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Prevagen (aequorin) Jellyfish Fight Aging

Prevagen™ is a novel dietary supplement designed to fight aging. The only supplement from a jellyfish, Prevagen keeps cells alive longer. Prevagen was developed by Quincy Bioscience within the University Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin. Rooted in true biotechnology science Prevagen is the first supplement to fight the aging process through powerful molecules called calcium-binding proteins.

Calcium-binding proteins are found naturally all throughout the body. They are responsible for keeping cells healthy and for keeping the aging process at bay. They work by buffering ions that could cause cellular damage, age and even cell death. Unfortunately, over time we lose the ability to make these valuable, age-fighting proteins at the same rate we did when we were young. This is the problem with aging!

The healthy human is able to manage calcium due to an ample amount of this type of protein. Prevagen fights aging by protecting the cell from an unhealthy amount of intracellular calcium. As you age you need to replace these depleted proteins. This is the only effective way to truly fight the aging process. Prevagen uses a safe and natural protein from jellyfish to assist with healthy aging.

Jellyfish are essentially a floating nervous system. One thing jellyfish are very good at is managing calcium within their bodies. What does a jellyfish have to do with human health? The answer is, jellyfish are loaded with protective, age-fighting proteins that are very similar to the proteins humans lose as we age.

Prevagen™ is a patent-pending dietary supplement designed to fight aging. Prevagen is the only dietary supplement to use the age-fighting proteins contained within the jellyfish. Prevagen replenishes the calcium-binding proteins you lose in the aging process. Prevagen is one of the few supplements on the market that has strong science and research behind it.
Product: Prevagen (aequorin) Jellyfish Fight Aging
Brand: Quincy Bioscience (More Products)
Size: 30 Vegetarian Capsules
Dosage: Take I capsule daily. Best if taken in morning with or without food.
Retail: $59.95
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25 Customer Reviews

very pleased...
by Ron

Both my wife and I started taking the Prevagen a little over a month ago. I am thinking much clearer. And at 68 that is something that is very positive. But what it has done for my wife is a miracle. They started her on some very harsh drugs. Which gave shaking legs and feet and like a palsied effect to her hands. All of that started to stop in just a few days, and is all gone now. And the best part we weren't even looking for that. We have both noticed a decrease in our appetites. I have now lost about 9lbs. She has also lost weight. It seems like almost on a daily bases I see some little change.
Prevagen is a miracle and we wouldn't be without it ever again.

by Evelyn

My boyfriend has been using Prevagen for about two months and I have noticed the difference in his memory and he is happy with the product and has bought two bottles of it for a friend.

No more Brain Fog...
by Homer L.

I have been been taking Prevagen for 2 months, and it has lifted my "brain fog". My memory and recall is much better. Prevagen is great, and I can't do without it!

many benefits
by Anonymous

A man called who has been on Prevagen for one year says that he has clearer thinking, better sleep and a clearer mind. He recalled that it was quick acting for him, providing a benefit within the first 24 hours of trying it. He is very happy with the product.

past the test...
by Anonymous

I am 39 years old and suffer from a poor attention span. I started taking Prevagen at the insistence of my mother who also takes it. I was scared to death to take a 14 hr. continued education exam, but did and finished the test the FIRST TIME and got a 98 test score. I would never have been able to take the test & pass the first time if it hadn't been for Prevagen.

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3 Customer Opinions



by K

I have read what others have had to say on this product and I really want to try it. Not only does the title of it mean alot to me, but what it is supposed to do is attractive to someone who is getting up there in age. I really look forward to trying this product.

by Tonja H

I am never totally sold on anti-aging thins...but I do not sleep well, and even if I get lucky and get 5 hours of sleep, when I wake up I feel exhausted...I am going to locate this product and give it a try...at this point I have nothing to lose but more sleep.

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