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Never Came Across Such an Effective Acne Treatment
by Karen

I had used almost every acne treatment available in stores but none of them helped to cure my acne, there were some products which helped to minimize the acne that I had but none was effective enough to completely cure my acne. At last I came to know about the Derma Cleanse System on the web. I was first hesitant to use it but then I said to myself lets give this one also a try and see its results. I was completely amazed just 3 days after using it. My acne had started to disappear and in a weeks time, my skin was looking much better. I completed the entire treatment and today I am all clean and clear. Highly recommended treatment for acne.

Simply Amazing Stuff
by Fredrick

I suffered from moderate-sever acne for 3 long years, during that time I had tried many treatments but nothing seemed to be working for me. It's only after I came across this acne system and decided to use it, that I found relief from my acne problem. Today I don;t have much acne problems and my skin is clear and clean.

Free From Moderate Acne in a Month
by Tanya

I have suffered from moderate acne since I was a teen. I was quite ashamed of going out in public with breakouts and a red face. It was only after I tried this acne treatment that I found relief in a month's time from the redness, clogged pores, and breakouts. Nowadays my self esteem is high, and I am almost free of acne (except a few pimples now and then). Highly recommened system for treating acne.

Changed my Acne
by sarafrans san diego, ca

I was getting the acne where it is a red nodule, leaves a scar even if you don't pop it, and didn't really show any puss to pop out anyway (cystic?). Anyway, after I used Derma Cleanse, that kind of acne lessened and I started getting a diff kind; too large and red still, but definitely had whiteheads showing that I was oh too eager to pop. That was 5 years ago when I was 19 and used this for 2-3 months then got my money back becasue it was ~$100 and didn't fix me. I may consider trying something like it again now that I have more money, but rather am looking into other things like Mike Walden's AcneNoMore system. Maybe if I would have used DermaCleanse for longer it would have worked better, but then that would have been passed the refund period. There seems to be better stuff out there, am also considering using Exposed Skincare maybe in combo with AcneZine : )

Zenmed products have helped my complexion tremendously
by Anita Sharma

Zenmed products have helped my complexion tremendously. This was the first winter I've been through in years that I wasn't always having a red face in the wrong situation.

I can not believe the results I have seen in only a week. Thank you very much. I will definitely keep ordering as long my skin keeps looking this healthy... Cheers...

Didn't help, but didn't hurt
by okyots

This was an average product for me. I have very oily skin and while the product helped a bit, I'd break out again over the next few days. It'll help with what you have, but won't prevent you from getting more acne.

Awesome Product!
by patricia

I thought this was a pretty good item. It really helped my bad acne problems i had recently been having. I have used lots of acne cleansing treatments before but this is so far the best i have used.

by Kevin

ZenMed actually works pretty good for me at 27 years of age. I have tried everything, including Accutane. Two years after getting off Accutane, the breakouts started again. It got worse and worse. I wanted to find something natural instead of taking all those drugs again. I tried AcnEase, but it just upset my stomach.

When I found ZenMed, I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything. I have been taking 6 pills a day for 2.5 months. My face is pretty clear. I only have about one bad breakout at a time at the worst, and I actually have clear skin at the best of times. I love the face wash and the acne gel also.

My face never feels dry like it used to, and the acne gel works quickly to dry up any breakouts that I do have without drying the skin around it. I highly recommend trying this product, but make sure you give it time to work. It took me the entire 6 weeks to feel like it was really working, but I had some setbacks because I ran out of pills twice. Make sure you order enough pills so you do not run out. Thank you Zenmed for a natural product that actually works.

Just Another Product...
by Ryan

I have had acne for quite some time (about 4 years) and it has been slowly getting better. However, I've used approximately 6-7 different products and this is just the same as the others. It helped minimize the pimples but not eliminate them. The major side effect for me was the dryness (a little redness, depending on how much I would put on). I'm going to try another product but may come back to this if need be.

Not too good
by Bryan Montgomery

I bought this product in hopes that it would reduce the oiliness of my skin, and I took it for around 2 months. Nothing!!! This stuff stinks out loud. Please don't waste your money here, it is not worth it. It does nothing.

Not so happy
by bing

I have tried Derma Cleanse System a year ago in my quest to control my acne. I wasn't so happy with the product because tiny pimples came out of my skin after using it. Although, it cleared up my large red acne, the tiny pimples came up afterwards around my forehead. Maybe my skin just reacted on some of the ingredients. I like the smell though.

by Nancy

I have been using this product for a few months and I love it! I used this to help clear up my bad acne and boy, did it work! I love this and would recommend it to anyone!

