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Ultra Rejuvenex

The new Ultra-Rejuvenex is an extraordinary youth-promoting face cream that contains potent amounts of green and white tea extracts. An abundance of scientific studies reveals that tea extracts provide incredible protection to the skin.

The new Ultra-Rejuvenex contains more hyaluronic acid in a patened QuSome liposome delivery system for deeper penetration. Alpha lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant that helps maintain the health of the mitochondria. Beta-glucan is a specialized yeast cell wall extract that helps support the skin’s immune status and repair processes. More Beta-glucan has been added to the new Ultra-Rejuvenex.

Scientific studies substantiate the skin-rejuvenating effects of topically applied antioxidants, especially vitamin C. When applied topically, the ascorbyl palmitate form of vitamin C has potent free-radical-quenching effects, while ascorbyl phosphate has been shown to nourish collagen strands. The new Ultra-Rejuvenex contains both of these forms of vitamin C. Vitamin A stimulates skin cell renewal by increasing the rate of mitotic cell division. One way vitamin A promotes youthful cell production is by facilitating the stimulating effects of epidermal growth factor. The new Ultra-Rejuvenex contains the ideal forms of vitamins A, C, and E.

The new Ultra-Rejuvenex is the only cream in the world that provides a complete moisturizing complex, including NaPCA, lactic acid, and urea, all of which are lost in the dry, wrinkled skin of older people. Patented Ceraphyl NGA is included because of its ability to prevent dry crystals from forming the lipid layer of the shin.

Cumulative daily sunlight exposure results in significant skin damage and premature aging. The new Ultra-Rejuvenex contains avobenzone, octyle salicylate, and micronized zinc oxide for minimum protection against sunburn.
Product: Ultra Rejuvenex
Brand: Mondo-Mer, Inc (More Products)
Size: 2 oz.
Dosage: Varies
Retail: $52.00
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3 Customer Reviews

your skin will thank you
by Ashley

My mom has been using this cream for about three months. Though I believe she already has the most beautiful skin, she insists that it is because of such products. She says after a hard day's work and washing off her makeup, the cream rejuvenates her skin and turns the burned, red spots into a silky and smooth layer. It keeps her young and beautiful, and whether it's the cream or just her skin, my mom claims this product is heaven sent. I give it a 4.5 because it comes in such a small container and is very expensive. It seems my mom is always buying more.

by cecilia

My friend scooped me a little sample of this and stored it inside a sample pot. I only use this sparingly and I notice that my age spots have lessened. I believe it must be the vitamin C in this product. Also, my face feels moisturized and balanced. A downside of this product is that its easy for my face to get oily after using this. This cream is expensive, and I do not know if I would repurchase, as there are many other cheaper alternatives.

Product not worth the money
by Jane M.

Being over 40, I am noticing the effects of tanning in the sun. I am always on the search for some miracle that will turn back the hands of time. This one did nothing to turn back even a second on the hands of time. Please do not waste your money on something that will disappoint you.