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by konayuki28

I love this masque. If I can find it again near my RiteAid, I will definitely buy it! This masque does what it claims. It dries up your pimple that day, and overnight- woos. It's diminished. For bigger pimples, you would see a huge difference. The price is definitely worth the effect. I love it- but this item is not for blemish, so do not use it if you only have blemishes.

Love it!
by Lora

This is the only stuff that works for me, and you're not putting cancer causing chemicals on your skin. I'm not saying it will work for everybody, for everyone's skin type is different, but I do suggest giving it a try!

Adult Acne
by Kristin

Might as well just buy a bottle of tea tree oil. Didn't work at all!

waste of time and $
by Matt H

Just a waste of time and money. Would not recommend it at all.

no more pimples !!!
by Arvinder

This product has good results, costs less so what else can one expect from such products with a promise to remove acne. I started taking this product a week ago and the ugly pimples on my skin has started vanishing away at such a good pace. Thanks to Acne Remedy for such wonderful product at such an effective price.

Some good, some bad...
by Henry L.

While not as beneficial as I thought it would be, it cleared up some of my acne in about a week, and it was a relief to finally find an acne medication that didn't cause redness due to benzyne peroxide. However, there's more effective stuff out there that doesn't leave you red!

by nick

Used it for a week and have already seen amazing results. I suffer from shoulder and back acne and I tried everything, even dermatologists. Benzoyl peroxide has helped a lot, but didn't do a good job on the redness. This spray helped a lot, don't know if it's the aloe vera in it or what, but it works very well for me. It's slightly sticky at first, but once you put a shirt on you can't tell one bit. One quick word of advice, buy 2 straight off the bat, because it goes pretty quickly. You have to apply it a lot at first, at least 2-3 times a day. But it's worth every penny.

Don't waste your money
by James

Please don't waste your money on this stuff like I did. I was very disappointed after using it. I tried it for over a month and nothing happened or healed. It does not work AT ALL!!!!! It does not perform anything that is claimed. I would not ever buy it again.

Mixed results
by Pattie

My husband used this and had no luck with it preventing new acne from forming, but it helped clear up the old ones. I used this and it didn't help me with the existing pimples, but it worked for preventing any more from coming in. I guess it seriously depends on your skin type, since I have dry skin and he has oily. I would recommend it highly if you have combination skin... it must work great then!

by Anna

This product wasn't the easiest to use since the application process could be a little messy. I didn't see any immediate results from this, but over the course of a couple of weeks, it DID clear up the acne somewhat, but not what I had expected it to. I would say that this product is overall average, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who wants fast and dramatic results.

Acne Remedy
by Gary

This product disappointed me immensely. My son has major acne and I have tried several different products to clear his acne. This was one of the first products I tried to use for him. The drops were adminstered in the morning and at night. It looked like his acne got worse. One time, the medicine gave him a rash on his forehead. Save your money and try a different product.

by Elizabeth

Unfortunately, I am a twenty-something-year-old adult who still suffers from the occasional breakouts, and I am constantly looking for new and better products. I do like this one because it DOES work. Unfortunately, it requires a LOT of applications, takes awhile to do anything, and is extremely expensive. This is definitely something you only want to use if you are serious about getting rid of acne, not a last minute application before a date. I like it, but it's not the best out there either.

Not impressed
by Laura

I have tried so many acne products over the years. I am one of those "lucky" adults with flare ups of acne on a weekly basis. I tried this product and like most others I've tried, it didn't work for me. I used it for three weeks. The acne that I had when I started using it did not clear up any faster than usual, and I continued to get new acne even while using the product. I imagine it may work for some forms of acne, but it definitely didn't help mine. As I said, though, not many things have helped me, so it might just be me.

Great for break-outs!
by Kelly Morris

I'm 35 years old and embarrassed to say that I still get acne. It's no where near as bad as when I was a teenager, but it's still a problem for me. I really like Nature's Sunshine products so I was happy to give this a try and even happier to report that it works great when I get breakouts!

Little improvement shown
by Noah H.

This is the only product so far that I've given a low rating, but for me I didn't feel it worked well even after extended use. I have some left over acne problems from my teenage years, confined now only to my back, and also the chin area of my face, with only an occasional flare-up, usually occurring when under stress. Since the product is a natural internal treatment, and not simply a cream you apply that only touches the surface, I was interested in giving it a try. However, I could tell little reduction in redness, inflammation, or breakouts of pimples. It may indeed work for many people, but perhaps not for long standing adult forms of acne that come in flareups such as mine.

by Andrew

This product was rather dissapointing. The problem is the frequent and heavy applications that it requires. With other products you can apply and forget about them for the rest of the day. This product makes application a chore.

works very well
by Kathy

I was really surprised how well this worked on my teenager's skin. I had purchased the high priced products and spent a small fortune trying to clear her face of acne.
My daughter spent the night with a friend from school and when they were doing their nighttime skin routine her friend was using Acne Remedy. Her face was just as clear as my daughter's using the less expensive product. My daughter asked to try some . The next morning her friend's mom tucked an extra bottle in my daughter's bag for her to take home. Now my daughter uses nothing else.

Magic Worker
by Shannon

This product works like magic. I don’t use it on a regular basis, but I always keep it on hand. If I get a bad breakout area, I use a little drop and it clears up within 48 hours, sometimes even overnight. A little goes a long way. For me, it usually dries out the area, which means I have to use some heavy duty moisturizer, but it is worth it. I highly, highly recommend it!

Somewhat Surprising
by Erik

This is definitely not potent enough to significantly help individuals suffering from extreme forms of acne, however it is effective for more moderate cases; from what I have seen. I am nearing my 30's and do have a slight acne problem. This remedy did help and helped a few of my friends.

Give it a try..
by suzanne M

I have tried this with almost everything else, and I would say "Give it a try." It has helped me WAY more than a lot of the other products out there, and for way less than some of them. I like the inside-out approach! Great to use for those "monthly breakouts".

It Works!!
by Dee

I am an acne sufferer in my mid twenties and have tried everything: prescriptions/ over-the-counters and this really works. After about a week of use my face looked remarkable. I was even able to go without makeup, which is something that I haven't done in years! Cost effective but one cannot put a price on their appearance & highly effective! Definitely Recommend!!

Show Your Face
by Cynthia

Have used this remedy with terrific results on teenagers with bad skin problems. Actually received a thank you note from a teenager's mom telling me how much it had affected her daughter's life to have clear skin.

Skeptic surprised
by charity

I got this small bottle at a herb shop that was closing and it was on sale. I as skeptical that it would work, but I tried it and was quite delighted. after a week or so, I noticed my face didn't have any new blackheads or other blemishes. Three weeks later, I didn't have hardly any at all, and my complexion seemed to be evening out. The only thing I found odd about this is that it does make one feel a little hungry a few minutes after taking it. Other than that, the taste is quite pleasant, and tingly and it does clear the skin. BRAVO!

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