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Bang for the Buck!
by sue

I have been using this product for years. I am a big fan of the exfoliating ingredients (walnut) which exfoliates extremely well with no side effects and is definitely not too drying. It's particularly good for after a workout and I use it all over my body to rid the debris and hard to get sunscreen that I may have worn. It's effective and great bang for the buck to use liberally allover your body. Thumbs up!

susan coleman, cpn

mint mask
by jennifer

this mask makes your skin feel fresh and clean

by Christy Laws

I broke out more after using this product for whatever reason. I bought it due to hearing good things about it

great for summer!
by Yvonne

This is a great product. It shrinks pores, tightens skin, and leaves your face glowing. I've never seen it for more than 4.00 dollars,besides it is not the kind of product you would use everyday (maybe once or twice a week).

by TIna
by mint masque

Smelled great! did not aggravate my sensitive skin.

Loved the smell!!
by harley

I really loved the smell!!!. I use it when I take a shower in the morning and it wakes me right up.

Mint Julep Masque
by St. Helene's

Besides being hard to put on the face as it is a very thick cream, it did seem to work a little on some acne spots, wouldn't say it is the best but wouldn't say it is the worse.

Feels great in summer months
by Kat

After being in the sun all day in the summer, this mask feels great on your face. So cooling and does wonderfull things for oily skin. I have also used this on my tired feet as well. Wonderfull!

kinda hurts
by Lili

I used this product and it dose work at killing bacteria b/c of the sulfer in it, but it felt tingley and stingy in my opinion, but then again I don't like mint

by zunisun26

This smells good and feels good, but it doesn't actually clear up your skin.

Soothing masque
by Dani'

This masque is good for oily skin. It dries out pimples and shrinks pores for a smoother skin texture. The only reason I rated 4 1/2 stars is that it contains sulfur and has a slight smell of sulfur underneath the mint scent. It isn't really very noticeable though.

great for oily skin
by Monica

I starting using this product back in the 80's when my teenage skin was very oily. It worked great drying out my skin and shrinking my pores. I still use it today but not as often. It has always been priced very reasonably. Best bang for your buck.

Love it
by Nichole Alderfer

I have been using this face mask for over ten years. It is cheap, quickly dries out zits, and the mint feels good on your face. Also it is very inexpensive.

Only if you don't have dry skin!
by Ira

The mint julep masque will probably help you a bit in the summer, but if you're prone to getting dry skin, I'd avoid this, especially in the winter. If you do decide to use it, use moisturizer afterwards.

Great Product
by Julie

I love this product! It made my skin look healthy and beautiful. Plus its cheap and easy to use.

Use once a week!
by Jennie

I love this stuff! I use it once a week to reduce the size of my pores and remove blackheads. Your skin tightens once you put it on and that is how you know it is working. My skin looks great right after and I have been tempted to use it more than once a week, but that tends to dry my skin. I like to use it before I go out for the weekend.

Great for acne!
by jennette sigler

I have been using this product for years. It was actually discontinued at one point in time, but made a complete comeback! I have acne-prone skin, and actually sleep in the mask overnight(usually once a week) and see noticeable results. My pores are minimizes and my acne is reduced.

This is a must if you have oily skin or acne
by Jennifer W.

I absolutely love this mask! It is thick, green and has a clay like consistency. It feels cool and tingles on my skin. I have oily skin with moderate acne so I actually like the drying effect. I also use it to dab on a large pimples at night and the pimple is very much reduced (sometimes even almost gone) by morning. And to top it off, it is affordabel.

by Sara Lynott

I've used this product for years and I love it. It's cool on the face and it tingles. It also smells great. IT really works and makes your face feel grat. It has kept me acne free for ages.
I would definetly recomend this product to anyone with minor skin issues.

by Jennifer

I tried this after a friend told me it cleared up her acne overnight. The product is pretty cheap (about $3?) It's almost like a clay mask consistency, easy to apply. Only downside is that it's very very drying and probably better for people who have very oily skin. I have combination skin and it dried it so much it it tingled and hurt all over. Then again, perhaps it was suppose to do that? when I washed it off though I noticed immediately that my acne were no longer inflamed. And overnight they subsided immensely. But word of warning, you need to moisturize moisturize moisturize after using this to prevent drying off and flaking. Overall, great product for the price. But use it sparingly, maybe once a week or once every two weeks to prevent drying out.

3 Customer Opinions

by Laury

I love the smell of mint so anything like this gets my vote.

Great product!
by Julie

This product makes my face feel great and it smells great too. I used to get it all the time but the store I went to wuit selling it.

by Vicki L. Vertrees

Good product. Great for oily skin.