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not really worth it
by jen

It dose not seem to work for blackheads as far as i have noticed and that is mostly the type i get.

by Sarah Miller

This did absolutely nothing for my acne. I thought it would help but was very disappointed... Inside the box it explains how Zeno targets a super-specific type of pimple and it apparently has to be done at the exact right time. Maybe I didn't get that right, but I sure tried. I have used it several different times hoping to change my opinion, but have yet to do so.

Use and Use and Use...
by konayuki28

I didn't like it. The first time I used it, the tingle effect made me giggle. It also feels like its working because of the pain it inflicts. But then, the next morning, my pimple stays the same- it didnt change (as it claims it would be). I think the price for this mini tech is not worth the "result" (IMO).

zeno-like wasting money?
by m heren

I tried this product and researched how to get it to work on the internet. Nothing I did seemed to correct the acne problems it promised to. However, it will burn your skin if you leave it on too long-so I guess it does something.

by Trish

WOW is all I can say! This device has worked for me as advertised. I will continue to use it.

Worthwhile investment
by christina

Used correctly this really works. You have to figure out the perfect amount of time to leave it on the blemish. The first time I used it, I got red circles over each blemish. They disappeared the next day. The second attempt proved worthwhile. I noticed a big difference by the next morning. Yes it is expensive, but I think it is worth it!

by Mena

This didn't work well at all, what a waste of money in my opinion! Dont waste your precious money on this scam.

This burned my skin
by Natasha

I have been struggling with acne for as long as I can remember. I bought this product thinking it might be a miracle, and trusted it, because of the high price and rave reviews. I figured at such a high price people wouldn't buy it if it didn't work.
Boy was a wrong. Instead, when I used the product it left small, circular, red burn marks on my skin. I wasn't scarred or anything, but the red spots wouldn't go way for a few days, and actually made the skin "flake off" where I used it.

by jennifer stevens

This product is amazing. It truly works. I was completely suprised that it does. It is something anyone can use and should.

by maggie

I love it, even though it costs a lot, it's definitely worth it.

Adult Acne
by Kristin Denniston

Love it! Really helps decrease the size of the blemish and relief pain. Fast and easy to use. Refills can be found at retail stores like Walgreens.

by matt h

Really expensive when I have seen same results in cheaper products. Not worth it but 2 stars for working none the less.

Waste of money
by Nichole Alderfer

I bought my zeno years ago when it first came out. It had no affect on my acne. I used it dilligenty for three months but stopped after not seeing results. It claims to get rid of zits faster but I saw no difference.

Adult-Onset Acne
by Kimberly

The Zeno absolutely changed my life after I began suffering from adult-onset acne. I have tried what seems like every product on the market and finally decided to invest in Zeno. Once it is charged, you place it on an emerging pimple and it feels so warm and soothing! I used it exactly as directed, usually treated each pimple three times, and in most every case the pimple was reduced and faded within days. Most importantly, you must use this on an emerging pimple (as soon as you start to feel that itch, bump, or irritation) as it does not seem to work at all on fully-formed whiteheads.

by Joseph Thomas

This thing is so cool. My friend and I pitched in to get it. It pin points the acne and like most medications it makes it look worse before it gets better. After 2 days my pimples were gone. I love the portability of it. I can take it to school or work with me. I would suggest this to anybody who needs a quick fix. The price is steep but it is 100% worth it!

If only I could afford it..
by Sharon

My friend received one of these for Christmas, and I had the opportunity to try it out myself. It works great and is a lot more affordable than going to the dermatologist and having your acne laser-treated there. If you ever have the opportunity, definitely try this!

by Kathy Clark

I received my Zeno as a Christmas gift. I probably wouldn't have spent the money on it for myself; but, was thrilled to try it for occasional breakouts. It did come with a money back guarantee which provides some consumer reassurance. The draw back to the product is that the cartridges need to be replaced over time and they are approximately $25 which can be costly over time. The great thing is that the product works! It is a little hot and feels like it may burn the skin but, it doesn't. It is great for those deep pimples that really hurt and are under the skin. Healing time is 2-3 days. It is a great product and I am satisfied with it.

by Kevin

Well, this product is good on pimples that are just forming, when in the early stages of inflammation. For mild to moderate acne(it's not supposed to be used on black heads, white heads, or severe cysts.) It doesn't feel like its burning your skin, and it doesn't burn your skin (I have very sensitive skin and it didn't burn my skin, which was great). I thought it was really amazing, how after, the first treatment, the pustule decreased in size, and appeared to have vanished, although that never happened on the first treatment, but it did on the 2nd treatment.

