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information of interest
by priscila

Do not be fooled, the nutritional supplement that really works is clear. Now AMWAY is an excellent product!

This combines the best of the nature , the best of the science.
The Clear Now Supplement, along with the 3-step Skin Care System, provides a comprehensive solution to providing a healthy complexion from the inside out. Promotes clear skin. Enhances the body's natural ability to support a healthy complexion.
Fruit-flavored chewable tablet is easy and pleasant to take.
Safe and effective, with no side effects, even for users who are lactose intolerant.
Clear Now Supplement (30-day supply) - SR $29.99
Murad Pure Skin Dietary Supplement (30-day supply) - SR $42.00
Proactiv Solution® does not offer a supplement.
How does the clear now supplement work from the inside out?
The exclusive clear now Supplement features Praventin™, a patent-pending, milk-derived protein that helps provide a healthy complexion and beautiful skin. It is also safe for those who are lactose intolerant.

Do I have to use all three clear now Skin Care System products?
The system comes complete with Acne Treatment Wash, Purifying Toner, and Acne Treatment Lotion formulated especially for oily and acne-challenged skin.

Does the clear now Supplement replace the clear now Skin Care System? Should I use one or both? The Supplement supports healthy skin. However, we believe optimal results can be achieved by using the Skin Care System in tandem with the Supplement.

This new, fruit-flavored chewable is much more than a simple vitamin. Its exclusive formula includes Praventin™, a patent-pending, bioactive, lactoferrin-rich milk-derived protein that helps provide a healthy complexion and beautiful skin. It’s safe to use even for those who are lactose intolerant, with no side effects.

Clear Now Supplement supports healthy skin, promotes clear and even skin tone, and enhances your body’s natural ability to promote the appearance of healthy skin.

Support healthy skin from the inside out by adding Clear Now Supplement to your skin care routine, along with the 3-step Skin Care System.
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I use this and it helps my acne. I like it better than most other products because it lets you avoid having to apply a daily cream. With this I just simply had to take 2 tablets daily.

Surprisingly good
by Andrew

Unlike other people that used this product, I have seen a large improvement over my acne. I use to have acne all over my face until I used this product. I am not saying it will make you acne free but it will help you look much better than you would be with out it. I have only used this product for a month and I will be sure to get another months supply for sure!

by Kevin

This stuff is good. I use it and it helps my acne. I like it better than most other products because it lets you avoid messy, topical creams-simply take 2 chewable tablets daily. Also its all-natural ingredients provide safe, natural and gentle benefits. I recommend this to anyone

Great clear up
by Sean

Praventin has turned out to be a quick clear up for my face and it has kept me clean and acne free for the past month. I'm very satisfied with the results of this simple pill, I would reccomend this to anyone who has problems with acne that needs it cleared up quick, and a clear and confident face ready every day.

Didn't work for me
by Cody Havaich

I gave Praventin a try for about 2 months and noticed absolutely no difference at all. There was a week during that 2 month period where my acne was actually worse than usual. I ended up switching over to AcnEase and it has been keeping my acne under control for a while now. I would recommend that you try other products before trying Praventin.

by Brian

This natural byproduct of milk has been key in preventing my sporadic adult acne, which I could always trigger with certain foods, such as peanuts or some sweets. Taking one of these a day (not two, as is recommended) has been enough for me to stay blemish-free over the last year. The only downside is the price.

Just use a multi-vitamin
by tndj

I feel like this product, and all like it, is as effective as just taking a multi-vitamin. It's way too expensive and it lures young people into spending money when nothing is going to happen....well, besides putting $50 in the companies pocket. So, I would not recommend this. Just go to the store and by a bottle of Centrum for women!

Good but not Great
by Jen W.

I noticed some improvement with my skin while using this product. However, it needs topical treatments with it to really be effective. Because I was trying to find something that would keep me from having to use a topical treatment, this was not the product for me. However, if you just need a little help with your skin, this might be just what you are looking for.

Don't waste your money
by Shawna P

I have only bought 2 pill type treatments for acne and neither worked. This was by far a total waste of money. No improvement even after 6 weeks. I find topical applications of Beta Hydroxy Acid to be much better than these. A pure hoax in my opinion and vitamins are great for your body and skin. I am not convinced there is a "vitamin" to cure acne unless you go to your Dermatologist and get a RX pill.

only good for long term use
by Phil Young

This product is a vitamin enhanced supplement that helps your body fight acne. I have used it for four months now, and my face is fairly clear. It did not work as well as other acne products such as Proactiv Solution, which is the number one acne product on the market. I think the product is too expensive for not totally clearing my acne.

Still have pimples
by Tejas Patel

This is a acne product that doesn't work. You have to take it at the same time every day and it take a while for it to start working. I called them and they told me that i need to take like 2-3 courses to see the best results.

It's ok
by James Zitzmann

This product really didn't help much. It is very expensive for an acne medication of this type. Bascially, what it is, is a vitamin that helps your body fight the acne. I wouldn't recommend it.

Too pricey for how good it really is
by Nikolas M

This product seemed to work good at first, didn't leave skin too oily or too dry but at $4X.XX a bottle was just too pricey for what it did. Don't get me wrong it did its job but not worth the price you have to pay for it.

by lala5

It really has not helped my acne out one little bit. It is more expensive than proactive, which is a product that I have had a little bit of success with. I wouldn't recommend this product because it really hasn't helped, and it is really too expensive for a product that doesn't work.

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