Does not live up to its standards.
by cecilia

First of all, this acne treatment system is a waste of money. I do not believe in their "cleaning from inside out" for acne. Even though it does have a little focus on the inside health, their products do not help with acne. The acne gel is way too drying. It made my pimples even redder, and the next day I grew a few more pimples! I used this set twice, and I would never use it again. The facial cleanser was also drying. It even stung my face a little. Totally not worth it! Please try another system that actually works. I do not recommend this to people as a cure for acne because it does not work!

Derma Cleanse System
by Shawna P.

Do not buy this! Unless you want to waste money. Simply does not live up to any claims. I am 37 and have struggled with acne my whole life. I was skeptical on this but thought I would try it. There are so many other ways of getting rid of acne and a lot of them are reviewed on this website. Stay away from this.

Derma Cleanse System
by Dorene

This product was a complete waste of money. I bought it for my daughter who has acne problems hoping it would help. It dried her face out and did help her acne at all. It was very expensive and I thought it would work better then what it did. I do not recommend anyone buying this product!

Good product
by jordan

Found Zenmed about 2 months ago after looking around the net for acne treatments that I'd yet to try. I've been dealing with bad skin for the last 10 years and I'm really tired of having ance. I did some research. The reviews were decent, refund policy was really good, but what made the most sense was the thinking behind it. Rather than just treating the surface of the skin, the capsules they sell work to cleanse your body. I've never really thought about skin like that, so I decided to buy it. I also got free shipping, which is a nice plus. Like I said, I found Zenmed 2 months ago, and I have half a bottle of capsules left (you get 2 bottles with the kit). I'm pretty impressed with the results. The two topical treatments that came with it really helped get rid of my oily skin within a couple of uses and the capsules started to show results in about 2 weeks. My face showed enough improvement that I think I'll finish this system up and try another one, or at least get some more capsules.

Product is OK
by nazmul07

I have used this Derma Cleanse System for a while, when I struggled with ance. My ance was gone after 3 months of use. Its 2 step formula also softens your skin. It is pricer than other products in the market, but it worked for me.

It Can Deliver
by Lindsay

Their natural acne skin care remedy consists of organic botanicals which help to calm internal inflammatio. They are based on the Chinese idea that “internal excess heat” contributes greatly to acne, a concept that Chinese medicine. It is centered around the idea that excess internal body heat, usually brought on by stress and anxiety or consumption of a lot of sugars and other skin no-no’s, is a key cause of acne and other skin conditions. If this internal chaos can be calmed, it follows that acne will settle down on the skin, and your acne bumps and lesions will begin to disappear as your body heals itself from the inside. Quite an abstract concept, isn’t it? And yet, the ZenMed Acne Treatment herbal remedy and topical treatments worked like a charm on my skin years ago when I purchased it, and I’m hoping it will do the same this time around as well. One note on the product and what you may notice. I did notice that my skin broke out a little worse in the first few weeks, like maybe two weeks at the most.

by Lori R

I used Derma Cleanse System and it did not deliver! I lost only my money on this one. It is over priced and does not work at all. It claims it will prevent new acne, and in fact just the opposite happened. I broke out even more from using this stuff.

Never again
by Melissa

This product was horrible. It broke my face out. I used it for a while just to see if it cleared and it only got worse. It is also very expensive. Not worth a penny.

Pricy but works
by Cady

I saw Derma Cleanse on an infomercial a long time ago before it went to retail. They had a special price and I decided to try it. I saw results in about 2 weeks, however it did dry out my face. I went to using it every other day and that seemed to clear it up. It is a little pricy but it works great.

Acne no more!
by Albert

I have tried my share of acne products before and none have produced the results as this product has. This product offers a unique 2 step system which helps cure acne before it becomes a problem. The price is expensive as opposed to others but once you try this, it will be the last product you will ever try. Highly recommend!

Acne No more!
by Eli

My son uses this product to get the acne off his face. After 2 months, his acne is gone and he has no more pimples.

Derma Cleanse works
by kvantol

I have been using a custom regimen made by them and have seen great results in my complexion. I really like the way it makes my skin feel (balanced). These are the first products that do not feel like they are drying out my skin yet give me the powerful results I am looking for. If you are sick of other products and want results, try this stuff.

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Changed My Attitude
by Melissa

I am overwhelmed with joy because of the amazing results that I got after using this acne treatment for the moderate acne I had for the past 3 years. never was my face clean or clear. It was a morning nightmare to wake up and see more breakouts on your face. Using this treatment for two full months helped me in getting rid of acne and today I boast of my complexion looking the best so far after my infancy days.