The Real Deal
by Timon Tran

Although this item is expensive, it is an extraordinary product. I purchased the 60-unit and am going to purchase the 90-unit replacement head. Although Zeno cannot 'cure' all blemishes it does a great job of preventing acne, or reducing the swelling and redness. The heat emitted from the Zeno is quite hot, but is not unbearable. This product is quick, portable and has many uses and should always be carried around.

So glad I found this!
by Arianna

When I first saw the Zeno advertised, I thought it was too good to be true. But after reading many good reviews on the Zeno from top teen magazines, I gave it a shot. I'm very happy with the way it has cleared my acne but I wish it could be more affordable.

Expensive, but it works!
by Cindy

When I saw this advertised, I was skeptical. But then I recall my esthetician use some sort of electronic device to zap my acne. I nearly choked at the price, but was told there was a money back guarantee. So I figured I had nothing to lose, right? My only wish (other than it being less expensive) was that I had purchased this sooner!! This product has done wonders for my skin! Even as I near 40 years "young," I still suffer from bad breakouts. I've tried both prescription and non-prescription creams, lotions - you name it - but none have come close to what the Zeno does! It's definitely worth every penny.

Expensive but worth it
by pianogoosie

This is an extraordinary product. At first I was a little skeptical but then when I tried it it worked like magic. I doubted that this would work since I couldn't imagine that a little device like that could zap your zits. I was completely incorrect and this is an amazing product. I would just check with a dermatologist first so you know it is right for you.

Great product!
by Cecilia

Technology has fulfilled our many needs. The cure for acne is one of them! I got this tool when it first came out. I've been using it ever since. I use it whenever I have a cystic pimple or a huge clogged pore. This product helps to minimize the size of the pimple, and makes it go away faster. I couldn't believe it. At first, I wanted to return it because I still couldn't believe I spent a few hundred dollars on an acne device. But this is one to keep! I recommend this to anyone who gets cystic pimples.

good product, but pricey
by Rachel Schwartz

I have to say, I was reluctant to buy this product. It is very pricey, way more than the typical drug store acne product. I did research on it, and heard great reviews, so I decided to order one. My skin is not terrible, just the occasional pimple every few weeks, but for some reason they take a long time to disappear. When I first tried Zeno, I thought it would hurt, but you only feel a bit of heat for less than a second. The session goes by quickly and I noticed the area was red for about 5 minutes after. It is best to use it when you can feel a bump, but don't necessarily see it. In about 2 treatments, the pimple was gone! My pimples do not last nearly as long as they used too, maybe a few short days. Zeno is pricey, but I definitely recommend it. It really works, and now my skin has not broken out as much as it used to.
I give this an A!

by Ali

I have seen this on a talk show being reviewed. It actually worked on the show, and I couldn't believe it. So, I asked my friends if they have used it since it's so expensive and I did not want to, nor could I spend that much money on an acne product. Turns out that one of my friends did in fact use it and she LOVED it! It worked OVERNIGHT! I just had to try it myself. I got to borrow it and I got to see with my own eyes. It does work.

by Garrett

I bought this the week it came out and I DO NOT have any regrets at all. It is wonderful and gets rid of almost all acne. The only bad thing is the price, but it's worth it.

by Roxanne Ranelli

This product is completely awesome. A long time college friend actually introduced me to this product. I was hesitant to try it because of the price until I saw her instant results. After spending the money, I too now have a greater face. This worked very quickly in comparison to cream based products!

