

My son is in his early twenty's and has suffered with back acne for several years. I picked up this spray for him to try figuring it would be like everything else he tried, a waste of money. He was skeptical at first but asked me to spray his back. He used it twice a day and after 2 weeks his back acne started to clear up pretty well. We now recommend this spray for everyone who ever complains about acne on their back. Well worth the price and long lasting also.

It worked for my teenage girls
by Jill S.

I have two teenage daughters that both suffer from back acne. I bought them both their own bottle, and they used it daily for about a month. They both liked this because of how easy it is to use, and they did begin to see results after a few weeks. My oldest daughter is even wearing a strapless dress to her winter formal dance this Friday.

Worked better than most
by Roxy Ranelli

I have tried many possible solutions for the ongoing adult acne I get on my neck and back. Some were average, however, this product is in the above average category. Within a weeks time, my acne decreased and I was able to pack away the clothing I used to wear to hide the acne on my neck. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a quick treatment.

Excellent for my daughter!
by Angel

My 16 yr old daughter was suffering from acne (body and face).
We tried everything!
I bought Natures Cure for her, for the face and this body acne treatment.
And I will tell you, this stuff worked a miracle on her.
She uses it as directed and it works great.
It has built her confidence up so much.

by sue

I have suffered from body acne since age 13 (I am now 25). Over the years, I have tried nearly every over-the-counter medication available, and several prescription medications as well. My face was clear, but nothing worked on my body. I discovered this product, and I have been using it religiously ever since. It is the only thing that works. I can finally wear spaghetti straps and swimsuits with confidence!

This product worked wonders for my friend
by Tonya

My friend had a problem with acne on her back. I told her about this product that I use to use in high school when I had a problem with acne on the body. She used it for a couple of weeks then called me and told me how thankful she was for this treatment spray.

Works Good
by Tami

I have bad acne on my back. I tried everything, including doctor's prescriptions, but none worked. I tried Body Ance Spray. works really good. Not too expensive and goes a long way. I will recommend this product.

Great for Bacne
by Lisa

This product is wonderful for those of us who have that unwanted Bacne (Back Acne). You just spray and go and forget about it. I used it every day for a week in the morning before I dressed for the day and by the end of the week, my back had cleared up considerably. I can't live without this product.

Body Acne Treatment Spray
by Jody Hess

I bought this product for my husband has he always has acne on his back and legs. This product was okay. It reached all those hard to reach spots and he was very satisfied with the results. He ended up getting less acne then he had before. He is still using this product today.

really good
by Karen Holloway

My son had real bad acne problems, nothing seemed to be working. I got him this and his acne improved dramatically. Now he uses it all the time and his face doesn't have bad breakouts just an occasional pimple.

Only for mild acne
by Staci H.

Nature's Cure did nothing for my body acne, but it worked for my sister. The difference is that she very mild acne while mine is a bit worse. If you have mild acne, this stuff can make a big difference. However if you have more serious acne, do yourself a favor and go to a dermatologist. The prescription things are the only things that work on more severe acne.

Barely Worked
by Kyle

When I first started using this product, I noticed some results, especially on my upper back. But eventually it stopped working. It was worth the try as it was pretty inexpensive.

Body Acne Treatment Spray
by Emily K.

I didn't notice any significant difference with this product as far as acne is concerned. I like that it is in a spray bottle and you can get to hard to reach places.

by Karla

Okay product, although it feels like it doesn't work as well as a cream. The spray didn't stain my clothing, but I wouldn't use this product for severe back and/or body acne. This is more for moderate acne.

Great idea!
by herm

I like the easy of use of this product. Acne is a problem for my teenager and sometimes those 'breakouts" are on his back. This is the answer to applying his acne treatment to a hard to reach spot. It works!

Burns a little
by Marlon

I've been having recurring acne problems for most of my life and have tried many different products. This one was somewhat effective; I noticed I had less breakouts during the time I used this. However the spray gave me a slight burning sensation, just enough to be uncomfortable. I assume it is due to the harsh medicines they put in the spray.

Not worth it
by suzanne M

I have tried ALOT of different products because I have been struggling with adult acne. This product is NOT worth the money! It requires you to take a "pill" every day, and to use a topical solution, which can be alot to remember. Even more, I saw little to no improvement of my acne. I think they have a GREAT concept but not a GREAT product..

Not so good
by Aubre Rice

I thought this would be a great product for the acne I was getting on my back from my sports bras, especially since you can reach hard places with the spray. It does reach those hard places quite easily, but unfortunately the results are lacking. I didn't see any real clear up, nothing that would substantiate the price. Instead I ended up with a popular named brand cream that I had my husband rub in, that did elicit real results. Don't waste your money.

