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DermaExcel 7

DermaExcel 7 is the first anti-wrinkle product to combine the three latest cutting-edge peptides in a single spot wrinkle treatment. DermaExcel 7 contains 5% PentaPeptide (Leuphasyl), 10% Acetyl HexaPeptide (Argireline), and 10% HeptaPeptide (Snap-7). Each peptide interrupts the wrinkle producing Snare complex differently but produces similar and collaborative results – Reduced depth of wrinkles and younger looking skin.
Product: DermaExcel 7
Brand: Janson Beckett (More Products)
Size: 1 oz.
Dosage: Varies
Retail: $159.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Wonderful & Effective
by Violet

I love this product. It's a staple I keep in my bathroom cabinet! I initially picked it up b/c it has ingredients on the cutting edge of skincare-- Peptides! I used this everyday for 1 month and now I use it about 3 times per week. The main thing I noticed is that it helps the fine lines around my eyes-- they are softer and smoother. This is light, non clogging, but still hydrating enough to use on your skin. My eye area appears to be firmer and smoother, and I truly look more awake. The peptides in the wonderful product definitely get the job done!

Excellent serum
by Mari

I loved this even though it was pretty expensive. The peptides do actually plump the skin and make the pores look much more refined; however, this isn't a moisturizer so it needs another product over it to help keep the skin moisturized. It also isn't cost effective to use it all over the face. I used it just around my mouth, forehead and eyes (not too close though). I saw improvement immediately! My bottle lasted me about 5 months of daily use, which is pretty impressive for the amount in the bottle.

Derma Excel 7
by Charisse

This product is a little expensive, but it is worth it. I used this and it looked like my pores shrunk before my eyes. It is great for removing fine lines and wrinkles.