Good Product
by Lindsay

Judging from the reviews, I see that people don't realize just how different people's skin can be. Like any skin product, this can be hit or miss. In my personal experience, this product is absolutely wonderful. In my best friend's personal experience, this product did NOTHING to help her deplorable skin situation. My advise is to go to a dermatologist's office, make an appointment to see the aesthetician, and have her do Zeno tests on you skin. That way, you can determine how well your skin will react to the product. Be informed consumers! Don't buy this unless you have previewed it and are certain it will work for you. Otherwise, it's just money wasted. A lot of money wasted. I hope this helps you guys!

zeno removes all zits
by Phil Young

This product is very expensive, but it is totally worth every penny because it removes all of your zits and acne problems. It does not create redness or scars.

by Tonya

I first heard about Zeno from watching the Tyra Banks Show. I was amazed at how this device actually cleared up acne within 24 hrs. Oh I just had to give it a try. I had a small pimple on my chin and I used it and bam! Overnight the zit was gone.

by ambreen

The Zeno machine is quite expensive - but well worth the money spent if you suffer from constant acne. I bought this machine just a couple of months ago and am amazed so far with the results. The little machine, using little heated pads, can seriously zap away zits in just a short time! It's such a convenient little machine to have on hand - especially for those times when the biggest and worst zit pops up at the most inappropriate times!
You do have to keep buying refills of the pads and those run quite high too. But once again - it is all worh it!

Zap em' gone!
by Mandy

I actually got one of these for under $100 on sale at a website, and I have been very pleased with the results. It's very easy to do and you don't have to worry about creams or cleansers etc. It is one of the best products on the market. It is a little on the pricey side, but shop around a little and get the best deal. No matter what price you find, you definitely will be getting a deal for your money!

Great stuff
by Alex Grossman

My brother uses this and I have noticed such a big difference in his face. He used to be really broken out but this seriously has changed that around. I mentioned this to my mother and she said she amazed too. It's a little strong he said but I still think it got the job done and thats what matters.

Really Works!
by Jane Yeh

Although you won't see immediate results, the Zeno system really works. In 2-3 days, you will start to notice your facial blemishes start to fade, and its also so easy to use. If you feel a pimple about to appear, just target that area and it starts to work! Forget the facials masks, and messy creams, but you can always use those to supplement your daily cleansing routine for even better results. This product is pricey because you have to reload with cartridges, but definitely worth the investment.

Pretty good
by Marlon

I was somewhat skeptical when purchasing this at the pharmacy. However, after using it I have noticed significant decreases in my acne. The heat treatment, when applied to acne, is very effective in eliminating pimples. Though it is a little expensive, it is well worth the cost in terms of effectiveness.

by Emily K.

This is definitely a new and great technology in acne care. From my experience, it stops pimples from getting larger and shortens the life of them to about a third, compared to leaving them alone. Great product, but you will pay for this high tech device.

Unexpectedly good
by Brian N.

My skin gets very oily, especially my face, after cleansing it only a few hours before. I have tried many ointments throughout the past 5 years but they can take a week to get rid of pimples. The Zeno was able to cure 90% of the pimples in 2-3 days while using a couple treatments, depending upon the severity of the pimple. I am truly amazed and feel the $225 cost is justified. I no longer have to worry about a pimple that appears when I have important public meetings or interviews to attend.

by Angel C.

This product rocks! Zeno is very pricey but does indeed do its job to full potential. I suffer from moderate to severe acne and Zeno has helped clear up my face. For the amount of money I've paid for creams and pads for acne, this product was a good investment and I will continue to use it. Highly recommended.

I depend on it!!!
by John Spindler

I would highly recommend the Zeno "Zit Zapper", at least that's what I would call it. It took me a while to get used to the hot tip it has, but I am addicted to it. Along with washing your face, no need to apply spot treatment, just zap your zits with the Zeno.

by wendy c

The Zeno works very well- kind of like a good substitute for a trip to the dermatologist for cortisone shots. It instantly reduces inflammation on any spot--- however I don't know how it would be if you had a whole face full of acne. It is too expensive for most people, but if you go to the dermatologist regularly for this type of thing it might be worth it for the investment.