Spray or No Spray
by JJ

This product actually works and is pretty cheap. You buy the bottle for $6 and it really goes a long way. There were some cons though. It leaves your skin sticky and if you sweat, that is not a good mixture. I would recommend using this before you went to bed and then taking a shower when you wake up in the morning.

Didn't help
by Milf

I developed some acne right before swim suit season and was looking for a good product to clear it up. I liked the spray bottle for easy application. I used it on my back and shoulders where I had acne and it didn't help at all. In fact it actually irritated my skin.

Ok-but nothing to write home about.
by Angela

I was hoping for better results on this one. I used this about 1 month ago when I noticed that my breakouts were getting much worse on my back and sholders. It was easy to use and it absorbed extremely fast into my skin. I noticed little improvement after one week. My breakouts were reduced only slightly. The good news is it did not overdry my skin. It was good but nothing to write home about.

Decent Product
by Kelli

This product worked pretty well for me at keeping new acne from forming, but it took a while to start to clear up the old problem areas. I noticed a difference after using it for about a month. I was very easy to use, and you can definitely reach any area of your body with this spray! I only used it once a day, so you might even see faster results if you used it more times per day. For the price, I think it's a decent product that is not too harsh, unlike some of the body body acne products that I have tried.

Worked well for me
by Jody

I used this product for about a month on my neck/upper chest area, and it cleared up my skin in just a few days. The only drawback was the fact that it left my skin slightly dry and flakey - good for a quick fix, but not good for the skin over the long-term in my experience.

Easy Usage, Works a little
by LPhidd

I began using this product during the winter of 2005-2006, in hopes that the acne breakouts on my back would stop and maybe the dark spots would fade away. I was able to use the spray very easily because you can hold it upside down to effectively spray the areas on your body with that has the acne. The breakouts on my back did reduce but not as much as I hoped. The dark spots did not fade at all. I wanted to have a clear back for the summer to where my bikini but instead I had to wear a full piece.

Not good
by ndy

I was tempted to try this product because it was not expensive but overall it does not do anything. I tried it for two weeks without any good result. It gave me lots of irritation, and yet the acne remained where they were without even feeling the impact of any application.

One of the best I've used
by Troy

I have used various products over the years to try and clear up my acne. Of all the products I've used, Nature's Cure, I feel, has been one of the best. That said, of course, it didn't clear up all my acne but there was a notable difference which is more than I can say for many of the other acne treatments that are out there.

Easy to use, but not too effective
by TC

I was drawn to this product because of its unique spray bottle design. I get occasional acne on my back and it's almost impossible to reach to put in topical medications, and this is why I thought this would be the perfect product for me. It is extremely easy to use, you just spray on wherever there is acne. It goes on clearly and gets absorbed fairly quickly. There is no weird smell or anything, but I did not see any drastic results even after one month's use. The skin on my back gets a little dry after the spray, but there weren't any major improvement nor did it prevent future breakouts.

Good not great
by Annie

This product did a good job in controlling my back-acne. When sprayed it did not feel sticky or oily and it completely absorbed into my skin in a matter of seconds. There is a bit of fragrance but nothing overwhelming. However, when I stopped using the product my acne came back full force so be aware that if you want your back-acne to go away you will need continual use of this product. without continual use the acne comes back.

New Proactive?
by Mike Huang

Nature's Cure acne treatment is similar to Proactive, but it doesn't work as good. You may notice changes on your acne problems after the first 2 weeks, but as time progresses, your body becomes immune to it. Use this at your own risk. It'll work for some people and not for others.

Really Works
by may

My best friend suffered all through her adolescence with acne. She got body acne all over her back and tummy it really bothered her. She could never find a cure. Then, recently, she read something online about this product and she tried it. I just finished talking to her and she told me that this is really good. It doesn't dry her skin at all, and the acne is all going away. I would really recommend this spray, its going to help.

Amazing product
by M Luttrell

A friend gave this to my daughter before Prom last year to help clear up her back and shoulders. She had tried a handful of products and this is the only item that worked for her. She was pleased with the results after about two weeks. I would highly recommend this product.

Works Great!
by ambreen

I get occassional acne on my back and let me tell you that is not a nice sight! But ever since I have started using Body Acne Treatment Spray on my back, I feel like I have seen a pretty significant difference. The spray is light and easy to use. I spray on twice a day. The great thing about it is that it does not leave a sticky feeling to my skin or cause any white marks on my clothes. I don't use this everyday, but rather just the times that my back begins to break out. One bottle lasts me at least 2-3 months. At the great, low price and the help it has given me - I have nothing to complain about!