Zeno works
by kvantol

I recently bought this at Walgreen's with the intention that if it didn't work I'd return it. I take very good care of my skin but sometimes it doesn't matter and a pimple or several will show up. Well, it actually works. I guess it does depend on each person's skin type, but on me it worked. I usually have pretty good skin, but when I'm stressed or "once a month" I'll get a deep pimple or two on my chin. I use it as soon as I start to feel the pimple and I do more than 3 treatments, usually about 4 or 5. I continue using it until I don't feel it anymore, in 2 days it usually is gone. In my opinion this little gadget is a miracle. I highly recommend giving it a try, you have 30 days and if it doesn't work, you'll know much sooner than that and you can return it.

Zeno: Welcome to the future!
by Lana

Zeno! I mean just saying the name out loud makes you think of some crazy science fiction movie. Yes, I was very skeptical, but as an acne sufferer for almost 10 years, I had every right to be skeptical. I have a lot of experience with various acne products, but none compared to the high expectations that Zeno claimed to deliver. Once I was able to justify spending over $200.00 dollars on Zeno, I welcomed it into my acne-driven life with arms wide open. As per usage instructions, I applied the product to each pimple hoping that it would lead in its destruction for good. Zeno was able to improve my skin lesions by 20-30%. After two weeks of use, I reached the 30% of improvement, but I was unable to completely diminish my acne with this product even with continued use. At the time of use, my acne was classified as moderate. Some of my bigger lesions seemed to be more irritated by this product, so I only used Zeno on smaller to medium sized lesions. Optimal response seemed to be reached after two treatments per pimple for those pimples where Zeno was actually helpful. Overall, I would recommend this product for those acne sufferers with mild to moderate acne looking for reasonable progress. It is significant to keep in mind that the price of this product does not justify the improvement level as some of the cheaper products out there may be better solutions for those with moderate to severe skin.

Waste of Money
by Michael Jiang

The exorbitant cost of the Zeno far outweighs whatever effectiveness it has on pimples and blemishes. After using the product, I found that, yes it was indeed effective; however, for a $225 product, it did not do nearly enough. Any spot acne remover would be just as effective at a fraction of the cost.

Good supplemental product
by Jill

I first noticed Zeno advertised in a beauty magazine. Since I have been dealing with acne for years, I thought the cost (and money back guarantee) made the product worth trying. After using it, I noticed a reduction in healing time, and would definitely recommend this product. Although it is not a cure all by any means, it is worth a try and is very easy to use!

No more pimples!
by Arvinder

I have oily skin ,which means lot of pimples. I used this product and it is incredible. No more application of chemicals to the skin, but a reduction in redness and size of pimples. Great product.

Not Worth It!
by Christie

I thought the Zeno was such a waste of money. Number one, you are supposed to zap each blemish individually a few times a day (which takes a while). Number two, it didn't clear up anything faster than regular benzoyl peroxide.

well worth the money
by Amanda

When I first heard about this product I was skeptical. The first thing I noticed was the price and how Zeno was supposed to be the magical cure for pimples and blemishes. Once I got over the cost of Zeno, I purchased it and am glad that I did! I noticed a great improvement right away! My pimples and redness are now a manageable thing! Definitely worth the price!

by Caitlin

This product is AWESOME to say the least! I have tried other acne removers and this one is by far the greatest! If you are looking for a product like this choose this one! It really seemed to help my face! It really cleared the pimples away fast!

Zit Zapper!
by Carrie Russell

Killing the bacteria is half the battle toward getting those blemishes to clear up. The Zeno "zaps" the bacteria & makes the redness & inflammation go away. Anything that helps clear pimples up faster so that there is no chance of scarring gets an A+ in my book!

Zeno Really works
by Khalilah Murarsheed

Zeno really does work from zapping pimples away. Zeno doesn't cause scarring or redness on skin. Zeno heals acne from attacking inflammation underneath the skin. I use Zeno everyday for my pimples and redness.

Great Product, Excellent Results!
by Laura Frost

This is a great product. Having some problems with acne a few years ago, I borrowed one from a friend. This product was so great at zapping pimples that I went and bought my own.

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by rebecca bidwell

I have had tremendous results with this product. I would strongly recommend it.