Would not buy again
by BusyMommy

I was not happy at all with this product. While I think the idea of being able to apply an acne treatment by spray bottle is a great one this product did nothing to help my acne and made my skin red and irritated.

Body Acne Treatment
by carolyn

In the begining, I had thought this item might just work, I put it on 2 times daily and figured it might just need some time, but after using it for about 2 months, nothing happened. My face was somehow always dry.

My Body Acne Spray Experience!
by Lana

I was amazed at the idea of a body acne treatment spray. The spray idea seemed practical and easy! This product contains 2.0 % Salicylic Acid and I believe that was a key factor in why I found it helpful. I had mild to moderate acne on my back and shoulders, so I would spray this product twice a day making sure it covered my affected areas. Within two weeks my acne reduced by 40% and the redness of the pre-existing spots seemed to be fading. This is not a miracle product and it will not "cure" your acne. However, if you are looking for a simple solution that will improve your current condition with a relatively easy method, then you should consider this acne spray.

Really works!
by Lana

I have suffered from body acne since age 13 (I am now 30). Over the years, I have tried nearly every over-the-counter medication available, and several prescription medications as well. My face was clear, but nothing worked on my body. I discovered Nature's Cure about two years ago, and I have been using it religiously ever since. It is the only thing that works. I can finally wear spaghetti straps and swimsuits with confidence!

More than just for acne
by SierraK

Not sure about how this product might work for body acne, I don't have any, so can't say. It works great for ingrown hairs from shaving!
Today's multi-blade razors give closer shaves, but that can sometimes cause ingrown hairs that appear as little red bumps. This product's salicylic acid sloughs dead skin off the razor bumps to allow the ingrown hair to free itself, and does so without further irritating.

by Michael Jiang

The Body Acne Treatment Spray is marginally effective and I saw noticeable improvement in my skin throughout my body after using the spray. However, after the initial bit of improvement none more was seen. For its price however, it's an acceptable product.

Good idea, but not a great product
by Christie

I really liked the idea of a spray bottle to apply an acne product. It was super easy to apply (even to my back) by myself. However, I didn't notice much of a difference. It did make my skin itchy. I also used it on my chest, but the product was too harsh. My chest looked pink and extremely irritated after using it only one week.

Not Pleased
by B Turner

I tried this hoping it would help my acne, but was really disappointed. It did nothing for me. I wouldn't recommend anyone try this as it showed no results for me.

Not what I'd hoped
by Amanda Rhoads

It worked a little bit but unfortunately I had a reaction to it. My skin became irritated and red.

Just a big No
by Syb

My brother-in-law tried this for his severe acne, but as good as they say it should be it wasn't at all. I wouldn't recommend this even if it's average in price and doesn't seem expensive.

Its okay
by holly wilson

This product is just OK - It doesn't deliver the results you'd hope for, but you can notice some difference after using it. The cost of the product is average - but I'd rather spend a little more money to get something that works better.

More Like Nature's Nothing
by Amanda

I had high hopes when I grabbed this product off the shelf. Unfortunately, it's effects were hardly noticeable. My acne is moderately severe, so perhaps I'm too tough of a case for this product. It may be good for someone with a milder case, or for someone who's simply looking for a preventative skin care regimen. The only upside is the ease of the spray; rubbing cream on one's back is a difficult task that a spray bottle eliminates. If only it worked well!

Not as Good as I thought
by Michele Fair

This product really did not help me as much as I had hoped. I also remember trying the same companies vitamin supplements some time ago, and those had absolutely no effect on me either.

Not Really Nature's "CURE"
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I think I tried most things for my son a year or so ago to help him with his acne, including this product, along with the Nature's Cure tablets (bought separately) to go with it. (for my teen daughter too). The main ingredient in this body spray is in many topical acne medications. While it does have SOME benefit, the fact that the others didn't help ENOUGH, should have been a clue, and this wouldn't either. (By the way, both my teens agreed the Nature's Cure acne tablets didn't help AT ALL, 0%).

Maybe these things would help those with a milder case, I don't know. To be fair, both of my kids needed to go to the doctor for topical prescriptions and oral antibiotics to get results.

Not too pleased
by Jessica

I used this product several years ago as a teen (16-17). I still had a problem with acne while using it.

3 Customer Opinions

by bri

works well .great clean smell and convienient spray/

Worth A Shot
by Melissa

I haven't tried this particular product yet, but I have been pleased with other Nature's Cure products. I love that they are all natural and they seem to work well.

worked well
by aubs

I used this product when I younger for that pesky teenage acne. If used properly this product works very well. Didn't completely get rid of it, but definitly toned it down.